Zimbabwe Gays Force Themselves on President Mnangagwa

THE Zimbabwean gay community said Emmerson Mnangagwa led Zanu PF should conduct a hate speech free election campaign, if the new President was democratic and different from his predecessor, Robert Mugabe.

Samba Chesterfield, Director of Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe, prepares to hoist their offical flag alongside the Zimbabwean flag during belated comemoration of International Day against Xenophobia and Transphobia in Harare, Saturday, May, 19, 2012.Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has often called on for the Gays and Lesbians to be punished for their behaviour which he said was worse than pigs and dogs.The Gay Community officially erected a rainbow flag alongside the Zimbabwean flag at their premises calling it a symbol of hope for the Future(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

GALZ director Chester Samba presented the challenge to Mnangagwa in a statement to mark the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia which is celebrated on 17 May.

Unlike his predecessor, President Mnangagwa since ascending to the highest post in the land has been saying that he respects human rights.

Samba who this time did not mention any harassment of his members by the new Harare administration as was the case during Mugabe’s era said they were going to be convinced that Zanu PF had changed and now respected human rights if the ruling party did not denounce gays during the election campaign period.

“The lesson Zimbabweans have been well taught by 37 years of Zanu PF governance under Robert Mugabe is that democracy does not lie solely in majority rule. Certain fundamental principles must be adhered to beyond regular elections,” said Samba.

“The elections must take place under conditions where freedom of speech and expression are respected, the right to life and liberty are preserved, and there is equality before the law and freedom from discrimination. Freedom from discrimination and equality before the law imply minority rights. Without these, tyranny of the majority prevails. Accordingly, any constitutional democracy should bind itself to these fundamental principles,” he said.

Mugabe, who was ousted by the military in November last year, used to denounce gays whenever he got to the podium.

As a result of Mugabe anti-gay statements members of GALZ were routinely subjected to physical assaults by Zanu PF sympathizers including state security agents who would raid them at private events.

“As GALZ we realise that there needs to be a fundamental change in Zimbabwe’s political culture. The change involves an acceptance that those opposed to one’s policies, who hold different opinions or who are simply different, are not enemies. They deserve equal protection of the law and freedom from violence and discrimination.

The building of this new political culture requires determined leadership, leaders who direct their constituents away from the past politics of discrimination and intolerance, leaders who reject attempts to gain votes through hate speech and cheap populism by inciting and exacerbating prejudice against those who are different,” said Samba.

“GALZ believes that leaders in Zimbabwe, whether politicians, members of civil society or church leaders, have a duty to lead Zimbabwe towards a new and democratic order. A fully democratic order is one that abandons the politics of hatred and intolerance; it is one that abandons unfair discrimination against any group, regardless of how popular or unpopular the group may be in society,” he said.

Mnangagwa’s Minister Mukupe Stuns Guests , Tells Conference Corruption Good For Zimbabwe

DEPUTY Finance Minister Terrence Mukupe surprised guests to a roundtable discussion in Harare Tuesday after he said corruption could be positive for the country.

In his address, Mukupe said he had read some article to that effect and that he had some life lessons to prove the benefits that the scourge could yield for the nation.

Corruption has been a major headache for the country over the years despite the existence of an anti-graft commission which is a constitutional body.

“I read an article to the effect that corruption can be also positive for the country. After going through that article I can actually give you some life lessons I had. I remember when I was advisor to ESSAR (An Indian company that wanted to invest in Ziscosteel) and ESSAR wanted to come into Zimbabwe, someone approached me and said the fundamental mistake you are making with ESSAR is that you don’t have a local partner.

“Make sure that you have a local partner if your things are going to work well. And I remember the Indian investor said to me; but government is my partner and I would like to believe that everything would work well.

“And the response that this guy made was that government is not a person and it does not eat, it does not breath, it is not motivated to make the transaction work well. So by you giving away part of your transaction to someone else, that person is going to make sure that they wake up every day because they are motivated to make sure that the transaction works. So that is a case of positive corruption,” he said.

Mukupe said at one point a minister in former President Robert Mugabe’s cabinet, who was accused of massive corruption, turned out to be the one who contributed more than any other to the national fiscus.

“So how do you then explain that? So I guess it’s an issue that if we were to assume that he was corrupt, then I guess his goals were aligned with the goals of government and everything else was moving on well and it became positive corruption for the country,” he said.

Mukupe said legislation could only do so much to address the issue of corruption as it was deep rooted in society whose moral fibre had decayed so much that people were now normalizing the abnormal.

“It’s the moral fibre of our society and what I always say is that as Zimbabweans we are generally corrupt people and the reason why I say we are generally a corrupt people is that if we were to do a quick survey privately, anonymously in this room here probably over 90 percent of the people here have bribed some police officer sometime,” he said.

Mukupe was recently accused of assaulting a senior accounts officer in the ministry of finance for giving him what the thought was small travel allowance.

Ahead of that the minister (then an MP) was mentioned in the fuel scam involving four tankers that entered the country with 140 000 litres of diesel purportedly in transit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose contents were emptied in Chitungwiza and replaced with water.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority did not charge excise duty for the fuel at Forbes Border Post after being duped the cargo was destined for the DRC. This prejudiced the State of $55 650.

Zimra intercepted the four tankers at Chirundu Border Post after detecting a suspicious detour using its newly installed electronic cargo tracking system, and upon inspecting the trucks discovered that they were now carrying water.

Early this year, six settlers at Caledonia approached High Court accusing Mukupe of invading and seizing their stands claiming he wanted to build state-of-the art offices for Zanu PF.

In their urgent chamber application which they filed in February, the six said they had been left with no option but to approach the court for recourse after the officers at Mabvuku Police Station, were threatened with loss of employment if they attempted to evict the minister.

The case was, however, dismissed with costs.-NewZim

Murambinda To Get City Status Within 5 years : Nelson Chamisa

MURAMBINDA – The MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa has promised the people of Buhera that Murambinda Growth Point will be turned into a city once he is elected into office in the national elections coming in two months time.
He also promised to raise allowances for kraal heads from the current $25. Chamisa was addressing thousands of supporters gathered at Murambinda Growth Point on Saturday.
 One of Chamisa’s reasons  for  wanting to turn the growth point into a city is that it is the hometown of the late iconic MDC T leader Morgan Tsvangirai. He said because of that Murambinda  has a lot of interest both locally and internationally.
He said he would develop the Growth Point by attracting investors into the district and in particular lithium miners and their investment contracts will require them to develop the centre.
“Buhera is the most important district in the country because as a party it gave us a leader who genuinely fought for the economic liberation of Zimbabwe. We must therefore accord Murambinda the highest status and that is to develop it into a city. Development should be brought here to the people,” said Chamisa.
He also promised to have the badly damaged 122km Murambinda Birchneough-Bridge Road tarred. The road is one of the busiest  and critical for Buhera District and its tarring had been on the books for many years.
He said his Government will ensure that the road is tarred within five years.
He promised to build more dams and to support Murambinda Mission Hospital which is the largest referral hospital in the  district.
Charamba said Chamisa was anointed by God to lead Zimbabweans into Canaan.