Mnangagwa Says Old Cabinet Members ,Heads of Parastatals Will Go After The Elections

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says heads will roll soon after the forthcoming harmonised elections and even the old cabinet members who do not fit into the new vision will have to go.

Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Photo: Bloomberg

Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Photo: Bloomberg

Addressing Zimbabweans in Doha, Qatar, the President said those heads of parastatals and members of his cabinet, except a few who replaced the g-40 cabal which went into exile, who are still part of the old order will have to go.

Mnangagwa said he will have a new team which shares his vision of a prosperous Zimbabwe and work towards achieving a middle income economy by 2030.

“I have no doubt that soon after elections that are coming in July, many heads will roll, not among you, we now emphasise on productivity, professionalism, hard work, honest work, that is the mantra. Our work ethic is changing, I used to arrive at work earlier than my directors, now I find them there. Even the ministers have changed,” said Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa also reiterated his pledge to stamp out corruption especially in government and parastatals, saying the day of reckoning is soon approaching.

“My administration is not going to tolerate any form of corruption at any level. To do this, we need the support of other institutions: the police, judiciary, the anti corruption commission and the National Prosecuting Authority, we are in the process of making them pull in one direction. Those we discover to be  resisting, we are saying go home,” the President said.

He invited all Zimbabweans to participate in the rebuilding of the country which has witnessed a serious decline in economy for the past years.

The President also explained to the Zimbabweans in Qatar what transpired in Zimbabwe after operation restore legacy and the challenges Zimbabwe is facing and how he intends to resolve them head-on with the assistance and co-operation of all Zimbabweans and the international community.

President Mnangagwa is in Doha on a three day state visit and yesterday he presided over the signing of a cooperation agreement between the two countries.

Earlier today, he toured a cultural village in Doha, the 2022 World Cup bid offices and the Qatar foundation.

Speaking during the tour, Mnangagwa said people are defined by their culture and the legacy left by those who departed and the footprints of the present for the benefit of future generations.-ZBC

General Chiwenga Suffered a Skin Cancer Disease Soon After Coup On Mugabe

The Acting President, Retired General Constantino Chiwenga has poured cold water on social media claims that he is using skin lightening creams, revealing that he suffered a skin cancer disease which affected his skin.

Speaking at the burial of his sister, Mrs Margret Machekabuwe at Machekabuwe farm today, Cde Chiwenga said the illness that he suffered just after last November’s Operation Restore Legacy caused the lightening of his skin, prompting some sections of the media to speculate that he was ‘bleaching.’

“Let me set the record straight in front of the media, some reports have said that I am suffering from bleaching yet it is a skin cancer disease which affected me soon after Operation Restore Legacy,” he said.

Retired General Chiwenga also narrated how her late sister helped him seek traditional medicine to treat the disease.

A war veteran, Retired Lieutenant General Mike Nyambuya, who operated with Mrs Machekabuwe as a war collaborator in Wedza district during the liberation struggle spoke of the role she played during the war and her bravery.

“The history of the liberation struggle in Wedza will not be complete without mentioning the role played by Mai Machekabuwe,” he said.

Mrs Machekabuwe’s burial was attended by several cabinet ministers, senior government and Zanu PF officials, service chiefs and members of the diplomatic corps.-ZBC

I DID NOT BLEACH MYSELF :VP Chiwenga’s Strange Illness Causing Lightening of His Skin

Acting President Constantino Chiwenga today opened up on an illness that attacked him when Operation Restore Legacy was launched and affected his complexion last year.

Acting President Chiwenga made the disclosure at a burial for his late sister Margaret Machekabuwe at Machekabuwe farm today.

He said the illness caused the lightening of his skin, prompting some sections of the media to speculate that he was applying skin lightening creams.

The Acting President said the sickness also affected his wife, Mrs Mary Chiwenga.



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NO REGRETS : Nelson Chamisa Repeats He Can Marry His Sister Off to Mnangagwa

Movement for Democratic Change Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has once again put his supporters in a corner when he said he had no regrets about saying he can marry his sister off to Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front leader Emmerson Mnangagwa if Mnangagwa wins 5 percent of the vote in the coming polls, if they are fair and free.

Chamisa told party supporter in the United Kingdom at the weekend: “Ngwena tikaita election iri fair and free, akawana five percent ndinondomupa kana sisi vangu. Ndina sisi vakaita 18 manje manje vari kutsvaka murume. Akaigona Ngwena ndinondomuti huya utore sis vangu ivavo.”

Although the people listening to him cheered him up, some argued that his statement was sexist.

His supporters argued that this was said as a figure of speech to emphasize that there was no way Mnangagwa would get 5 percent or win the coming elections.

“We will not be distracted by partisan distortion, exaggeration and outright fiction. We note with concern the political spin of a hyperbolic statement made by President Nelson Chamisa at a U.K rally by political mal-contents who wish to abuse public sentiment for selfish end and for their political expediency,” said one group of Chamisa’s supporters.

“We wish to clarify to the public that President Chamisa’s statement was taken literally when it was intended to be a hyperbole. In a very clear statement, President Chamisa said that if the impossible situation of Mnangagwa getting 5% in a free and fair election happens he will also do the unthinkable of marrying off his sister. In this way, he is implying that both are unimaginable and unacceptable things.”

But Chamisa himself told the British Broadcasting Corporation today that he was struggling to see what he did wrong.

“What’s disrespectful? She is the one who is looking for a husband. She is my sister, there is no sexism there. As far as I am concerned, it is part of our culture. When your sister is about to get married, as a brother you must help her,” he said.

MDC-T Election Candidates List Out

The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC has come up with a comprehensive panel of approved parliamentary and local government candidates ready to represent the party across the length and breadth of the country for the looming general elections.

This comes as the ruling Zanu PF’s just-ended primary elections have been sullied by accusations of ballot-stuffing, multiple voting and violence — raising fears of further turmoil in looming national elections.

MDC national chairperson Morgen Komichi told a news conference at the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai MDC headquarters in central Harare yesterday that rival candidates have met and reached an agreement on who to field, and where there are disagreements, there will be primary elections.

“The MDC-T is pleased to announce that it now has a comprehensive panel of approved parliamentary and local government candidates ready to represent the party across the length and breadth of the country,” Komichi said.

“Among our candidates are doctors, engineers, various professional disciplines and people of high standing who represent special interest groups in the country.”

Komichi said following the compilation of the approved candidates’ panel, the party is now undergoing the second stage of candidate selection, which is consensus-building and primary elections where necessary.

“We are undertaking a robust process that will yield popular candidates that are grounded in and popular among the people.

“The party has also undertaken to take into consideration the view of party structures and members, ordinary people in wards or constituencies, as well as the views of traditional leaders, the church, labour and other opinion makers in the communities,” he said.

“The party wants to centre its candidate selection process around the people through a procedure that begins with a process of consensus between and among the candidates themselves, with a primary elections being the last resort if the candidates fail to agree among themselves.

“We are heartened that over 3 000 people have submitted their CVs with a wish to represent the MDC-T… under the banner of the MDC-T Alliance.”

He said of the candidates who have submitted their CVs, 512 want to represent the party as parliamentary candidates while the rest wish to represent the 1 958 local government wards in the country.

“We are heartened by this growing interest in representing the party,” he said.

“In accordance with party’s roadmap, our candidate selection process will be complete by next week. As the Elections Directorate of the party, we have spent sleepless nights in the past two weeks receiving huge volumes of CVs and vetting them, handling queries and ensuring that our candidate selection process is transparent and does not invite needless divisions and rancour.

“The party will strive by all means to abide by the women’s quota and the 20 percent youth quota during this candidate selection process. We are a social democratic party and we commit to abide by our values and resolutions. Among the quotas set aside for special groups will be a specific quota for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).”

Komichi said the MDC Alliance and its presidential candidate Chamisa “will certainly win this election.”

“As a party and as an Alliance, we are poised to bring positive change in the lives of the people through our robust policy programme anchored on the tripod pillars of Transformation, Opportunities and Prosperity.

“We have a new and dynamic presidential candidate who, together with his team, will transform the country and bring positive change in the lives of the people.”

Meanwhile, Chamisa reportedly received a thunderous welcome in the United Kingdom where he took the opportunity to interact with Zimbabweans in the Diaspora. Chamisa was mobbed by thousands of Zimbabweans who thronged his Bedford rally.

“UK Rally Massive & Impressive…Thank you Cdes & friends in the UK,” wrote Chamisa on Twitter.

“I am humbled by the number of Zimbabweans who attended our Bedford UK rally. The entire area was packed! Cars were all over. Parking ran out.

“When I arrived I thought there was some Man U match but alas it was just Zimbabweans yearning for a soon coming new dawn.

“The British police had to be called in to escort us out of the venue coz (sic) the people couldn’t let us leave the venue out of genuine love. People kept on demanding more!!”

Luke Tamborinyoka, MDC presidential spokesperson and director for Communications said Chamisa will meet members of the academia, key UK government officials as well as address think-tanks, among them Chatham House and the Oxford Union.-Dailynews

Chamisa Charms Academics AT Oxford University

If anybody had doubts about Nelson Chamisa’s pedigree, his conduct and articulateness in the face of a fact-seeking audience at the citadel of higher education in Oxford today should have totally swayed them.

Fresh from a successful rally in Bedford on Sunday a buoyant Chamisa made an appearance at Oxford where he faced a roomful of intellectuals with a special interest on Zimbabwe. The moderator began by asking Chamisa about the legacy of Morgan Tsvangirai to which Chamisa responded by pointing to Tsvangirai’s quest for unity and his humility to continue to seek  to engage all Zimbabweans. He also spoke about Tsvangirai’s legacy as a trade unionist which he said was hinged on peace and non-violence.

Chamisa was also confronted with the question of leadership in MDC.

“We were unfortunate that we lost our icon Mr Tsvangirai at a crucial time and we have had to make sure that we put in place a vehicle that is able to win elections particularly in the context of a broad alliance and a grand national union. So we have had to form alliances with seven other political parties, and within that context we have had certain leaders that were not comfortable with the arrangement. It is so surprising how unity has become a source of disunity. This pursuit of unity has also caused other members not be comfortable with certain arrangements. But we need alliance with other parties.

It is so surprising how unity has become a source of disunity

Chamisa was also asked about the challenges that MDC was facing in building a coalition. He acquited himself well when he was confronted by the question of how he was going to handle China especially in the backdrop of his supposed intention to kick China out of Zimbabwe. Chamisa said he was not targeting any particular countries but he would seek mutually beneficial transactions across the world.

“Let us do business on the basis of set values and norms; good governance, human rights observance, non-exploitation of citizens” added Chamisa.

Still on Foreign policy Chamisa added that Zimbabwe needed to be re-integrated into The Commonwealth and the global world as a whole.

On the military’s continued role in civilian politics, Chamisa said it was concerning to him. He however also alluded to the fact that there are also a number of soldiers that are professional whom he believe would respect the will of the people.

“The ballot must be protected by the bullet not for the bullet to undermine the ballot”.

On Marijuana Chamisa said it was a hasty policy that was churned without the involvement of the people.

“We do not know the views of the people on this, we are going to review this.”

On the Zimbabwe Diaspora, Chamisa said MDC respected the resilience and work ethic of Zimbabweans who are making a mark across the world. He said his government will put in place a framework for skill repatriation into the country and pointed out that MDC was already in the process of setting up a skills database.

Chamisa then capped the evening with his views on the judiciary. He said that he feels at the moment he thinks Zimbabwe has a judiciary that has the necessary latitude to deliver on the bench.

“We cannot condemn the whole basket because there are a few bad apples”

Those interviewed after the address expressed optimism. One Chipo Madungure said she had come with an open mind but after listening to Chamisa, she has made her mind up.

“I will be in Zimbabwe in July and for sure I am voting this man” She declared with an emphatic grin.