TRUNCATED list of individuals who disappeared and/or were killed for saying Robert Mugabe is too old to rule, for asking him to step down or for being associated with those who said so. These people did not live to see this day

1. Itai Dzamara of Harare
2. Tonderai Ndira, of Mabvuku
3. Tapiwa Mubwanda of Hurungwe
4. Murunde Tembo of Mudzi
5. Tatenda Chibika, Chibeta Business Centre, Mutoko
6. Moses Bashitwayo of Wedza
7. Solomon Bote of ward 22 in Musikavanhu, Makoni South
8. Brighton Mabwera jnr, Manyika Viilage, Uzumba
9. Zvidzai Mapurisa of Village 21 in Gunikuni area in Masvingo south
10. Tabitha Marume of Makoni West in Manicaland
11. Tenos Manyimo of Mbire
11. Bigboy Zhuwawo of Mbire
12. Chrispen Chiutsi of Muzarabani in Mashonaland Central
13. Clemence Dube of Poshayi Village, Shurugwi, Midlands
14. Gilbert Nyagupe of Kotwa, Mudzi.
15. Catherine Makwenjere of Mwenezi
16. Tapiwa Meda
17. Joseph Madzuramhende
18. Alex Chiriseri
19. David Tachiwa Mapuranga
20. Arthur Matombo
21. Patson Mudzuramhende
22. Jeff Jemedze
23. Nelson Emmanuel of Harare south
24. Tonderai Zireni of Zimunya, Mutare
25. Isaac Danda of Gokwe Nembudziya
26. Musafare Mudimu of Manyika village in Uzumba
27. Karombe Benson Chipungu of Manyika village in Uzumba, Mashonaland East
28. R Gomwe, Gokwe Nembudziya
29. Ruth Mushayahembe of Chimbwanda village in Uzumba
30. Elias Madzivanzira, a headman in ward 8, Shamva North
31. Sam Kahari, from Chidembo village in Shamva North
32. Remember Kayembe of Mazowe
33. Abiya Nyakudya, a headman for Chaparira village, Mt Darwin East
34. Bright Mafuriro, Chaparira village in Mt Darwin East
35. Fischer Chirese Chaparira village in Mt Darwin East
36. Sairiro Kamufuto, Chaparira village in Mt Darwin East
37. Chaparira, a headman in Chaparira village in Mt Darwin East
38. Beta Chokururama, Chikwaka village, Mashonaland East.
39. Ken Nyevhe of Juru Growth point
40. Godfrey Kauzani of Juru Growth Point
41. Edson Zaya of Ward 9 in Shamva North
42. Choukuse Nyoka Mubango, Buhera West, Manicaland
43. Tafirenyika Kapfudza, a headman for Sanzu village in Uzumba
44. Rosemary Maramba, Nhakiwa village.
45. Manyuke Nyamukada of Manyika village in Uzumba
46. Shepherd Jani, Masonaland East
47. Taurai Matanda Murambinda in Buhera, Manicaland
48. Kidwell Zvavamwe of Ward 28, Shamva South
49. Washington Nyamwa
50. Chrison Mbano
51. Edson Ngwerume, Jerere Growth Point
52. Dadirai Chipiro of Chikowero village, Mhondoro Ngezi
53. Nyasha Mashoko
54. Pamela Pasvanai
55. Sofia Chingozho
56. Dumisani Hapazari of Chiredzi
57. Mabika Mudzinga
58. Leonard Mhete of Chigumisirwa village in Bikita East, Masvingo
59. Tiziro Moyo
60. Stanford Mapuranga
61. Mirai Zvidzai of Maranda in Mwenezi
62. Chengerai Kahari of Chireka village, Bindura South
63. Rodrick Mukova of Chimbudzi village in Mwenezi
64. Kennias Artwell Bvekerwa of Ward 7 Chipinge, Manicaland

Supporters comfort Chatunga Mugabe son after dad’s demise

Robert Mugabe’s son‚ Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe‚ is undoubtedly licking his wounds on Wednesday after his father stepped down as president on Tuesday.

Until the very last moments‚ Chatunga seemed certain that his father would never relinquish power.

Chatunga took to his Facebook page on Wednesday morning to post a picture of a pensive-looking Mugabe.

Some took to the post to send positive messages to the Mugabe youngster.

“He will forever be celebrated by me! Iconic leader he was‚” said Blessing Mutyasira.

“He was our leader in his own league yet he was supposed to create more leaders other than himself not enemies hope you also learnt that everyone is vital in life‚” said Israel Zombo Gusalo.

“Much respect for you‚ Gushungo‚” said Kudzay Mhlanga.

“I will always salute you‚ my President! You will remain a hero and nothing can change that! Farewell‚” said Yolanda Chidziwo Washaya.

Others expressed their joy at Mugabe’s demise.

“Dad fell off the cash cow called Zanu-PF. No more champagne baths‚” wrote Thembani Elmon Jnr.

Cliff Baba Ethan Nhariswa showed no sympathy: “I’m sure they have enough to live for four more lifetimes‚ spending exactly the same.”

Natasha Kimberley wrote: “He has blood on his hands. Many died because of him. Many went missing … Houses destroyed‚ many became homeless.

He talks about unity and love and failed to love his nation … People are suffering‚ sleep without eating … and your heartless mother goes on a shopping spree.” – TimesLive

BREAKING NEWS:Grace Mugabe Ally Mashayamombe Arrested Outside Harare Hotel

ZANU PF legislator Harare South and close ally of Grace Mugabe, Shadreck Mashayamombe has just been picked up by “intelligence” officers outside the Miekles Hotel.

The three officers, a lady and two gentlemen, forced the MP into an unmarked Toyota double cab before taking off.

The ruling party’s political commissar for Harare Province openly cried as he was whisked away in the unmarked golden vehicle.

The arrest comes a week after the military seized power in a bid to arrest “criminals” around former president Robert Mugabe. number of senior Zanu PF MPs and officials have since fled the country and are in self-imposed exile.

The Harare City Council has been investigating the Harare South MP as it sought to know the amount of land the MP owned in the capital. Mashayamombe has in the past been accused of being a land baron in his Harare South constituency and other parts of the city while using his Zanu PF party card and his close links to grace Mugabe.