Former Minister Jason Machaya Hospitalised While In Wha Wha Prison

Former Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs and Senator for Gokwe Jason Machaya was rushed to Gweru Provincial Hospital after he suddenly fell ill while in detention at WhaWha Prison.

Machaya’s relative who spoke to The Herald on condition of anonymity confirmed the development and referred the publication to the former minister’s lawyer Mr Hillary Garikayi of Garikayi and Company who also confirmed the issue. Machaya’s relative said:

Remember, he was involved in that horrific accident and was still healing. He also lost his son in a car accident recently and he was arrested when he was still mourning. I think this is what has affected him and we are holding our breath hoping for the better.

Machaya’s lawyer, Mr Garikayi confirmed the incident but refused to shed light on the issue. When The Herald visited Gweru Provincial Hospital yesterday, armed prison officers were seen milling around the complex. Machaya was reportedly still in the ICU although The Herald could not get a comment from Dr Tendayi Chandayengerwa who declined to  comment.

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Mnangangwa Hands Cyclist Killer CIO Boss Chirinda Hero Status

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday conferred provincial hero status on the late Central Intelligence Office Deputy Director (Special Projects – Non-Traditional Threats) Cde Nickson Chirinda who died in a car accident over the weekend.

The late CIO Director – Chirinda

  • CIO Deputy Director Who Died In Car Accident On Saturday Also Killed A Cyclists In 2002 And Walked Free

In a statement, Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services principal director Mr Regis Chikowore said funeral arrangements would be announced in due course.

“The Acting Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr Ray Ndhlukula, has announced the conferment of provincial hero status by His Excellency the President, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, on the late Cde Nickson Chirinda, a Deputy Director in the President’s Department.

“Cde Chirinda died on Saturday night following a road traffic accident near Chinhoyi. He has been granted a State-assisted funeral and funeral arrangements will be announced in due course,” he said.

Earlier, ZANU-PF Mashonaland West province had requested national hero status for Cde Chirinda saying he had contributed significantly to the country before and after Independence.

In an interview, provincial chairman Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi said the formal request had been forwarded to the party head office.

Cde Chirinda died on the spot when his Toyota Landcruiser rammed into the trailer of a haulage truck at the 117km peg along the Harare-Chirundu highway on Saturday night.

“It is a great loss for us as Mashonaland West province following the death of Cde Chirinda. As a province, we have looked at his history and contribution. We see that Cde Chirinda was a major farmer in the province and he is a former combatant who fought in the war,” said Cde Ziyambi.

“He worked in Government for a long time and as Mashonaland West province we have requested the party to accord him a status that befits his contribution which is national hero status.”

Mashonaland West Minister of State Cde Webster Shamu expressed his condolences to the Chirinda family saying they should get solace in the knowledge that their grief was shared by everyone.

“His death has robbed the people of Mashonaland West and Zimbabwe of a revolutionary stalwart at a time when we needed him the most as having entered a new era ushered in by Operation Restore Legacy where hard work and a shared vision are propelling us towards economic recovery,” he said.

“Family members should find solace in that their grief is shared by all of us and that we have them in all our prayers.”

Cde Shamu implored Chinhoyi Municipality to work closely with the police to establish the cause and circumstances of the accident. Cde Chirinda is survived by four children – two boys and two girls. Mourners are gathered at Number 30 Angel King Road in Mzari suburb, Chinhoyi.

A proficient farmer at his Rainfield Farm just after Lions Den, Cde Chirinda specialised in wheat and maize farming.-Herald

Josiah Tongogara’s Rare & Unseen Handwritten Notes On post-Independence Zimbabwe Unearthed

Late Zanla Chief of Defence General Josiah Tongogara lived way ahead of his time as he had drawn up the post-Independence architecture of Zimbabwe’s national defence five months before the start of the Lancaster House talks in London, it has emerged.


This is contained in handwritten notes and diagrams dated June 15, 1979 that The Sunday Mail has exclusively dug out from the late General’s archives.

Gen Tongogara died on December 26, 1979 in a car accident in Mozambique.

The notes and diagrams which Gen Tongogara penned show that he was already thinking of post-Independence Zimbabwe, despite the fact that the Lancaster House talks only started in October 1979.

In the diagrams, he wrote about what he called the “Coordinating Council”, which comprised Zapu and Zanu.

Gen Tongo (centre) in the company of former President Robert Mugabe (left) and President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Mozambique.
Gen Tongo (centre) in the company of former President Robert Mugabe (left) and President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Mozambique.

This Council, which seemed to borrow ideas from the Military Commission in China, comprised the top political leaders in Zapu and Zanu and the senior military commanders under Zipra and Zanla.

One of the veterans of the liberation struggle, who rose through the ranks to become a provincial commander, assisted The Sunday Mail in interpreting the notes and diagrams.

Gen Tongogara (second from right) and Cde Chitepo (fourth from right)  at Chairman Mao’s tomb in China in 1974.
Gen Tongogara (second from right) and Cde Chitepo (fourth from right) at Chairman Mao’s tomb in China in 1974.

The war veteran, who chose to speak on condition of anonymity, said the Coordinating Council had the responsibility of looking at the broader national security issues ranging from physical, economic, political and cultural security, among other issues.

“It’s not a surprise that Cde Tongogara would borrow from the Chinese model because, as you know, in early 1966, he went for military training at Nanking Academy in China. This Military Commission where he got the model is still in existence in China today.

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“What is even more exciting is that, as we speak, we have the National Security Council which has the same responsibilities as those suggested under Cde Tongogara’s notes and diagrams.

“Again on his notes and diagrams, there is the Defence Council whose responsibilities and structure resemble that of the present-day National Joint Operating Command.

“So, the structures that Cde Tongogara drew five months before the Lancaster House talks started are being used in present-day Zimbabwe and are the ones underpinning the country’s stability.”

The date on which the notes and diagrams were drawn up shows that Cde Tongogara was eight months ahead of the first general election in March 1980 and nine months ahead of Independence in April 1980.


He was also a whole year ahead of integration of the fighting forces as this started in earnest around June 1980.

“If you look closely at the notes and diagrams, you can see that Cde Tongo was thinking of the coming together of Zapu and Zanu under the Patriotic Front way back in 1979. As you know, this only happened in 1987 under the Unity Accord.

“It’s clear that he had already sensed that the unitary structure would harmonise the two forces following clashes between Zipra and Zanla forces at Nachingweya and Mgagao during the liberation struggle. What is even more telling is that from 1983 up to 1987, the two forces clashed, leading to the Unity Accord.

“One can easily conclude that Cde Tongogara’s strategy drew lessons from a bitter history but also foresaw the danger of this bitter history repeating itself as what went on to happen between 1983 and 1987.

“By coming up with the notes and diagrams, Cde Tongogara was thinking beyond his call as a soldier. This man of ‘iron’ was also showing that he was a philosopher, a thinker and a statesman in nation-building. He was not thinking with the trigger, but was looking ahead not only to build a nation but a crown, a sceptre and to defend it.

“It’s as if he knew that on December 26 1979, he wouldn’t be available to see the process through. It’s as if he knew that the process would proceed without him, except the process proceeding with him as his plans guided the whole process.

“For someone who had commanded forces that had clashed with Zipra to overcome that history of hostility, it’s just amazing. His stature gets enhanced a thousand times considering that he was a mere Standard Six chap. Many degreed comrades couldn’t see what he saw.”

Asked where Cde Tongogara got these traits, the war veteran stunned this writer saying: “After all, in terms of ancestry, Cde Tongogara traced his roots to South Africa. No wonder why he was always national in outlook. He was never caught up in the regional or tribal clashes during the liberation struggle.

“Remember, with those South African roots, he stayed in Zimbabwe and then went to Zambia. Zimbabwe was too small for him; that’s why he never got himself involved in regional or tribal politics.”-Sundaymail

Alex Magaisa Joins United States Based Institute

Morgan Tsvangirai’s former advisor and Kent Law School’s much respected senior academic Dr Alex Magaisa, known for playing a key role in drafting Zimbabwe’s new constitution as a technical advisor is moving to the United States.

The BSR creator and prolific writer announced the move through his social media pages twitter and facebook on New Year’s Day on Monday.

“Happy New Year!Sometime early last year I was fortunate to receive a fellowship at a US based institute, the National Endowment for Democracy. I should have started in October, but circumstances intervened causing us to postpone it to 2018. I start in March”, he said.

Magaisa said , he will use his temporary move to Washington DC where he will be stationed to craft  a Manual on Fundamental Rights and Freedoms based on Zimbabwe Constitution.

He hopes the manual will be useful for every Zimbabwean national.

He has also promised to publish a book this year based on the compilation of his Big Saturday Read articles backdating to 2015.

” Meanwhile, I hope to travel extensively and meet up with fellow Zimbabweans based in the US”, he added.





Eric Knight Dumps Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T Following Hwende Attack

Former ZBC Radio 2 DJ Eric Knight sensationally announced on New Year’s Day that he is quitting Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai ahead of crucial elections later this year.

Exiled  MDC-T aspiring legislator for Mbare Eric Knight was in 2013 reported by the Herald as on the British police wanted list for allegedly forging his business partner Mr Ezra Sibanda’s signature to withdraw money and recorded under case number 011996R/13.

He wrote on his Facebook wall:

“Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope i find you well. Just as I had promised a couple of days ago, I am here just to make a simple announcement to you all my friends, fans and relatives. Today the 1st of January 2018, I would like to tell you all that I am no longer a member of the MDC Party. This is a decision I personally made because of more than one reason. I have already informed the Party through other channels. 
Without giving much details at this stage, I can only disclose that among the various reasons that prompted me to this decision, is the fact that my personal vision, beliefs and ambitions were no longer compatible with the Party’s policies and modus operandi. In more than one way I also felt that we were no longer on the same wave-length in terms of priorities and goals. Somewhere along the lines I felt that there has been a digression from the principles that attracted me to the movement in the first place. I ceased to see the direction and the trajectory the organisation was now embarking on. I have made several attempts get clarity and explanations on that front, but sadly and unsuccessfully got any answers, except of being accused of betrayal, disloyalty and have sometimes being labelled by all the negative superlatives normally associated with anyone with any open mind.

Out of respect of the MDC as a party, I will only publicise further details if it is necessary. All I can say is that my commitment to playing a significant role in helping Mother Zimbabwe rise up again is as strong as ever, if not better.
I am a Zimbabwean by blood and birth and will not hide my head in the sand when it comes to issues that affect my country, hence my outspokenness that unfortunately irked other people within the Party.

I am the kind that will not hesitate to criticise when necessary and conversely give appraisal where it is deserved. 
I have prayed and consulted close people about my decision. I would like to make it very clear that as a loyal and patriotic citizen that I have always been, I will continue to serve my country faithfully in any capacity and level that God may have ordained. I will work with any individual, institution or group that commits itself to the betterment of the lives of Zimbabwean people. As a professional Media Practitioner, I will also continue to play my role henceforth and from anywhere in the world.

Withstanding the foregoing, I wish to state it that I have not joined any Political Party at the moment as I am still weighing up my options prayerfully.
Until and as when anything changes, I will concentrate on my Media, Broadcasting and Information Portfolio and will continue to be a good ambassador for my country, people and government as and when required to do so.
On that note, I wish to thank the Movement for Democratic Change for giving me an opportunity to have worked with them. I thank specifically Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and all his lieutenants who believed and still believe in me. It is time to part ways and thank you for respecting my decision.

And to all Zimbabweans and especially MDC sympathisers, I pray that God grants you peace and favour in all your endeavours, and that He also grants you the prudence to know that your life and your country is bigger than any Party.

Lets put the country first and let us be tolerant of each other regardless of Political differences. Zimbabwe is for you and me. God bless Zimbabwe! God bless Africa!”

It is widely believed that this decision was triggered by Charlton Hwende who called him an opportunist.