Mnangagwa Says He Is Looking For Another Woman After Rita Makarau

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has revealed that he is specifically searching for a woman to replace Justice Rita Makarau as the new chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). Makarau resigned from her position without divulging her reasons for doing so.

ZEC Chairperson _ Rita Makarau

Mnangagwa said that he was looking for a woman because the deputy chairperson of the electoral body is a man (Emmanuel Magede). In an interview with the Financial Times, Mnangagwa said:

The election commission is called ZEC, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. Currently there’s no head. The head resigned, the chairperson of the commission, Justice Rita Makarau, resigned. I believe that by Friday I will have appointed another — this week. If the vice-chairman is a man, the chairperson must be a woman, so I’m looking for a woman. Secondly, the woman must have been a judge or a lawyer qualified to be a judge. I had names brought to me by the chief justice to say which judges — the head of the Law Society — which persons. So we, of course, have several women who sent in their CVs and I believe by tomorrow or Friday — because there must be consultation between me and, in Parliament, the speaker and the Justice Commission — I believe that by Friday this will have been completed because I gave them the names last week. Then I’ll appoint one.

We believe that we need somebody with integrity, an impeccable record in terms of his or her CV. That’s what will guide us.

There has been speculation that Justice Loice Matanda Moyo, wife to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lieutenant General (Retired) Sibusiso Moyo, is one of the contenders.

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Late Roy Bennett’s Farm Manager Dies In Karoi

A long serving farm manager for the late Movement for Democratic Change treasurer and exiled Roy Bennett who passed on in a helicopter crash in America last week, passed on in Karoi on Sunday.

Family members said the late farm manager, Temba Nyambo Bhaudhi passed on in Karoi hospital after a long illness.

Nyambo who was in his late 60s, was managing Bennett’s farm in Zambia.

A close relative, Cosmas Mashapure confirmed to ZimEye in an interview that Nyambo Bhaudhi passed on while inside Karoi hospital. “He came into Zimbabwe three months ago as was not feeling well; he was in his rural area in Doro in Hurungwe until last week when he was transferred to Karoi and he passed on today (Sunday),” said Mashapure.

The late Nyambo Bhaudhi is one of the late Bennett’s loyal farm workers since the tine when he left Karoi after ditching Zanu PF to join the labour backed MDC led by ex premier Morgan Tsvangirai. “Bennett went with several of his farm workers to Manicaland where he bought Charleswood farm when he ventured into coffee production.”

Nyambo Bhaudhi’s death is a sad loss to many who worked with him” added another former worker at Bennett’s Vhuka farm near Karoi that he sold in late 1990s.

The late Nyambo Bhaudhi will be buried in Hurungwe this week according to family members. Bennett was among Zimbabwe farmers who relocated to Zambia after Zimbabwe chaotic land reform in 2000. Bennett went to stay in South Africa after serving a jail term following clashes in parliament with then Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa.

He went into exile but continued opposing Zanu PF misrule under former president Robert Mugabe.-Online

Opposition Stelwarts Obert Gutu, Tendai Biti Fight Over Harare East Constituency Seat Plunges MDC Alliance Into Total Chaos

HARARE – MDC Alliance has been thrown into a fresh crisis after opposition political heavyweights Obert Gutu and Tendai Biti are set to collide after both declared interest in contesting the Harare East parliamentary seat.


Gutu, who is spokesperson for the MDC, is eyeing Harare East constituency that has, however, been reserved for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by Tendai Biti.

The former deputy minister of Justice recently wrote on social media that he is ready to serve Harare East—something that would put him at odds with his principals as well as set the stage for a battle with Biti who was once the MP for the area and is the likely candidate to be fielded by the MDC Alliance.

Contacted for comment over the incursion that Gutu has made, Biti yesterday referred questions to MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube.

“All alliance matters should be directed to the spokesperson of the Alliance,” Biti said.

With the Alliance plodding on notwithstanding dog-eat-dog fights that have been triggered by Tsvangirai’s ill health, Ncube said the MDC should take appropriate action against Gutu.

Ncube told the Daily News yesterday that as things stand any party that infringes on the Political Cooperation Agreement (PCA), which is the foundation of the MDC Alliance, should discipline the errant members.

“The position is that each Alliance partner that was given a seat is now allowed to proceed and Harare East was reserved for PDP. Through the negotiating proceedings the parties agreed that they will not contest each other.

“And if anyone from an alliance partner disregards that then they will be acting in bad faith and it will mean that whichever party that person comes from will have to take disciplinary action against that person,” said Ncube.

With the MDC now set to take action against him, Gutu was shifting goalposts yesterday saying for now he would stand guided by the party’s leadership, even though he interacts well with structures in Harare East.

“I have stayed in Ballantyne Park which is in Harare East constituency for more than 17 years. I have always worked with the party structures in my neighbourhood simply because I am a committed and true democrat.

“I practice law for a living and without sounding boastful I don’t think I have performed badly as a lawyer.

“Politics is my vocation and definitely not my profession. I will stand guided by the party leadership on where exactly they would want to deploy me,” said Gutu.

The PCA which was signed by Tsvangirai’s party, along with seven other fringe political movements on August 5 last year set aside seats for all the seven parties in the coalition without specifying the method to be used in selecting the candidates.

According to the agreement “the party which is strongest electorally in a given constituency must field the candidate for the coalition”.

While the PCA has provisions to “accommodate any additional alliance”, it goes on to give Tsvangirai the carte blanche to select the other coalition partners. – Daily News

Mnangagwa And His Deputy Chiwenga In Messy Fight Over Decision To Fire More Than 30 ZRP Commissioners

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reported to have reversed the decision that was made without his full knowledge to fire almost the entire top hierarchy of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) when more than 30 senior police officers from the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner onwards were put on retirement.

The commissioners were given less than 48 days to leave the force.  The decision was allegedly made by Vice President, General Constantino Chiwenga when the president was outside the country in Zambia. When Mnangagwa returned, he reversed the purge and reduced the number of senior officers to be fired to 11.

The number has now been further reduced to 9 after the names of two officers were removed from the list.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba has confirmed the reversals to the weekly publication, The Standard, although he denied that there was any conflict between the president and his deputy. Said Charamba:

We are dealing with security here. We don’t treat it like we are treating civilian structures.

Yes, it was done when the president was away and when he came back, he discovered we had thrown away the bath water with the child and corrective measures had to be taken.

As I speak, I am sitting with two more names which have been removed from the list — Erasmus Makodza and Douglas Nyakutsikwa. We are now down to nine. It was a well-meant move by the Police Service Commission but spoiled by overreaction and the president, with his two deputies, reversed the decision.

They [Mnangagwa and Chiwenga] are all at one. The decision to reverse the dismissals was done by the president and his two deputies [Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi]. We are actually out to evolve into a harmonious administration. Such allegations [of rift and conflict]are made by people who wish for us to go back to conflict.

According to sources who spoke to The Standard, another major overhaul is also expected at the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO). The ZRP and the CIO did not take part in Operation Restore Legacy which ultimately resulted in the fall of President Robert Mugabe. In contrast, many senior members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces have been promoted since President Mnangagwa came into power.

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