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British Peer Peter Hain Enjoys Dinner In Zimbabwe With Coup Leaders Who Toppled Mugabe

BRITISH Labour Party politician and former Cabinet member Lord Peter Hain has hailed President Emmerson Mangangwa’s re-engagement with the international community, commitment to good governance and credible elections under the new political dispensation, saying it signifies a new dawn.

The re-engagement effort, says Lord Hain, brings the country back on the global map and will open foreign capital streams.

Lord Hain — who served Cabinets of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and was recently appointed advisor and ex-officio board member to one of the largest foreign investors in Zimbabwe, Moti Group — on Tuesday met President Mnangagwa, Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga, Vice President Kembo Mohadi and Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Dr Sibusiso Moyo at a dinner at the State House.

Lord Hain said President Mnangagwa discussed his agenda for the country including moves being taken for Zimbabwe to re-join the Commonwealth, open up to the world, attract foreign investment and ensure there is good governance.

“As he says, he wants to make sure the elections are free and fair. He assured me that they would be free and fair. He told me that he would be inviting international observers not just from the Sadc, but from Europe and elsewhere to observe the elections and I think all that is very encouraging,” said Lord Hain in an interview with our Harare Bureau.

“Obviously there is a long way to go and Zimbabwe has been in a very bad place for the past 20 years with the people suffering economically and the reputation of the country being badly damaged abroad.

“For example, the President would like to re-apply to join the Commonwealth which will be good for Zimbabwe to be standing tall again instead of being an isolated nation as it was under former President Mugabe. I was very encouraged,” he said.

Lord Hain said progress on governance, election credibility and fighting corruption was the first step towards rebranding Zimbabwe positively and attracting international capital.

“The key thing is good governance so we are starting with the elections which the world is watching with interest because the world wants to support Zimbabwe. There are businesses which want to invest in Zimbabwe but it starts with good governance and they are watching,” he said.

Lord Hain also discussed the potential for debt relief and support in agriculture from international financial institutions, in particular Britain, after credible elections.

He proposed that Zimbabwe takes advantage of its climatic conditions to establish solar power projects and provide electricity in remote areas with a view to improve communication, education and health services. He also noted the potential for massive water purification and conservation projects to maximise value on the country’s resources.

The former minister also hailed President Mnangwaga for opening his door to the world and taking ideas and constructive criticism from everyone with a view to improve the livelihoods of his people.

“This is my first visit to Zimbabwe. I was not made welcome here by former President Robert Mugabe who attacked me and criticised me and I am very pleased to be here in what I think is a new dawn for Zimbabwe.

“As an advisor of the Moti Group, which is the biggest foreign investor in Zimbabwe at the moment, I want to help build good relations with the people of Zimbabwe so that’s why I am here,” he said.

Lord Hain is expected to meet Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando to discuss Moti Group’s further investment plans in Zimbabwe.

Moti Group operates under African Chrome Fields (ACF), a Kwekwe-based top chrome producer. ACF uses the latest technology to beneficiate the mineral for export hereby earning the economy millions annually.

“The Moti Group is, through ACF, expanding its investment and therefore creating more jobs. We have around 1 500 employees and we are going up to 2 000 very soon and there will be more jobs created after that. This is all being done absolutely transparently, Moti Group pays taxes, there is full accountability and obviously that’s important to me so we will be discussing other areas where Moti Group might consider investing in Zimbabwe,” said Lord Hain.

He said Moti Group’s thrust was to create more jobs for Zimbabweans and ensure communities benefit from its investment as well.

“We want to do it in a way that is respectful to the local people, local environment and conforms to all the international standards of transparency and compliance with licences and paying of taxes and so on.”

Moti Group general finance Mr Salim Bobat said the group was committed to investing further in Zimbabwe.

“We are leaders in terms of investing in Zimbabwe and we will maintain that into the future,” Mr Bobat said.

Robert Mugabe Accuses Mnangagwa Of Spying On Him And Sabotaging His Business Interests

Former president Robert Mugabe has accused his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of allegedly spying on him and sabotaging his business interests, in the latest sign of a widening rift between the one-time close associates.


Mugabe poured his heart out to his friend President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who jetted into the country on Thursday to try and reconcile the 94-year-old politician with Mnangagwa.

The two met for three hours at Mugabe’s Blue Roof mansion in Harare where on Friday the former president also disclosed that he was increasingly feeling unsafe in Zimbabwe.

“The old man told president Nguema that ED’s administration was harassing his family and at some point he regretted the good things he had done for the current leaders,” a reliable source disclosed yesterday.

“He spoke of how he shaped Mnangagwa and (vice- president Constantino) Chiwenga’s careers by helping them against all odds.

“He narrated the source of the problems and what he thinks should be done to restore the relationship.

“He spoke of how the military and other spy agencies were busy spying on his family, those who work for him being subjected to questioning again and again and to some extent his freedom being curtailed.”

Even as he complained, Mugabe, the source said, showed willingness to engage Mnangagwa

He complained that the military was harassing his “people” and he was unsure of what would become of his family if he was to die “today”.

“The purpose of the meeting was for Nguema to get an understanding of how his friend was coping and if he had challenges.

“The old man did not hide his frustration with the ED regime and what he had hoped would happen.

“He said the regime was blaming every bad thing on him as if he was running the country alone.

“He said the current regime blames him for the economic crisis yet Mnangagwa and Chiwenga were his strong pillars who implemented most government programmes.”

After the outpouring of emotions, sources said Nguema offered Mugabe refuge if he felt he was not welcome in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe reportedly responded by saying “this is my home, I will die here. I will visit you as and when I want to but I will never abandon my people”.

“He was told that he should make amends with the current regime and stop working with the opposition as this was destroying his legacy.

“He was also told that Nguema would raise his complaints with Mnangagwa but most importantly, he must not fight them as this would affect his family interests.”

Nguema, the sources said, also narrated how he survived an attempted coup during the same time Mugabe was toppled.

He reportedly said: “you must be thankful my brother that these people left you alive and you are still at your home.”

“President Nguema said there seemed to be some capitalists who were funding illegal removal of sitting presidents for their benefit.”

During his 94th birthday celebrations in February, Mugabe complained that he was being mistreated by the new government and said he felt betrayed by Mnangagwa.

Nguema was in Zimbabwe on a two-day state visit, which saw him hold talks with Mnangagwa, but sources said the main reason he was in the country was to encourage Mugabe to make peace with the new administration.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa yesterday told a memorial service at his farm in Masvingo that he was a “god of peace” who came after a “god of war” in a subtle dig at Mugabe. He also said no one gave him a chance to get the presidency after he was fired by Mugabe last year.-STANDARD

George Charamba Sleeping With Mavis Gumbo : Mukupe

Under-fire Finance deputy minister Terrence Mukupe has accused one of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s closest aides of being behind an alleged plot to tarnish his image after the Zanu PF politician latched from one scandal to another last week.


Mukupe raised dust after a video of him telling Zanu PF supporters that the military will not allow MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa to rule even if he wins the forthcoming elections surfaced.

On Thursday, the Harare East MP was roundly condemned after he claimed former Finance minister Tendai Biti was on anti-retroviral [ARV] treatment during a live radio interview.

After the interview, the deputy minister allegedly attacked journalist Blessed Mhlanga and his wife. Mhlanga writes for Alpha Media Holdings titles The Standard and NewsDay.

Mukupe, despite the existence of the video, denies saying that the army did not topple former president Robert Mugabe so that Chamisa could rule.

He told ruling party sympathisers, who belong to a WhatsApp group known as Zanu PF patriots, that Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba was allegedly out to destroy him because he had beaten his “girlfriend Mavis Gumbo” in the recent primary elections.

Mukupe was dismissing a government statement issued by acting Information minister Simon Khaya Moyo condemning his utterances.

“Firstly, nowhere did the government say I made those statements,” he said.

“Secondly, ask yourself what was the motivation of Charamba to come up with that press statement without consulting me and even seeing the video of the meeting.
“It is a fact that Mavis Gumbo is a looser (sic) and it is a fact that Charamba has been sleeping with Mavis Gumbo.”

In the discussion, Mukupe boasted that he was wooing students to join Zanu PF and defending Mnangagwa on social media.

“Give me one Zanu PF politician in the past 38 years who has been able to face university students and to preach them the gospel of Zanu PF,” he charged.

“Everyone has been ducking and diving. I have a calling and will do just that.”

He also lashed out at Zanu PF sympathisers on the WhatsApp group saying: “Let’s not be WhatsApp activists and get into the field. This is politics, not a church.”

Mukupe did not respond to questions sent to him on the matter. Charamba said he was not the author of Moyo’s statement condemning the deputy minister’s utterances.

The president’s spokesperson retorted: “Who issued the statement that he is reacting to? So he is suggesting that the minister is so daft to the extent that he can’t write his statement on his own?

“He must tell that directly to the minister, not to me. I will not respond to other issues that are peripheral.

“If he thinks the minister has no capacity to respond on behalf of government, then he is suggesting something else, which I cannot respond to.”

On the other hand, Gumbo said although she was aware of the WhatsApp messages, she was not interested in a fight with Mukupe.

Meanwhile, the deputy minister issued a statement yesterday denying that he said the army would stop Chamisa from taking overfron Mnangagwa and seemed to justify his attack against Biti and Mhlanga.

“I feel it is of the utmost importance to apologise and clarify on some statements that have been misinterpreted and in some cases deliberately distorted and misrepresented,” he said.

“I am a passionate supporter of both the president and our highly professional military and for that I will never apologise.”

Mukupe said his utterances had been taken out of context by “aggressive and unruly opposition elements”.

“Let me be clear that I stand firmly with the president and government in calling for free and fair elections,” he said.

The former banker said his ARVs rant against Biti was a response to a provocation by the MDC Alliance principal who allegedly used vulgar language during the radio interview.

“Though I was abused and insulted by the tone and content of Biti’s interview, I should not have responded in such a way and I apologise for the offence I have caused by the remarks I made pertaining to ARVs,” he said.

He claimed Mhlanga and his wife also provoked him during the interview at the ZBC-run radio station.

“While his provocative behaviour, cheered on by his female counterpart, in itself was disgraceful, I do apologise for my untoward response of walking away from the interview,” he said.

“As a deputy minister and representative of the Zimbabwean people, in future I must focus my passion for my people, Zimbabwe’s financial well-being.”

Mukupe has been roundly condemned for his ARV remarks with Aids activists saying he rolled back strides made in ending the stigmatisation of Zimbabweans living with the virus.

Zimbabweans on social media yesterday were also dismissive of the “apology”, saying it showed the Zanu PF politician was unrepentant.

“Utterly pathetic ‘apology’,” former Education minister David Coltart tweeted. “This simply demonstrates the arrogance not just of this man, but of the military junta.

“If this stands, please would no democrat say to me again that he or she believes a free, fair and lawful election is possible. It will simply be an insult.”

Mukupe also drew fire from social media users after he insulted Coltart’s son Doug for calling him out on his utterances about the army.-Standard

Webster Shamu Recorded Declaring that Mnangagwa Will Not Win the Forthcoming Elections

President Emmerson Mnangagwa fired Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister Webster Shamu after the former Zanu PF commissar was allegedly recorded declaring that the ruling party’s leader will lose the forthcoming elections, it has emerged.


Shamu — infamous for bootlicking former president Robert Mugabe and likening him to the popular Cremora milk brand — was fired last week without any reasons being given.

But investigations by The Standard have revealed that Shamu was fired for allegedly plotting against Mnangagwa and engineering the chaos that engulfed Zanu PF’s recent primary elections.

According to highly-placed sources, Mnangagwa was left with no choice, but to act against Shamu even though he had not intended to fire anyone before the elections.

“Shamu did not like Mnangagwa and was always telling people he thought were his friends that ED would lose the coming elections because he is incompetent and not a national leader. This news reached ED in audio format,” the source.

The recording surfaced after Mnangagwa’s advisor Christopher Mutsvangwa accused the former minister of misleading political commissar Engelbert Rugeje.

Mutsvangwa had lost in the Zanu PF primary elections where he alleged there was massive rigging.

“It is inconceivable that the president will win given that the party’s members have been largely disenfranchised.

“We realised that instead of being in the primary elections to provide peace and a stable environment in which Zanu PF members freely express themselves and choose their leaders, the national commissar, being a political novice, sought advice from a rehabilitated ex-Gamatox commissar in the form of Webster Shamu to turn police into returning officers,” the war veterans leader said then.

Hundreds of Zanu PF supporters gathered at the party’s headquarters where they threatened to vote for MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa ahead of Mnangagwa after the primaries.

The Chegutu East MP was removed as Zanu PF commisar in 2014 along with former vice-president Joice Mujuru, but bounced back into the fold at a time Mnangagwa’s allies were being purged from the party by G40.

Shamu bounced back from the wilderness after Mugabe sacked Faber Chidarikire, accusing him of supporting Mnangagwa.

Chidarikire, according to sources, was haunted out of the party for referring to Auxilia Mnangagwa as first lady when her husband was still vice-president.

Another source said Shamu was indeed very close to Rugeje and had become the unofficial advisor of the retired general.

“He had the ear of the commissar and is now being accused of misleading him in an effort to ensure that chaotic primaries would result in a bhora musango and ensure that Mnangagwa lost the polls, this is why he was dumped,” the source said.

Zanu PF central committee member and war veterans secretary-general Victor Matemadanda said Mnangagwa had always been a forgiving person and had allowed Shamu to remain in his government despite his obvious shortcomings.

“I cannot say for real what broke the camel’s back, but suffice to say the president, who has been preaching peace, reconciliation and letting bygones be bygones, had to act, and act he did,” Matemadanda said.

“If the allegations against Shamu are true, I believe they are because the president acted on them, then he has nobody to blame but himself.

“for a person who rose through the party ranks to the position of political commissar, a war veteran who is supposed to be disciplined, surely running away with ballot papers not once, but twice, is despicable.”

Matemadanda said Shamu also had a way of setting colleagues in the party against each other, causing disunity and discomfort among other ills.

“There are a lot of things, which we know but won’t say them because our president has said let’s move on,” said the war veterans’ leader.

“But he had a way of setting up comrades against each other, and that is not a way to behave.

“We also have an audio of him saying never will anyone who is not Zezuru rule this country.

“we have that recording, but regardless of that President Mnangagwa kept him in his government.”

Shamu refused to discuss why he was kicked out only saying he remained a loyal party member and would not like to challenge his boss.

Central committee member Larry Mavima said Mnangagwa was always measured and calculative when he acts, and must have had good reason to act in the way he did.

“He is not that person who just acts out of the blue, he is not impulsive,” Mavima said.

“I know the president is not after purging people and he has been sincere with his let bygones be bygones stance, so he must have reasons, which are solid and sound, while it’s not my place to speculate on his reasons.”

Emmerson Mnangagwa Says Zanu PF Members Planning to Impeach Him After General Elections

Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa has sensationally claimed that some Zanu PF members are plotting to impeach him following if he wins the forthcoming presidential election scheduled for July 30th.

Zimbabwe’s incoming president Emmerson Mnangagwa (L) speaks to supporters flanked by his wife Auxilia at Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF party headquarters in Harare on November 22, 2017.
Zimbabwe’s former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa flew home on November 22 to take power after the resignation of Robert Mugabe put an end to 37 years of authoritarian rule. Mnangagwa will be sworn in as president at an inauguration ceremony on November 24, officials said.

This comes as internal fissures in the ruling party continue, less than a year after former president Robert Mugabe was removed from power through a defacto military coup.

Mnangagwa made these remarks Thursday when he addressed party members set to contest in the harmonized polls and those that lost in the Zanu PF primaries.

The Zimbabwean president noted that he received intelligence reports indicating that some people, who allegedly bribed voters in the primary elections, want to get rid of him if he wins the presidential election.

He could not elaborate his claims which have been dismissed as baseless by some Zimbabwean political analysts.

Independent political commentator Takavafira Zhou said Mnangagwa’s remarks are an indication that the Zimbabwean leader believes that he won’t win the presidential poll.

“I think he is not sure about the outcome of the presidential poll. He is very jittery about the whole thing. I think that he is convinced that he won’t win.”

However, Zanu PF activists are adamant that they will win the presidential election set to pit two front runners – Nelson Chamisa of the MDC Alliance and Mnangagwa.

In a related development, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission member, Qhubani Moyo, has given an assurance that all contesting parties and candidates in the forthcoming national elections shall have access to the electronic voters’ roll and will be able to get electronic copies of the same for a ‘small’ fee.
The difficulty that political parties have had in accessing the voters roll has been a contentious issue in the past.-VOA

Zimbabwe to have elections on July 30, says president Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe is to hold its harmonised elections on 30 July, a Monday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa proclaimed today through a government gazette.

The Nomination Court will sit on 14 June to register candidates for the elections.

According to the Constitution the Nomination Court must sit not less than 14 days after the proclamation and the elections must be held not less than 30 days but not more than 63 days after the sitting.

Mnangagwa was given the go ahead to call elections but the Constitutional Court which said it was his constitutional obligation.

He gazette the Electoral Act on Monday.-Insider

Paul Kagame Falls Prey To Zimbabwe Propaganda Machinery On Chamisa

Paul Kagame

The president of Rwanda Paul Kagame today fell victim to the incessant sensationalism in the Zimbabwe media when he was baited by the faceless character who goes by the name mmatigari on twitter. This followed a wildly inaccurate report by an online newspaper Newzimbabwe whose title was ”
Chamisa: I helped Pres Kagama turn Rwanda into economic success”.

Kagame then responded to a tweet that he was tagged by Matigari which had a link to the article on NewZimbabwe. His response was brutal and dismissive of Chamisa.


A video of the rally address has since emerged where Chamisa was actually praising the strides that Rwanda has made in the implementation of its ICT policy. Chamisa in the same video says in 2009 Kagame asked Mugabe about him when the three of them met at the ITU Telecoms Conference which Kagame officially opened.

While it is not clear whether Kagame indeed asked something about policy to Chamisa, investigations by this publication shows that Kagame, Chamisa and Mugabe indeed attended the same conference in Geneva. A video of the conference has since emerged showing Mugabe and Chamisa in the audience.

The Zimbabwe propaganda machinery which has also bought out a number of publications has been in overdrive trying to depict Chamisa as an untruthful character.

It is election season in Zimbabwe and youthful Nelson Chamisa (40) is tussling it out wih Emmerson Mnangagwa (75). Mnangagwa is the incumbent after toppling Mugabe in a coup in November 2017. Munangagwa remains a hated man in Zimbabwe following his well-publicized  role in the massacre of over 20000 civilians from the minority Ndebele tribe.

Mnangagwa has been on a charm offensive trying to depict himself as a changed man. Under his leadership though Zimbabwe has continued to deteriorate economically. The healthcare system has collapsed which has seen even him resorting to going to South Africa for medical checkups, something that his predecessor Mugabe was known for.

Nelson Chamisa In Strong Lead to Be Zimbabwe’s Next President : Survey

Nelson Chamisa’s popularity has grown tremendously in the last few weeks to the extent that for every five respondents, an average of four are in favour of Chamisa as the next president of Zimbabwe.

It looks like Zimbabweans are ready to use their new found freedom to unseat the man who brought it. One respondent out of five said they would vote Emmerson Mnangagwa. Chamisa’s support appears to hold true both in urban and rural areas and from the youth to the elderly.
The Mirror tasked its eight bureau correspondents deployed in Buhera, Chivhu, Gweru, Shurugwi, Zvishavane, Gwanda, Beitbridge and Chiredzi and several stringers based in Masvingo to do random surveys at functions, parties, funerals and meetings and casually ask people who they were going to vote for.
Respected political analyst, Eldred Masunungure acknowledged Chamisa’s rising popularity but said it was unlikely that he will win against Mnangagwa. He said that compared to Mnangagwa, Chamisa does not have as much resources.
He said Mnangagwa can fall back on the largesse of the State as seen at the Murambinda rally he held last week. He also said Zanu PF has the experience both in the party and in the military and this all give an edge for Mnangagwa to win the elections.
Masunungure also poked holes into The Mirror survey and said it needed to be more scientific and more rigorous for it to be authoritative. He said more questions needed to be asked including whether participants in the survey were registered and demographics of the survey. He said it is useless to involve people who are not registered in such a survey.
“As far as I can judge, the MDC T is on an upward trajectory but not to the point that it will upset ZANU PF. There is an invigoration in MDC T but I don’t think your research is accurate. People are expressing intentions and there are many factors involved to determine the possible outcome of an election,” said Masunungure.
Another analyst who declined to be named said the situation indicated by the survey is true but this is because ZANU PF has not yet started campaigning. He said Chamisa has gone all over the country and ED and his ZANU PF machinery are yet to start.
Most of the respondents said they were tired of ZANU PF and simply wanted a change and they did not care who brought it. Some bluntly said that Zimbabwe is a country of looters and wanted to give new people a chance to loot.
Sentiments were strong among the respondents that Mnangagwa has not done much against corruption despite his promises when he got into power. There are fears that he will continue to protect ruling party members who are corrupt as long as they support him. They cited the relaxation of Ignatius Chombo’s bail conditions, the safe passage of Saviour Kasukuwere back into the country and said the corruption campaign was just a smokescreen.
However, on the other end respondents who are mostly technocrats and business people preferred a Mnangagwa win arguing that he is the man who can bring stability to the country and has a grasp of issues and problems that Zimbabwe is facing. They also said that Mnangagwa has the confidence of investors both at home and abroad.
They condemned Chamisa as childish and playing student politics.

Mnangagwa Bid to Anoint Successor Backfires

Demonstrations, petitions and threats of ‘bhora musango’ have engulfed Chirumanzu – Zivagwe Constituency after First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa allegedly imposed a candidate who came fourth in the just-ended Zanu PF primaries to take over the seat she left when she stepped down early this year.

Chirumanzu – Zibagwe is one of the most famous constituencies in the country after it changed hands between members of the First Family; President Mnangagwa and his wife Auxillia.

Angry demostrators accused Mnangagwa of  imposing Prosper Machando, her close ally as the candidate ahead of successful business Crispen Thomu who is said have won the primaries with an overwhelming majority.
This came after the party declared Machando as the Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe candidate at a PCC meeting held at the Zanu PF Winery offices in Gweru on Saturday.
Party supporters said they knew it was Mnangagwa who imposed Machando because the two were close and Machando allegedly used the First Lady’s truck during his campaign for the primary.
Machando also opely bragged that he was the First Lady’s choice for party candidature, said the protesters.
The protesters likened Mnangagwa to disgraced former First Lady Grace Mugabe.
Efforts to get a comment from the First Lady were fruitless.
The demonstrators vowed to derail Zanu PF victory in the constituency held by President Emmerson Mnangagwa from 2008 to 2014 and  his wife from 2014 to 2018 when she stepped down after becoming First Lady. President Mnanngagwa handed over the constituency to his wife when he was appointed Vice President by former President Mugabe.
Party members including war veterans expressed fear that MDC T was going to win the seat after Zanu PF dumped Thomu, a very popular candidate.
Zanu PF Midlands provincial spokesperson Cornelius Mupereri confirmed the debacle and public anger but said the situation was caused by confusion in the voting process that initially saw Thomu being declared the winner. He said Thomu was declared winner before voting was done in three wards that are close to the City of Kwwkwe.
Tremendous Musara who is Thomu’s chief elections officer said the elections went on well and Thomu was the winner according to the results posted at all polling stations. He said party members were shocked when Machando was declared the winner.
A petition written by war vets to Zanu PF headquarters in Harare also likened the First Lady’s behaviour in the matter as to that of Grace Mugabe. The petition alleged that Machando was a violent man, who owned nothing and did not deserve to become an MP in Chirumanzu – Zibagwe.
The petition also said that Machando who allegedly drives around the First Lady’s truck has been using the First Family’s name to intimidate party supporters including candidates who stood against him.
“I am filling complaints with the party and if the decision is not changed, I will decide later to stand as an independent candidate or focus on my business,” said Thomu.
A war veteran who spoke on condition of anonymity alleged that there has never been democracy in Chirumanzu since the arrival of President Mnangagwa after his defeat by the MDC T in Kwekwe urban. He said the constituency had never held primary elections since Mnangagwa became MP in 2008.
The meeting at the party’s Winery offices in Gweru had to be stopped for 30 minutes after hordes of party supporters became rowdy on the announcement of Machando as the party candidate for Chirumanzu. It took senior party officials July Moyo and Joram Gumbo to calm down the angry crowd.
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Mnangagwa Plants Zanupf Billboard Inside Harare Police Station

Zanupf campaign poster right inside Malbereign Police Station

Zanupf campaign poster right inside Malbereign Police Station


Curious and puzzled Zimbabweans have been baffled by the presence of a Zanupf campaign billboard located within a police station.

They have questioned the rationale behind locating a campaign graphic within a police station which is supposed to serve citizens from across the political divide.

One, a veteran Harare lawyer quizzed whether members of opposition political parties would feel comfortable coming to make a report against Zanupf members at the station.

Others with a quirky sense of humour quipped that the billboard may have been located there to prevent vandalism.

Be that as it may the presence of the billboard at Malbereign Police station may be construed as a sign of partisanship by a force which is supposed to be neutral from politics.

However as things have proved in the past, the ZRP has been known to be nothing other than a Zanupf militia.-Online

President ED Mnangagwa Has 18 Children

HARARE – A publication based in the United Kingdom has added to the mystery around President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s offspring by claiming the 76-year-old former Zanla combatant has a total of 18 children.

The crafty politician, who loyally served under former president Robert Mugabe for nearly six decades before a wedge was drawn between them at the height of Zanu PF party squabbles over his succession, is known for keeping to himself details about his family.

The only time he shared information about his family was in March when his publicists published a biography on his official website, claiming Mnangagwa had nine children, sired with two wives — Jayne and Auxillia.

Curiously, the list of children was later deleted from the website amid indications that it was not conclusive.

In an interview with Mnangagwa’s most prominent son, Emmerson Junior, the UK’s Sunday Times boldly stated in its latest edition that the Zanu PF leader has 18 children.

The paper quotes Emmerson Jnr as saying: “So my brothers and I told him (Mnangagwa) it’s not safe for you to be here. Usually he didn’t take us seriously, but to our surpr
ise he said, ‘OK, let’s get in the car and go.’”

Without directly quoting Mnangagwa’s son, the Sunday Times goes on to state: “They took temporary shelter in an unfinished house one of their other brothers — Mnangagwa has 18 children — was building in a Harare suburb. Plans to escape in a private jet fell through. Plan B was medical evacuation”.

The report is certain to add to the mystery given that Mnangagwa’s official website only listed nine children; six form his late wife Jayne and Auxillia’s three boys.
With Jayne, the couple was blessed with six children, Farai, Tasiwa, Vimbayi, Tapiwa, Tariro and Emmerson (junior) Tanaka, while Mnangagwa and Auxillia have been blessed with three children – Emmerson (junior), Sean and Collins.

The president’s portal describes Mnangagwa as “a father and family man, ED Mnangagwa is dedicated to the education of his family, and has educated all of his children without exception”.

“Most are now employed or run their own businesses and are independent of their father, with degrees ranging from diplomacy, business studies, marketing, law, sound engineering, nursing, creative advertising design, psychology and actuarial science. He has more than a dozen grandchildren and he is very close to all of them.

“He is known as a unifier in the immediate and extended family, a humble man with a keen sense of humour, he always has time for the children. He is dedicated to his family and to the wider family that is his country, Zimbabwe,” the website notes.

Whenever there is talk around Mnangagwa’s children, friends and foes alike do not seem to know with certainty how many offspring he has.

This is not really uncommon among Zimbabwean men, especially those in polygamous relationships.

At a rally in Rushinga before her downfall, former first lady Grace Mugabe sensationally claimed that Mnangagwa, who had become her subject of ridicule, had more than 70 children.

Jonathan Moyo, an ally of the former vice president who later turned into his fiercest critic, also claimed at some point that Mnangagwa had at least 41 children.

“Well in the spirit of the so-called new dispensation allegedly based on truths and transparency, the public awaits confirmation of whispers that Emmerson has at least 41 children,” Moyo wrote on his Twitter account while in exile.

Revelations by the Sunday Times put Mnangagwa in the same league with both serving and former heads of state known to have large families.

Closer home, former South African president Jacob Zuma has over 22 children. Zuma became the first polygamist leader South Africa has ever had, having married six times. Hate him or like him, Zuma does not make any apologies for it.

In one of his television interviews, Zuma said: “There are plenty of politicians who have mistresses and children that they hide so as to pretend they are monogamous. I prefer to be open. I love my wives and I am proud of my children.”

Beyond the African continent, John Tyler, who served the United States from 1841 to 1845, is listed as having the largest family.

He had 15 children between the years 1815 and 1860.

He had them with two different wives.

Eight were with his first wife, Lettia Tyler, and the other seven were with his second wife, Julia Gardiner.

Some of the children became doctors, veterans of the civil war, and powerful politicians.

Others died at a young age, and some of them vanished into history virtually unknown. However, all of them were able to point to their father as one of the presidents of the US.

Masvingo City Proposes Street Name After Morgan Tsvangirai

Masvingo City Council is proposing that Hofmeyer Street, the third busiest road in the CBD be renamed after democracy and human rights defender and icon, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

The motion was moved by youthful MDC-T councillor for ward 4, Godfrey Kurauone during a full council meeting held at the council chambers on Tuesday.
 The matter was referred to the Health and Housing Committee for further deliberations and Kurauone was asked to bring a written draft motion.
Tsvangirai who is undoubtedly the most outstanding opposition leader to confront Zanu PF died in February this year after a protracted battle with colon cancer. His death did for the first time unite all politicians across the board who paid tribute to his immense contribution in the fight for democracy in Zimbabwe.
However, some Zanu PF councillors opposed the motion during the full council.
Presenting the motion, Kurauone said Tsvangirai fought for the enduring values of democracy, human rights, justice, transparency and accountability.
“There can never be a better way way to immortalise them than to name one of the streets after their lifelong advocate in the person of Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai. His death brought the whole nation together across political divide as both friends and the political foes came together to mourn the loss of a national leader,” said Kurauone.

Mukupe Says Biti On HIV Treatement

DEPUTY finance minister Terrence Mukupe drew widespread condemnation again Thursday after he claimed that opposition politician and former cabinet minister Tendai Biti is on HIV treatment.

Tendai Biti – MDC Alliance

It was the second time Mukupe has caused outrage this week after he was strongly reprimanded by the government for claiming that the military would not allow MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to take over power if the latter wins elections expected this July.

On Thursday tempers flared during a live radio debate which featured the now controversial junior minister and former treasury chief Tendai Biti who is also opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader.

Mukupe is the seating MP for Harare East with Biti one of his main challengers in the constituency.

Earlier this week, the Zanu PF official had described Biti as the country’s worst ever finance minister, prompting the radio station to invite the PDP leader to defend himself.

Programme presenters had a torrid time to restrain Mukupe from repeatedly interjecting while the PDP was speaking.

A frustrated Biti then said he found it demeaning for the radio station to invite him to debate a clown.

Ndozvanda mbotaura zviye zviye kuti nyaya dzenyika hadzisi nyaya dzemubawa, hadzisi nyaya dzembanje (that’s why I said matters are State are not pub talk),” said Biti.

“If you hold a public office you must be serious; you can’t be a clown. So, kundidaidza kuno(inviting me) to come and debate with such clown, I find it very demeaning.”

Mukupe shot back saying; “If you are going to start trading insults … can you take that back! Biti has a problem of always resorting to insults.

“Every time you do an interview you want to insult people; present facts, don’t insult. Just deal with facts don’t insult people Mr Biti.

Wambonwa mapiritsi ako here nhasi (did you take your tablets today)?”
Stunned programme presenters reminded Mukupe that the show was being broadcast live.

But Mukupe persisted, adding; “Iye anondiudza zvekudakwa, iye anonwa maARV ake here nhasi (he (Biti) talks about me being a drunkard, but did he take his ARV tablets today).”

The minister’s remarks drew outrage on social media with many demanding his sacking.

Said Harare lawyer and independent parliamentary aspirant Fadzayi Mahere;

Fadzayi Mahere@advocatemahere

I hope the Govt issues a press statement condemning Mukupe’s utterances as “reckless & most unfortunate.” There’s no honor in mocking/stigmatizing HIV. It’s a matter of regret that he weaponized an issue the nation has made so much progress on.

Politics aside, this is sad.

UK-based political analyst Alex Magaisa described the minister as an “utter disgrace”

Alex T Magaisa 🇿🇼@Wamagaisa

Mr President @edmnangagwa how did this chap become a minister in your government? What kind of behaviour is this – reversing all the gains that have been made to de-stigmatise HIV/AIDS by making such stupid and cheap comments? This chap is a liability. https://twitter.com/ajnhara/status/999683642342494208 

A journalist also claimed that Mukupe had assaulted his wife who was part of the production team during a separate radio interview on the same day.

The minister was however, defiant, quipping;

Alex T Magaisa 🇿🇼@Wamagaisa

Can’t someone take that pick from his hands? Mukupe just keeps on digging the hole. First he says the military will not respect the will of the people. When challenged he draws the race card & accuses his critic of racism. Now he deals the HIV card. Rey cheap. Utter disgrace. https://twitter.com/drvchimhutu/status/999703420297777152 


Morgan Tsvangirai’s Child Kicked Out Of School Over Unpaid Fees

The late MDC founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s child has been chucked out of school for failing to pay school fees, the Daily News can report.

As a result, the mother of the child — born out of wedlock — has through her lawyers, written to the executors of the late former trade unionist’s estate, asking for assistance, amid claims that Tsvangirai left nothing meaningful to his name.

The executors and some of the beneficiaries met in Harare last Friday to discuss the estate, with indications that the only property in Tsvangirai’s name is the Strathaven home in Harare, which he co-owned with his late wife, Susan.

Tsvangirai died on February 14, this year after succumbing to colon cancer.

He left behind several children, sired with different women, some of whom are now claiming a share of his estate.

Of note is the child he sired with a Bulawayo woman, Lorreta Leonie Nobesuthu Nyathi, who is now a student nurse.

Nyathi, through her lawyer Wellington Magaya from Coghlan and Welsh Legal practitioners, has written to the executors of Tsvangirai’s estate, Innocent Chagonda and Charles Maunga, demanding assistance.

In the letter, she reveals that Tsvangirai’s minor child has been out of school for four weeks due to non-payment of fees, amounting to 28 800 rands.

“We act for Ethan Tsvangirai, a minor child and beneficiary of the estate of the late … Tsvangirai. As you may be aware, the minor child is still in primary school and he depended solely on his father before his demise. The mother of the minor child is currently unemployed and has not been able to pay for the minor child’s school fees. She is even struggling to feed the minor child,” reads part of the letter dated May 15, 2018.

“We write to advise that the minor child has been barred from attending school as a result of non-payment of school fees. The outstanding fees are in the sum of ZAR28 800. He has been out of school for four weeks. We kindly request that the finalisation be expedited so that the minor child is not affected. The school has requested a written undertaking from the executor that fees will be paid as soon as the estate is finalised. We kindly request that you provide the undertaking. This is a matter which involves the welfare of a minor child and we kindly request that this matter be given priority”.

Efforts to have the executors write a letter confirming that they would pay for the school fees once the estate has been finalised hit a brick wall last Friday, after they challenged the suggestion.

The Friday meeting was attended by Magaya, who was representing Ethan, Cephas Mavhondo, representing Elizabeth Tsvangirai, who is Tsvangirai’s surviving spouse, Brighton Pabwe, who represented Tsvangirai’s brothers Manase and Collins, his children Garikai and Vincent as well as Tsvangirai’s other wife Nobuhle Marylin Ndiweni.

According to a source who attended the meeting, Ndiweni, who claims to have been customarily married to the late former Prime Minister, is said to have a 10-month old baby, whom she claims to be Tsvangirai’s child.

During the meeting, it was also discovered that the herd of cattle left by Tsvangirai, was actually jointly owned with his brother under a company called Pakuru Farming and Chemicals.

The brother claimed they initially had about 200 cows and by the time of Tsvangirai’s death only 45 had been left, after the rest had been disposed off by Tsvangirai.

It was also realised that the Highlands home, where Tsvangirai was staying, was registered in government’s name, even though the former prime minister had been given a two-year period within which to buy the house.

Tsvangirai had reportedly raised about $800 000 for the house, which was banked in CFX Bank before the financial institution closed down.

While Elizabeth is in charge of three other houses, she claims they were not part of the estate, stating that she bought the other two before she got married to Tsvangirai, adding that the other one is registered under one of her companies.

With nothing now at hand to take care of Ethan’s school fees, the meeting suggested that Vincent and Garikai, who are currently staying at Tsvangirai’s Strathaven house, must pay rent to meet some of these demands, a point which is still under consideration.

“As it stands, there is nothing that any of the beneficiaries can clutch on to pay for school fees, because it is proving that the former prime minister left nothing meaningful to his name,” a source close to the issue told the Daily News.

On the other hand, lawyers representing Ethan are also contemplating claiming maintenance from Tsvangirai’s estate to foot the child’s school fees.

Sources also told the Daily News that Elizabeth revealed during the meeting that the MDC had promised to periodically release money to the family but the money was coming in dribs and drabs.

Despite assurances from President Emmerson Mnangagwa in January this year that he was going to pay Tsvangirai a lump sum for the period that he was in government as prime minister, nothing has been paid so far.-newsday

Social Media Insists Joanah Mamombe Is Nelson Chamisa’s Side Chick , Vows to Give Evidence

SOCIAL media users yesterday posted mixed reactions to aspiring Harare West parliamentarian Joana Mamombe’s sentiments that she is not MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa’s side chick.

  • Joana Mamombe Speaks On Her Relationship With Nelson Chamisa

Some urged her not to give interviews, while others advised her to carry her cross as there “is no smoke without a fire”.

Below is the thread of tweets on H-Metro’s handle, @HMetro_


@matigary: “Bottom of FormShe is a side chick. Akada kutaurisa tichaakanda maFaira pajekerere.”

@Mamoxn: “Ok let’s say she’s a side chick. Saka?”

@TichRay: “Some rumors are better not responded to and at this particular time it would be better not to grant interviews at all cost.”

@SekuruRoddie: “Pwere dziri kuita lack advice, it’s a shame.”

@TichRay: “It’s a big shame. She’s just given oxygen to a suffocating rumor.”

@matigary: “LOL it was either naive or intentional. The letter being designed to keep political fores (sic) guessing.”

@GarikaiMhlanga: “She is not his side chick but small house.”

@milidzanithabs: “Chero mukadaro ndikumuvhotera chete.”

@GudovekuDotito: “I already have my copy.”

@luteleedmore: “maybe she was promoted to main chick.”

@MukanyaWoyee: “Panopfungaira pane moto.“

@mashokoalbert: “She is a social media activist and thinking that she will make it in Hre West.Handei tione.”

@joemanjoe: “Imbotisiirai President wedu akadero timbomuvhotera ahwina vozomutsvaga voita maside chicks. Asifuni bumbulu.”

@GongSr: “Budisai ka ma files acho makamirirei.”

@CdeTichatonga: “Riri kuzomuvhotera noma kanjani. We will not be derailed by confused cockroaches.”

@Nelsonchamisa2: “Who doesn’t have a side chick even the former great president Mugabe had a side chick.”

@CPasipanodya: “Chamisa chete chete!”

@LuckyMtandadzi: “Kana akaita zvine basa rei.“

@twoboiGuzu: “H metro muri ana …… Wevanhu……bombol.”

@mushoremunashe: “Tazvijaira izvi takuiziva trik yavo.”

@tozvitaura: “kuvhunduka chati kwatara hunge une katurikwa.”

@sibbsniel: “I am yet to see a side chick that admits to being a side chick given the circumstances. Even mbavha chaiyo inototi, “ varikunditi ndakaba”. Carry your cross Joana.”

@sauz55: “Chidhumo chaiye aiva nema lawyer.“

@ndiniActress: “Zanu at it again. African politics is so childish though.”

@NeroristW: “Joanna dzikama,, don’t force. Us to expose you more, gara pasi.”

@abutrekka: “its election season a time of madness people will do just about anything to get a grip of the holy grail of power morals will be discareded (sic) into the trash bin for the sake of getting ahead.”

@NormanMasiyache: “Dirty linen out of the closet, anyway with me that stuff is normal that there are small houses or girl friend but NC must try to involve her wife as and when he goes for the rallies, it’s like he has a lot to hide.”

@JLoudly: “Smear campaign just hit the Next level!!!”

Shamed Mnangagwa Told He Can’t Pay His Wife Government Funds

ZIMBABWE’S parliament has rejected a proposal to pay allowances to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his two vice presidents Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi’s spouses on the basis that it was illegal and unsustainable.
The development comes as Mary Chiwenga — Vice President Chiwenga’s wife — has reportedly won a multi-million dollar contract to manage government’s travel arrangements locally and abroad.
“The spouse of a president shall be entitled to an allowance calculated at fifty per centum of the salary and allowances payable in terms of section two to the president,” reads a proposed amendment to the Presidential Salary and Allowances Act, which was tabled before the august house recently.

VP Chiwenga Goes for Artificial Insemination

VICE President Constantino Chiwenga will today officially launch the artificial insemination programme and bull donation under the livestock revitalisation programme in the Midlands province at Mandava Stadium in Zvishavane.

Constantino Chiwenga and wife, Marry

Constantino Chiwenga and wife, Marry

The livestock revitalisation programme is being spearheaded by the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) in conjunction with Mimosa Mines.

  •  Uebert Angel’s Top Pastor Who He Recently Elevated to Be Reverend’s Nude Pictures Exposed Extramarital Affair

Buy Zimbabwe Company is also a partner to the project.

During the event, Mimosa will hand over the $1 million Mandava Stadium to Zvishavane Town Council.

The programme is targeting to have 30 000 cattle artificially inseminated by the end of 2019.

  • Joana Mamombe Speaks On Her Relationship With Nelson Chamisa

According to the programme, VP Chiwenga will be accompanied by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement, Retired Air Marshal Perrance Shiri, Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, July Moyo and Winston Chitando, the Minister of Mines and Mining Development.

The high powered delegation will tour Mimosa surface mine after which VP Chiwenga will launch the artificial insemination programme and bull donation at the mine before officiating at the Mandava Stadium handover ceremony.

The cattle breeds that will be used as part of the livestock revitalisation programme are the Boran, Tuli and Mashona. The breeds will help improve communal livestock by providing pedigree strength associated with each cattle type.

Mimosa’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes started to take a strategic perspective in the 1990s, substantially contributing to community development.

Mimosa values community engagement in its approach to CSR and holds liaison meetings on a quarterly basis in order to enable community leaders to take the lead in defining CSR initiatives that respond to their priorities.

The company also has a wider scope of influence outside its immediate environment and participates in countrywide activities that cover a wide spectrum of disciplines mostly in health and education.

Established in 1895, the ZAS is arguably the biggest private member-based and member-driven Society in Zimbabwe. Its mandate is to promote agriculture and its supporting activities and to facilitate agricultural development that ultimately impacts positively on rural livelihoods.

The intended outcomes of the Livestock Revitalisation Programme include increased and improved indigenous breeds nationally, improved regular incomes for participating rural households, improved food and nutrition security, improved rural livelihoods, improved national socio-economic development, promotion of sustainable agricultural processes.-Chronicle

9am Too Early as Robert Mugabe Fails to Turn Up For Missing Diamonds Hearing

Former President Robert Mugabe

Former President Robert Mugabe

Former President Robert Mugabe today failed to turn up to give evidence in the “$15 billion missing diamonds” hearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Energy but committee chairperson Temba Mliswa admitted that Mugabe was not legally obliged to attend.

Instead Mliswa said his committee had realised that 9am was too early for the 94-year-old former leader and had therefore rescheduled the hearing at 2pm on Monday.

The Insider has queried before whether it is really necessary to summon Mugabe to testify unless this is merely meant to humiliate him or to get mileage for Mliswa.

Mliswa today claimed the committee did not intend to humiliate Mugabe.

“We are not here to humiliate him, we expect him to have enough time to prepare. So on Monday at 2pm we expect him here,” Mliswa was quoted by French news agency, AFP, as saying.

But The Insider has asked before what the point of calling Mugabe is because of the overwhelming evidence that there is no way the country lost $15 billion worth of diamonds.

Besides, Mugabe seems to have lost some memory since he left office.

He told an international television interviewer that there was no way his wife Grace could ever become president because she was not even a member of the party- ZANU-PF.

Grace was not just a member but was the leader of the party’s women’s league and a member of its politburo, the party’s highest decision-making body outside congress.

“If Mugabe cannot remember that his wife was a member of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front and was vying to become president, what makes one think he can remember what happened to Zimbabwe’s diamonds?” The Insider asked.

I Am Here To Listen To What President Says, Not To Judge His Actions: Shamu Speaks On Sacking

Axed Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister Webster Shamu yesterday said he will not question or judge President Emmerson Mnangagwa following his sacking from government on Monday, claiming it was not his place to do so.



In an interview yesterday, Shamu said it was Mnangagwa’s prerogative to appoint or fire and he will not question the decision.

“I am not the President,” he said when asked to comment on his sacking.

“The President appoints and the President fires. I am not the President and I cannot speak about what His Excellency has done.”

Repeated efforts to get Shamu to respond to various questions were brick-walled, as he kept on saying it was not his place to comment on Mnangagwa’s decisions.

“I am not His Excellency, the President. I am not here to stand as judge over His Excellency’s action. I have never done that in my life. I am not here to judge him, no, that is not my job. I am here to listen to what he say,” he said.

Shamu has been in and out of government as a minister, but his recent sacking came as a surprise considering that elections were around the corner.

Shamu is known for his excessive bootlicking of the Zanu PF leadership and at one point earned himself the nickname Cremora, after he likened deposed President Robert Mugabe to the coffee creamer. Previously, he was kicked out of Zanu PF in 2014 for allegedly supporting former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s bid to take over from Mugabe.

The former Zanu PF national commissar later bounced back at the end of Mugabe’s era as a Provincial Affairs minister in October last year, itself a shock decision and was reappointed by Mnangagwa.

Yesterday, Zanu PF supporters in Mashonaland West celebrated Shamu’s sacking, with pirate taxi drivers blowing their horns and spinning their wheels at the former minister’s offices when news of his sacking filtered in.

Shamu was accused by his colleagues in Zanu PF of protecting white former commercial farmers for a fee and belong to the “wrong basket” in the succession struggle.

No sign of Robert Mugabe at Zimbabwe Parliament Hearing On Missing $15 Bln Diamonds Cash

A Zimbabwe parliamentary committee gathered Wednesday to hear evidence from former president Robert Mugabe, but there was no immediate sign that he would attend.

Lawmakers want to question Mugabe over his 2016 claim that the country had lost $15 billion in revenue due to corruption and foreign exploitation in the diamond sector.

The parliamentary schedule said Mugabe, who is 94 and in frail health, was due to give oral evidence but that his attendance was still to be confirmed.

Mugabe was not present on Wednesday morning as the committee met to start the hearing at 9:00 am (0700 GMT) and there was no extra security at the parliament building in the capital Harare.

Journalists were asked to leave the committee room and told they would be called back later in the morning.

The head of the mines committee, independent lawmaker Temba Mliswa, told state-run The Herald newspaper on Tuesday that a letter summoning Mugabe was delivered last week.

“We now expect him to come,” he said, but added that Mugabe had not confirmed his attendance and was not legally obliged to attend.

No one in Mugabe’s office was available to comment.

Mugabe ruled from 1980 until he was ousted from office in November after a brief military takeover and has not been seen in public since.

He was replaced by his former deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa, a veteran loyalist in the ruling ZANU-PF party who was backed by senior military officers.

Zimbabwe discovered alluvial diamonds in Chiadzwa, in the east of the country, more than 10 years ago.

The parliament committee has already interviewed former ministers, police and intelligence chiefs on mining at Chiadzwa.

Zimbabwe is due to hold elections in July or August, the first since Mugabe was unseated, with ZANU-PF widely predicted to retain power.

Petina Gappah Double-Dealing Has Been Exposed In Twitter Snare

Petina Gappah ‘s dirty operations were on Tuesday exposed on social media twitter after she sent a message to a wrong recipient.

Gappah who claims to be president Mnangagwa’s advisor sent a message to a Matigary on twitter plotting to a dirty campaign to remove Minister Terence Mukupe.

Unknown to her, she was writing to another Matigary whose handle is @RealMatigari  .  

Read Twits Below:

Petina Gappah Double-Dealing Has Been Exposed In Twitter Snare

Petina Gappah ‘s dirty operations were on Tuesday exposed on social media twitter after she sent a message to a wrong recipient.

Gappah who claims to be president Mnangagwa’s advisor sent a message to a Matigary on twitter plotting to a dirty campaign to remove Minister Terence Mukupe.

Unknown to her, she was writing to another Matigary whose handle is @RealMatigari  .  

Read Twits Below:

Joana Mamombe Speaks On Her Relationship With Nelson Chamisa

In an interview with HMetro, aspiring Harare West MDC-T candidate Joana Mamombe denied being Nelson Chamisa’s lover describing such allegations as malicious.

She also said her decision to stand the Harare West seat against incumbent MP Jessie Majome was not engineered by anyone in the top MDC-T hierarchy. Said Mamombe:

Those that are saying I am a side chick of (Nelson) Chamisa are being malicious (laughs). People will always bring things up. I cannot make people like me. Right now there is no need for me to speak of my marital status because that has nothing to do with my aspirations. Leadership has nothing to do with marital status.

More: HMetro

Video: MDC-T Chamisa Loyalists Chant “hure hure” At Khupe After Supreme Court Ruling

In a display of sexist abuse, MDC-T members loyal to Nelson Chamisa chanted “Hure, Hure” in an apparent reference to Thokozani Khupe after the Supreme Court ruling on the party today. “Hure” is Shona for “Whore”

Zim Media Review@ZimMediaReview

Songs against Khupe and chants of “hure hure” after Supreme Court ruling on MDC-T earlier today





More: ZimMediaReview

Kasukuwere Picked Up for Questioning On His Return From Exile

Former local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere has returned from self-imposed exile and landed at Robert Mugabe International Airport at 12 pm today amid a demonstration by Zanu PF youths led by Harare province youth chairperson Godwin Gomwe who accused him of corruption among many other issues.

According to sources Kasukuwere was immediately taken aside by the Law and Order officials for questioning.

The former Zanu PF national commissar escaped into exile together with former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo following the November 2017 coup which forced then president Robert Mugabe to give up power to Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Jonathan Moyo Savages George Charamba, Labels Him British Agent

Former Information Minister Jonathan Moyo who was later moved to Higher Education has come out guns blazing on his former permanent secretary George Charamba exposing him as the author of the recently launched “Under the Eaves” column that is published by the Herald on Saturdays.

He says Charamba was also the author of Manheru which he stopped writing before switching to the new column under the pyseudonym by Igomombe.

Charamba has served all of Zimbabwe’s three presidents: Canaan Banana, Robert Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Moyo says Charamba is violating the national constitution by authoring the column because he is a civil servant “yet he acts like a politician & is now tackling opposition politicians “UNDER THE EAVES” on behalf of #ZanuPF”.

The constitution forbids civil servants from acting in a partisan manner and from furthering the interests of any political party or cause.

Moyo traces Charamba’s history from the time he joined the civil service in 1984 to date and says he faked affection for former President Robert Mugabe yet the untold truth was that he hated both Mugabe and his wife Grace because of the misfortunes of his relative only named as Ms Kadungure.

Moyo also says Charamba is embarrassing Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga by writing speeches with Albion jawbreakers for him.

He says Charamba was identified by the British government as a “rising bureaucrat” in 1995 and was recruited through a Chevening scholarship which he used to full effect “in terms of making Albion contacts, widening & deepening his wordsmith skills from Shakespearean archives!”

Source: Insider

ED Mnangagwa Bribed Renamo Rebel With $2 000 Cash When He Pointed An AK47 On His Head

In an interview with The Times, Emmerson Mnangagwa Jr narrates how his father President Emmerson Mnangagwa managed to escape after being fired by his predecessor Robert Mugabe.

He narrates how they manoeuvred through an area with landmines in the dark. Mnangagwa Jr also narrates how after making it through the area that had landmines, his cellphone attracted a Renamo rebel who pointed an AK 47 at his father’s head. He says President Mnangagwa bribed the rebel with $2 000 cash.

He says that his father met with Vice President Constantino Chiwenga when he was still General. Part of the story in The Times reads:

Mnangagwa was frequently visited, however, by General Constantino Chiwenga, the head of the Zimbabwean military, who “would come and offer his shoulder to Dad”. The two men had known each other since the 1970s liberation war against the Rhodesian government. Chiwenga would play a crucial role in the endgame of this drama.

More: The Times UK

Jonathan Moyo Hideout Exposed

THE National Patriotic Front (NPF) has put its ceremonial leader Mr Ambrose Mutinhiri to pasture for allegedly abusing funds amid revelations that nomadic spokesperson Mr Jealousy Mawarire is in the firing line for allegedly abusing money meant for the importation of T-shirts, video leaks featuring fugitives Professor Jonathan Moyo and Mr Patrick Zhuwao have revealed.

The series of videos, which went viral on Twitter yesterday, suggest former First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe, funds the NPF project, although she is not mentioned by name.

In his riposte, Mr Mawarire reveals Prof Moyo is hiding in Kenya.

The video captures Prof Moyo and Mr Zhuwao discussing the fall of Mr Mutinhiri and Mr Mawarire while on their way to a restaurant in a foreign country.

Prof Moyo is heard asking Mr Zhuwao: “Are you going to tell muchembere? She was getting to know him (Mawarire). She had not reached a point where she is like sold over. I think she liked his courage and Jealousy anoenda kuSAPES and pick some stories unoziva, some CIO snippets, which she would like to hear,” says Prof Moyo.

He added: “But it was a promising relationship but whether it had reached the level of trust, I am not sure. Like the way I hear about these T-shirts might vhiringa Jealousy, these T-shirts stories. She does not like things like that. She will start thinking kuti imbavha because story yacho yakabhenda bhenda.

“Where are the T-shirts? Arikuborder (they laugh).”

Prof Moyo then reveals that all was not well for Mr Mutinhiri.

“If he (Mawarire) is not careful, because Mutinhiri was destroyed by that $14 000, which she never got to appreciate kuti yakashandiswa sei. Vabva vatanga kufunga kuti the guy is a thief. That was the first damage before yokuti mari waiteyi nayo, any meeting? Nothing! Manje ukapihwa kuti enda undotenga 10 000 T-shirts, two weeks later there is zero received. Yeah, shamwari hameno zvake,” Prof Moyo is recorded adding “its her money. Iye Jealousy hanti aigara achiti if you can’t account for a dollar how can you account for a million? That will haunt him (They laugh).”

He also mocks Mawarire as a late comer to politics.

“Zvepolitics if you come late . . . If word moves now kuti Jealousy can’t account for these T-shirts, ah finish because vana Jaboon, which you need to take into account, vakagara vasingade vana Jealousy and in politics ukagara usingadi munhu then you compromise because you do not want to be misunderstood, unomumirira nechinhingi chako wakahwanda, if the bastard shows up pwaa pwaa pwaa (they laugh) because the most damaging attack in politics is we told you so,” adds Prof Moyo.

He then laughs at NPF members who had backed Mawarire.

Mr Mawarire

“Maibvunzwa kuti munomuziva Jealousy movhaira kuti tinomuziva why are you asking? Unongomirira your day ndosaka taitaura imi muchiti what, what. Jaboon, Mashange, Jim Kunaka, Mahoka, all those do not like Jealousy.

“Vamwe vacho they used to like Mai Mujuru vanofunga kuti Jealousy akavatengesa Mai Mujuru, kurasisa and all that,” Prof Moyo says.

He laughs at Mawarire for blowing away yet another political career in NPF.

“Isu takanga tamuwanira an opportunity to rediscover and re-invent himself . . . we were giving him backup. I do not know if he ever appreciated that.”

Prof Moyo is further heard saying ever since they left Mawarire in the cold, he had not released any statement.

“Taiona even matweets ake, they were informed by the discussions, but manje now zvava zvekuti I am just keeping my eyes on the ball. Taimutaurira. He is young but unnecessarily naïve,” he says adding, “He is an incorrigible liar.’’

As they sit down in a restaurant, Prof Moyo is heard telling the waiter that he is “very tired”.

But Mawarire last night came out guns blazing and dismissing Prof Moyo as a petty thief.

“Put this on record, if someone is a petty thief who stole even money meant for his daughter’s funeral, let alone ZIMDEF funds, that individual is surely bound to have hallucinations about people stealing.

“He dreams stealing, lives stealing and always thinks stealing,” said Mawarire.

He claimed the T-shirts were donated to NPF by a well-wisher.

“I am telling you, you cannot rely on someone who is in Kenya to say maT-shirts haasi kupihwa vanhu. Angaita audit yemaT-shirts arikupihwa vanhu arikuKenya here? How can Jonathan Moyo make an audit of the T-shirts from his hiding hole in Kenya? He should concentrate on running away,” said Mr Mawarire.

He claimed Mrs Mugabe had nothing to do with the T-shirts, saying it was a ploy by Prof Moyo to drag her name into the mud.

“The T-shirts were paid in rand from a South African account. She (Mrs Mugabe) did not give me the money. We can give evidence that R335 000 was paid from an account in South Africa that does not belong to Mai Mugabe,” added Mr Mawarire.

He insisted that Mr Mutinhiri was still the NPF leader and also claimed that Prof Moyo and Mr Zhuwao were never members of that party. The NPF is up in smoke with senior party members at each other throat.

Last week, Prof Moyo and Mr Zhuwao lampooned Mr Saviour Kasukuwere, accusing him of selling out after he indicated that he was returning to Zimbabwe from his hiding.

They claimed Mr Kasukuwere was cutting deals with the new administration.-Herald

Robert Mugabe Summoned Over Missing $15bn Diamond Revenue

Former President Robert Mugabe is expected to give oral evidence tomorrow before a Parliamentary Portfolio committee of Mines and Energy on diamond leakages at Chiadzwa diamond fields which he indicated in 2016 as pegged at $15 billion.

The decision to summon the former Head of State and Government followed a claim he made in February 2016 that the country could have been prejudiced of more than $15 billion in unrealised diamond revenue from Chiadzwa.

Parliament’s portfolio committee on Mines and Energy chaired by Norton MP Mr Temba Mliswa (Independent) is set to hear evidence from Mr Mugabe who resigned in November pending impeachment proceedings against him.

Mr Mliswa confirmed the development yesterday.

“A letter was written and delivered to him last week. We now expect him to come. While his office has not yet confirmed, that it not a legal requirement but is usually done out of courtesy. The most important thing is that we have discharged our obligation, we have summoned him,” said Mr Mliswa.

He said the inquiry was not a witch-hunt but was aimed at getting the truth on the utilisation of national resources.“The committee was of the view that we might even hold the meeting at his residence considering his age. It was just an alternative view that we were suggesting,” he said.

A source at Parliament however, shot down the proposal to hold the meeting at Mr Mugabe’s Blue Roof residence in Harare.

“The letter inviting him was delivered on Thursday last week. That suggestion to hold the meeting at his residence is not supported by any law or Standing Order. That would be unprecedented and not permissible. It would set a bad precedent hence we will not allow that,” said a Parliament staffer.

“The fact that Mr Mugabe has not confirmed his attendance is not of any consequence to us. It is not a legal requirement but done out of courtesy. He might even pitch up without confirming and that has happened with several witnesses in respect of other committees. We will however, further make inquiries but we can confirm that we delivered the invitation last Thursday,” said the source.

Parliament has since indicated on its committee schedule the pending appearance of Mr Mugabe.

“Subject to confirmation, oral evidence from His Excellency, the former president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Comrade R. G. Mugabe, on diamond mining revenues,” read the notice posted yesterday.

The committee has since held meetings with several other stakeholders regarding diamond extraction at Chiadzwa before Government consolidated the mining firms into one firm.

Some of the people who have since given evidence include the former Minister of Mines, Walter Chidhakwa, former permanent secretaries of the ministry, Professor Francis Gudyanga and Prince Mupazviriho, former Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatious Chombo. Other entities include Zimbabwe Republic Police, Central Intelligence Organisation, Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, Minerals Marketing and Corporation of Zimbabwe. among others.