Tsvangirai’s uncle at Khupe manifesto launch

SQUABBLING MDC-T factions continue to seek relevance among their supporters by claiming to have been endorsed by their late leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s family, with the latest being the Dr Thokozani Khupe-led faction after they paraded one of Tsvangirai’s uncles at their manifesto launch held in Bulawayo yesterday.

A couple of months ago Tsvangirai’s daughter, Miss Vimbai Tsvangirai, threw her weight behind another faction leader Mr Nelson Chamisa during an MDC Alliance campaign rally at Nzvimbo Business Centre in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central Province.

In addressing the Nzvimbo rally, Miss Tsvangirai said Mr Chamisa was the right candidate to take “Zimbabwe to Canaan”.

In the latest developments, the Dr Khupe-faction pulled their own Tsvangirai family endorsement card when the uncle, a Mr Sainos Chiremba was introduced at their manifesto launch that was held at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre.

Mr Chiremba was originally seated with the public but as the event continued, the party’s deputy organising secretary, Mr Alfred Ncube was spotted approaching and requesting him to come join the high table where Dr Khupe and the rest of the national standing committee were seated.

He was later introduced to the crowd by the party deputy president, Mr Obert Gutu who said they were blessed to have the spirit of Morgan Tsvangirai among them. In an interview after the rally, Mr Chiremba confirmed that he was indeed Mr Tsvangirai’s uncle saying he was part of the family that recognised Dr Khupe as the true leader of the MDC-T. He, however, acknowledged that as a family they were divided as there were some who were backing Mr Chamisa.

“We believe Dr Khupe is on the right side which is why I am here representing the Tsvangirai family today. I personally used to have long discussions with Tsvangirai and he was very much particular about constitutionalism and Dr Khupe has shown those qualities. However, as a family we are currently very much divided on a number of issues including the issue of who is the rightful leader of the MDC-T but we are in the process of resolving it and I promise you once we have resolved this, then we will show Chamisa our true colours,” said Mr Chiremba.

Meanwhile, the party launched their campaign manifesto titled; Building an Economy to Support Transformation (BEST).

Dr Khupe said her government would prioritise economic rejuvenation through rapid re-industrialisation and the creation of decent jobs.

“The MDC-T is very much aware of the present weak state of the country’s economy to recover without huge external financial support. Our government shall re-engage with the international community and all progressive forces for the support the country desperately needs. We are both Pan-Africanists and social democrats. We strongly believe in a democratic developmental state to play a significant role in the development trajectory. We believe in the right of workers to organise and for full respect of labour rights. Our economic growth and development must be pro-people,” she said.

Nelson Chamisa Comes Out Guns Blazing

MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa yesterday took his election campaign to Buhera, the home of the opposition party’s late founding leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, where he mocked Zanu PF for trying to spin his recent trip to the United Kingdom.

By Kenneth Nyangani

The MDC Alliance presidential candidate told thousands of party supporters at a rally at Murambinda growth point that he was well-received by hundreds of Zimbabweans living in the UK who were eager to come back home under his administration.

“I met teachers, doctors, nurses and they said they want to come back home,” he said.

“l said that they should come after l have won the election otherwise they will come and work for nothing.

“They have learned a lot overseas. I visited high offices of the [UK] government, but l can’t name them and one of the issues l raised was that we should have a free and fair election [in Zimbabwe].

“We are not going into an election without knowing who is printing the ballot paper, who is to keep the ballot paper, who is going to transport and announce the result of the election.”

He said President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF would never win a free and fair election.

“We had an interview in the UK, but l was shocked by the ZBC,” he said.

“They screened the interview, but they have never bothered to invite me as the leader of the biggest party in the country for an interview.

“I know there are divisions in Zanu PF and some of its members are giving me information on how they want to rig the election.”

Zanu PF recently held shambolic primary elections to elect members who will represent the party in the national assembly, senate and council elections.

Chamisa promised a number of policy changes, among them phasing out bond notes.

He also promised civil servants a lavish lifestyle when his party gets into power.

MDC-T Manicaland provincial chairman David Chimhini said he was happy with the good attendance, adding that he was expecting peaceful primary elections.

“We are expecting peaceful primary elections. We don’t want violence. I am happy with the good attendance here in Buhera,” he said.-Standard