Nelson ‘COBRA’ Chamisa Takes Over MDC-T Party Presidency

Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai today appointed one of his deputies Nelson Chamisa as the party’s acting president during his absence.

His spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka said Chamisa will be the acting president until Tsvangirai’s return.

Tsvangirai is reported to be critically ill in South Africa though he has rubbished the reports saying he is stable and recovering.

Tamborinyoka said Chamisa’s appointment is in light of the fact that the other two vice-presidents of the party Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri are both in South Africa.

Chamisa will also be the acting chairperson of the MDC Alliance.

Key negotiators for the MDC Alliance and the People’s Rainbow Coalition are reported to have gone to South Africa to negotiate setting up an opposition alliance to contest the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front.-Insider

Zimbabwe Students In Higher Education To Get Loans

With numbers of tertiary students dropping during their industrial attachment owing to lack of fees, the government says it is working round the clock to ease the burden faced by tertiary level students through the introduction of student loans at affordable terms.

Following an outcry by tertiary students for the government to slash fees for them during their industrial attachment period, the government said it is a requirement for the students to pay fees since it is expensive to assess a student who is on attachment.

Minster of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Professor Amon Murwira said it’s quite a burden for tertiary institutions given they operate without any operational assistance from government.

Professor Murwira said the government is addressing the root cause of the problem.

Minister Murwira said it is in the process of securing bank loans at conditions that are not punitive to the guardians.

In pursuit of the government strategy for the knowledge to lead to goods and services, the ministry is also pursuing funding through the Zimdef.-zbc

Businessman Agripa ‘Bopela’ Masiyakurima Wants Supa Mandiwanzira To Appear In Court For Damaging His Property

Harare businessman Agripa “Bopela” Masiyakurima caused a scene at the magistrates’ court yesterday when he demanded that Information and Communications Technology minister Supa Mandiwanzira should appear in court for allegedly damaging his crane.

Masiyakurima wants Mandiwanzira to be charged for sending his employees Charles Mtetwa (34) and Tapiwa Garapo (46) to damage his machinery. Masiyakurima told the court he bought the crane from Mandiwanzira for $411 000 as payback for being awarded the tender to erect 200 NetOne base stations throughout the country. Said Masiyakurima:

Your Worship, I won’t testify further if Supa Mandiwanzira is not brought in the dock. He is the one who sent these guys to destroy my crane. I sold my house to raise funds after I got a contract to build 100 base stations worth $3,7 million. Mandiwanzira wanted 40% of the amount for a bribe, which I refused. He then tried to force me to buy his two 20-cubic-metre tippers at a higher price. He told me that he must benefit somehow in my $3,7 million. NetOne contract and I succumbed since I did not want tension with the minister. I bought his crane which I defaulted paying by 30 days and he then sent his people to damage my crane after I finished paying him.

When he was ordered to direct his complaint to the prosecutor, Masiyakurima kept demanding that Mandiwanzira be charged together with Mtetwa and Garapo. The matter was postponed to Friday.

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Grace Mugabe Escapes Zimbabwe to Welcome Bona Mugabe’s Second Child In Singapore

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe is not even in Zimbabwe so how can the state media publish a story saying she has struck a deal with Joice Mujuru, says President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao.

Zhuwao, writing in his latest column brief, says Grace is currently outside the country attending to her new grandchid.

Hon. Patrick Zhuwao

by Honourable Patrick Zhuwao on 6
the February 2018

The ZBR notes the panic, palpable fear and jittery response of the coup conspirators and
terrorist junta to the emergence of the New Patriotic Front. Two issues, in particular, are
leaving Mnangagwa and Chiwenga worried sick. They do not know the leadership of the
NPF, and therefore do not know where to send their decaying tanks, armoured cars and SAS soldiers to murder and assassinate the NPF leadership. Secondly, despite their futile efforts to infiltrate and derail the NPF, they have absolutely no idea of the NPF’s innovative strategy, let alone how to address it.

As expected, Mnangagwa and Chiwenga were caught flat footed by the fact that the NPF’s
emergence on the political scene was by way of a comprehensively detailed and damning
petition to the African Union and SADC. The petition, which has been received by the
regional and continental leadership, provides a blow by blow summary and analysis of the
bloody coup of 15th November 2017 which is backed by direct and irrefutable evidence
generated by the so-called “command element” itself during the coup and recorded by their
coup secretary, George Charamba.

Unsurprisingly, the coup conspirators and terrorist junta, who have no credible responses to
the petition, chose to weave a web of deceit to divert people’s attention from the petition to
towards personalities. They aptly demonstrated the adage that “simple minds discuss people” by the front page article in the Sunday Mail of 4th February 2018 entitled “Grace Mugabe, Mujuru in elections pact”. The first sentence of that article boldly lies that President Mugabe is forming a political party with Dr Joice Mujuru and Dr Grace Mugabe. Vanoreva nhema (they are lying).

They base their deceit on the purely social and human act that Dr Mujuru visited President
Mugabe on Tuesday 30th January 2018. True to the saying that the guilty are always afraid,
the coup conspirators and terrorist junta have conflated the circulation of the NPF Discussion Points Document and Petition to the African Union and SADC with Dr Mujuru’s visit to President Mugabe. The Sunday Mail goes even further with their deceit by describing the visit as a meeting with the Mugabes (note the emphasis on plural) blissfully unaware of the fact that Dr Grace Mugabe has been out of the country attending to a family blessing, for which celebrations are in order.

The deceit that Dr Grace Mugabe was present when Dr Joice Mujuru visited President
Mugabe is consistent with the dirty modus operandi of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga of
manufacturing false intelligence for purposes of disinformation in pursuit of their personal
political objectives. Hazvisvodi zvirume izvi (these contemptible men have no shame). The
blatant lie that President Mugabe is forming a political party is totally at odds with the
indisputable fact that President Mugabe is retired and has no wish to come back to be Head of State and Government as clearly articulated in the last ZBR article.


The coup conspirators and terrorist junta have a well-established record of consistent and
persistent deception. They created deceptive narratives to discredit Dr Joice Mujuru in 2014.


Their web of deception was designed to create a wedge between President Mugabe and Dr
Joice Mujuru. Mnangagwa and Chiwenga have been working assiduously to create a web of
deceit to further their personal ambitions for plundering and looting Zimbabwe under their
model of kleptocratic primitive accumulation masqueraded as neo-liberalism.

In 2014, the kleptocratic cabal of the Junta used its control of military intelligence to
manipulate audio recordings done by a certain Charumbira, who is their mupostori-agent
codenamed Shumba. Charumbira used a wristwatch to record Dr Joice Mujuru whose content was then manipulated by the Junta. The manipulated audios would feature Dr Joice Mujuru disparaging both President Mugabe and Dr Grace Mugabe and would give the impression that Dr Mujuru suffered from unbridled ambition. The other security services, namely the police and intelligence, were cast as having been captured by Dr Joice Mujuru to such an extent that the technical branches of both the CIO and ZRP were not allowed to authenticate the recordings as would normally happen in such cases. Mnangagwa and Chiwenga’s vendetta continues to this day as evidenced by the massive purges in the ZRP and CIO.


Honourable Dydmus Mutasa was reported to be plotting with other liberation movements in
the SADC region to depose President Mugabe for the benefit of Dr Joice Mujuru. His then
director, Charity Moyo, was said to have reported to Chiwenga and Mnangagwa the alleged
plots that also allegedly involved ANC leaders such as Comrade Matthews Phosa. Charity
Moyo was rewarded by being made a senior director in Mnangagwa’s government office
when he was elevated to Vice President. Honourable Tendai Savanhu was also accused of
having driven to Botswana to be given funds by President Khama to depose President

Honourable Rugare Gumbo was reported as having said that President Mugabe would “go the Kabila way”; that is to say that he would be assassinated by a member of his security detail.


Similarly, grave allegations were made that Honourable Nicholas Goche had hired Israeli
assassins to kill President Mugabe. A similar deception was also being peddled more recently against Honourable Dr Chombo, but that was quickly dismissed because the image used to attempt to validate that deception was from a media report from South America. These webs of deceit that cost Dr Joice Mujuru her VP post were woven by Mnangagwa and Chiwenga.

This was not done Dr Grace Mugabe.

Mnangagwa and Chiwenga’s current failure to infiltrate and derail the NPF has forced them
to make the clumsy false assertions that Dr Grace Mugabe seeks to lead the NPF. That is not true. I can confirm that Dr Grace Mugabe delights in the opportunity that has now availed itself for her to spend more time with President Mugabe and the family. Dr Grace Mugabe will be focusing on the Robert Gabriel Mugabe Foundation and the philanthropic work that she has always been doing at the orphanage prior to her being invited to join politics by the Lacoste coupsters who included Oppah Muchinguri, Prisca Mupfumira and Pupurai Togarepi amongst others.

Iwe neni tine basa. Mkhulu loMsebenzi.
Asante Sana.

MDC-T Trapped In Debt ,Owes Harare City Council More Than $264 000 And Fails To Pay Employes

THE main opposition MDC-T is reportedly mired in heavy debts, a development likely to compromise its election preparations with some of the debtors threatening to attach the party’s assets.

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai


Last year alone, the party lost a significant portion of its office furniture at its Harvest House headquarters in Harare to credotors.
According to documents gleaned by NewsDay, the party owes Harare City Council more than $264 000 in unpaid rates, while party employees have reportedly gone unpaid for several months.

Party insiders blamed MDC-T treasurer-general Theresa Makone and secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora for failing to mobilise adequate funds for the smooth running of the party.

Party spokesperson Obert Gutu confirmed yesterday that the MDC-T coffers were running dry, but attributed it to the general economic challenges in the national economy.

“The liquidity crunch that is wreaking havoc in Zimbabwe is sparing no one, the MDC included. It is not a secret that just like any other organisation operating in Zimbabwe at the moment, the MDC has got its own share of financial woes,” Gutu said.

“However, we are managing to get by and, in fact, we have structured an arrangement with various creditors to enable a payment plan to be effected to liquidate our debts. It is business as usual at Harvest House and indeed all activities are proceeding well.”

Gutu said the party was owed more than $2 million by the government in terms of its resource allocation under the Political Parties Finance Act. He said once they receive the money, it would go a long way in paying creditors.

But some party officials were demanding answers from Makone.

“We cannot continue on this path. If our leaders are failing to manage the party, they must give way to others who are capable. We are going for elections and those creditors might come and attach more property, including the party headquarters,” said an official at the MDC-T headquarters.

“That would be bad and the electorate will see us as disorganised. This must be mitigated and we are demanding answers now. The matter will be brought to the national leadership’s attention and if we fail to get solutions, then we might call for replacements.”

Efforts to contact Makone for comment were fruitless yesterday.