Robert Mugabe Wants Mnangagwa On International Sanctions , Tried At ICC For Human Rights Abuses In Zimbabwe

Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has called for the international community not to recognise the new administration led by his longtime trusted friend Emmerson Mnangagwa saying he was removed illegally and he is illegitimate.

So bitter is Mugabe, 94 that he even suggested that Mnangagwa should be placed on international sanctions, arrested and tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC)  based in The Hague,  the world’s only permanent international tribunal that looks into war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Mugabe said members of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) were bashed by members of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA). He said some members of the CIO are missing to this day, suggesting that the army abducted or killed them. Said, Mugabe:

The army made sure that the other organs of State were nuetralised. Completely nuetralised. They nuetralised the Central Intelligence Organisation. Many of whose members were bashed with heads cracked and this is not an exaggeration. Some of them are missing to this day. Their guns were taken away from them. The police had their armory completely emptied. Their guns had gone, disappeared. Who had taken them?-The army. And then in our environment, rolled what we never knew we hadsome tanks. If we had these tanks I was told they are ancient ones. 1914 to 1918 tanks. T63 or 60-something. There they were rolling, amoured cars running and people not allowed to move from one place to another unless they got the permission of the army. Searches were taking place left, right and center. Persons being arrested. It was truly a military takeover. There was no movement permissible unless that movement was checked and allowed by the army. That is what it was. I would not know what you would want to call it.

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He went on to say: “ED says he wants me to endorse him, what will I be endorsing? Hypocrisy? Brutality against the people?

“The killing and battering of children (CIO and police officers) who worked with me? No, no, no; I’m not an idiot.

“The political and illegal arrests must stop if the military regime is true to its claims that it is about upholding the legacy of the president. Why is it doing these injustices?”

Mugabe said he never thought Mnangagwa would turn against him and denounced Mnangagwa’s move to oust him last year as a coup, in an interview broadcast on Thursday.

Robert Mugabe In a Series Of Interviews With Foreign Journalists

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Mugabe, speaking for the first time since November coup, today held a series of interviews with foreign journalists.

SABC got the TV interview, while the Times of London and SA Sunday Times got the newspaper interviews.

Three Robbers Who Pounced On Bona Mugabe To Be Jailed Today

HARARE – Three armed robbers who stormed into former president Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona’s Umwinsdale mansion and allegedly stole construction material were convicted yesterday.

Robson Kandenga, Peter Mangwiro and Brighton Chisiko were found guilty of first degree robbery when they appeared before Harare magistrate Tilda Mazhande. They pleaded guilty to the offence.

They were remanded in custody pending passing of their sentence today.

They had no legal representation.

Prosecutor Linda Gadzikwa proved that on December 31 around 1am, Kandenga and his gang went to 154 Lunar Road, Umwinsdale in Harare and found a security guard manning the premises, which is under construction.

The trio pretended to be looking for directions to a certain destination and the security guard got out of the guardroom to assist.

Kandenga then disarmed the security guard of his AK 47 rifle before his team began assaulting him with iron bars and feet.

One of the robbers picked a wire at the site and used it to tie the security guard’s hands and legs before they searched him and took identification particulars, $15, two cellphones and 80 wooden construction boards.

The gang guarded the complainant while sourcing for transport to ferry the wooden boards from the site.

After a while, Shadreck Chivambe arrived at the scene driving a truck. He had been hired to carry the stolen goods.

The stolen property was loaded into the truck and they sped from the scene.

The wooden boards were delivered at Siyaso in Magaba, Mbare in Harare. Only one board was recovered.

It was positively identified by Howard Karima of Hualong Construction Company because of its uniqueness since it was imported.

President Mnangagwa In $2 Million Extortion Lawsuit Involving Command Agriculture Sponsor

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been named as a witness in a High Court case in which Zanu-PF MP for Gokwe-Nembudziya, Justice Mayor Wadyajena is suing his former business partner demanding $2 million.

Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Photo: Bloomberg

Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Photo: Bloomberg



Wadyajena’s former business partner, Kudakwashe Tagwirei the owner of Sakunda Holdings has challenged the lawsuit saying that the legislator had forced him to agree to a settlement through threats of extortion.

When the two former business partners fell out Wadyajena initially filed a $7 million lawsuit against Tagwirei. However, while the case was still pending at the Supreme Court, Tagwirei is alleged to have approached Mnangagwa, who was a vice president then, to mediate. As a result of Mnangagwa’s efforts, the two came to an agreement in which the Supreme Court appeal was withdrawn in return for Wadyajena receiving $2, 6 million. Tagwirei later paid Wadyejena $616 334 but reneged on paying the remaining $2 million resulting in Wadyejena’s latest lawsuit.

Tagwirei is refusing to pay the $2 million and has challenged the lawsuit saying that he had entered into the agreement under duress as there were threats of extortion. Part of Tagwirei’s response reads,

Whilst the fact of the purported agreement is conceded, defendants aver that the agreement was entered into as a direct result and only because of threats of extortion.

The contract was illegal and void, or alternatively voidable – a product of extortion and or duress.

However, Wadyajena is disputing that there was any extortion and has told the court that the president is willing to come to court and to give evidence of his mediation efforts and the subsequent verbal contract.

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