Jonathan Moyo Hideout Exposed

THE National Patriotic Front (NPF) has put its ceremonial leader Mr Ambrose Mutinhiri to pasture for allegedly abusing funds amid revelations that nomadic spokesperson Mr Jealousy Mawarire is in the firing line for allegedly abusing money meant for the importation of T-shirts, video leaks featuring fugitives Professor Jonathan Moyo and Mr Patrick Zhuwao have revealed.

The series of videos, which went viral on Twitter yesterday, suggest former First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe, funds the NPF project, although she is not mentioned by name.

In his riposte, Mr Mawarire reveals Prof Moyo is hiding in Kenya.

The video captures Prof Moyo and Mr Zhuwao discussing the fall of Mr Mutinhiri and Mr Mawarire while on their way to a restaurant in a foreign country.

Prof Moyo is heard asking Mr Zhuwao: “Are you going to tell muchembere? She was getting to know him (Mawarire). She had not reached a point where she is like sold over. I think she liked his courage and Jealousy anoenda kuSAPES and pick some stories unoziva, some CIO snippets, which she would like to hear,” says Prof Moyo.

He added: “But it was a promising relationship but whether it had reached the level of trust, I am not sure. Like the way I hear about these T-shirts might vhiringa Jealousy, these T-shirts stories. She does not like things like that. She will start thinking kuti imbavha because story yacho yakabhenda bhenda.

“Where are the T-shirts? Arikuborder (they laugh).”

Prof Moyo then reveals that all was not well for Mr Mutinhiri.

“If he (Mawarire) is not careful, because Mutinhiri was destroyed by that $14 000, which she never got to appreciate kuti yakashandiswa sei. Vabva vatanga kufunga kuti the guy is a thief. That was the first damage before yokuti mari waiteyi nayo, any meeting? Nothing! Manje ukapihwa kuti enda undotenga 10 000 T-shirts, two weeks later there is zero received. Yeah, shamwari hameno zvake,” Prof Moyo is recorded adding “its her money. Iye Jealousy hanti aigara achiti if you can’t account for a dollar how can you account for a million? That will haunt him (They laugh).”

He also mocks Mawarire as a late comer to politics.

“Zvepolitics if you come late . . . If word moves now kuti Jealousy can’t account for these T-shirts, ah finish because vana Jaboon, which you need to take into account, vakagara vasingade vana Jealousy and in politics ukagara usingadi munhu then you compromise because you do not want to be misunderstood, unomumirira nechinhingi chako wakahwanda, if the bastard shows up pwaa pwaa pwaa (they laugh) because the most damaging attack in politics is we told you so,” adds Prof Moyo.

He then laughs at NPF members who had backed Mawarire.

Mr Mawarire

“Maibvunzwa kuti munomuziva Jealousy movhaira kuti tinomuziva why are you asking? Unongomirira your day ndosaka taitaura imi muchiti what, what. Jaboon, Mashange, Jim Kunaka, Mahoka, all those do not like Jealousy.

“Vamwe vacho they used to like Mai Mujuru vanofunga kuti Jealousy akavatengesa Mai Mujuru, kurasisa and all that,” Prof Moyo says.

He laughs at Mawarire for blowing away yet another political career in NPF.

“Isu takanga tamuwanira an opportunity to rediscover and re-invent himself . . . we were giving him backup. I do not know if he ever appreciated that.”

Prof Moyo is further heard saying ever since they left Mawarire in the cold, he had not released any statement.

“Taiona even matweets ake, they were informed by the discussions, but manje now zvava zvekuti I am just keeping my eyes on the ball. Taimutaurira. He is young but unnecessarily naïve,” he says adding, “He is an incorrigible liar.’’

As they sit down in a restaurant, Prof Moyo is heard telling the waiter that he is “very tired”.

But Mawarire last night came out guns blazing and dismissing Prof Moyo as a petty thief.

“Put this on record, if someone is a petty thief who stole even money meant for his daughter’s funeral, let alone ZIMDEF funds, that individual is surely bound to have hallucinations about people stealing.

“He dreams stealing, lives stealing and always thinks stealing,” said Mawarire.

He claimed the T-shirts were donated to NPF by a well-wisher.

“I am telling you, you cannot rely on someone who is in Kenya to say maT-shirts haasi kupihwa vanhu. Angaita audit yemaT-shirts arikupihwa vanhu arikuKenya here? How can Jonathan Moyo make an audit of the T-shirts from his hiding hole in Kenya? He should concentrate on running away,” said Mr Mawarire.

He claimed Mrs Mugabe had nothing to do with the T-shirts, saying it was a ploy by Prof Moyo to drag her name into the mud.

“The T-shirts were paid in rand from a South African account. She (Mrs Mugabe) did not give me the money. We can give evidence that R335 000 was paid from an account in South Africa that does not belong to Mai Mugabe,” added Mr Mawarire.

He insisted that Mr Mutinhiri was still the NPF leader and also claimed that Prof Moyo and Mr Zhuwao were never members of that party. The NPF is up in smoke with senior party members at each other throat.

Last week, Prof Moyo and Mr Zhuwao lampooned Mr Saviour Kasukuwere, accusing him of selling out after he indicated that he was returning to Zimbabwe from his hiding.

They claimed Mr Kasukuwere was cutting deals with the new administration.-Herald

Robert Mugabe Summoned Over Missing $15bn Diamond Revenue

Former President Robert Mugabe is expected to give oral evidence tomorrow before a Parliamentary Portfolio committee of Mines and Energy on diamond leakages at Chiadzwa diamond fields which he indicated in 2016 as pegged at $15 billion.

The decision to summon the former Head of State and Government followed a claim he made in February 2016 that the country could have been prejudiced of more than $15 billion in unrealised diamond revenue from Chiadzwa.

Parliament’s portfolio committee on Mines and Energy chaired by Norton MP Mr Temba Mliswa (Independent) is set to hear evidence from Mr Mugabe who resigned in November pending impeachment proceedings against him.

Mr Mliswa confirmed the development yesterday.

“A letter was written and delivered to him last week. We now expect him to come. While his office has not yet confirmed, that it not a legal requirement but is usually done out of courtesy. The most important thing is that we have discharged our obligation, we have summoned him,” said Mr Mliswa.

He said the inquiry was not a witch-hunt but was aimed at getting the truth on the utilisation of national resources.“The committee was of the view that we might even hold the meeting at his residence considering his age. It was just an alternative view that we were suggesting,” he said.

A source at Parliament however, shot down the proposal to hold the meeting at Mr Mugabe’s Blue Roof residence in Harare.

“The letter inviting him was delivered on Thursday last week. That suggestion to hold the meeting at his residence is not supported by any law or Standing Order. That would be unprecedented and not permissible. It would set a bad precedent hence we will not allow that,” said a Parliament staffer.

“The fact that Mr Mugabe has not confirmed his attendance is not of any consequence to us. It is not a legal requirement but done out of courtesy. He might even pitch up without confirming and that has happened with several witnesses in respect of other committees. We will however, further make inquiries but we can confirm that we delivered the invitation last Thursday,” said the source.

Parliament has since indicated on its committee schedule the pending appearance of Mr Mugabe.

“Subject to confirmation, oral evidence from His Excellency, the former president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Comrade R. G. Mugabe, on diamond mining revenues,” read the notice posted yesterday.

The committee has since held meetings with several other stakeholders regarding diamond extraction at Chiadzwa before Government consolidated the mining firms into one firm.

Some of the people who have since given evidence include the former Minister of Mines, Walter Chidhakwa, former permanent secretaries of the ministry, Professor Francis Gudyanga and Prince Mupazviriho, former Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatious Chombo. Other entities include Zimbabwe Republic Police, Central Intelligence Organisation, Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, Minerals Marketing and Corporation of Zimbabwe. among others.

Exiled Kasukuwere Says He Now Understand How Ordinary Citizens Feel

Former cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere has said that this experiences in the past 6 months in exile have allowed him to appreciate what ordinary Zimbabweans go through.

Kasukuwere fled the country in November after the fall of former president Robert Mugabe following a military intervention. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Kasukuwere said,

Once you have left your nation, it’s not easy, it’s not pleasant at all. For the first time, I have a better understanding and deeper knowledge of how citizens feel. It is not a pleasant thing at all, it’s something that none of us should ever wish on anybody … We must learn to resolve our issues and find each other.

…I have had to adapt to the environment, live within my means and do away with yesterday’s appetites. I can’t afford either the luxury or the pleasures of things such as a holiday, all those things are no longer a priority.  Where I used to drive around with lots of security personnel, it’s gone. I have had to learn to take care of myself. I always used to tell people to get ready for a ‘rainy day’ and to never get used to having someone carrying your bags.

More: Sunday Times

Search For Zimbabwe $15 Billion Diamond Revenue Takes Parliament to Mugabe Blue Roof Mansion

THE Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy has resolved to meet former President Robert Mugabe at his private home instead of dragging him to Parliament to answer questions on the missing $15 billion diamond revenue.

President Mugabe receives a token of appreciation from Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University Chancellor Professor Ezekiel Guti after he officially opened the new institution in Bindura on Friday. Looking on is the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe. – (Picture by Believe Nyakudjara)

This comes amid speculative reports that the high-profile meeting could be held on Wednesday at Mugabe’s Blue Roof mansion in Borrowdale, Harare.

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The chairperson of the committee, Temba Mliswa said his committee was comfortable with meeting Mugabe at his residence.

“The committee has already resolved that Kennedy Chokuda (Clerk of Parliament) must look at the issue of writing to Mugabe to appear before the committee, and there is pressure that there is need for transparency over the issue of the missing $15 billion revenue.

“Parliament is prepared to give the former Head of State respect and to meet him at his Blue Roof mansion because he is old,” he said.

Mliswa said the meeting was not meant to grill or humiliate Mugabe, but a fact-finding mission to break the puzzle over the missing diamond revenue, which the former leader alluded to at a public meeting in 2016.

“It is now up to the Parliament administration to get communication to Mugabe because his evidence will be critical in terms of us concluding our report. We need to do that before Parliament is dissolved for the 2018 general elections.

“As a committee, we can go to Mugabe’s house to meet him there to respect his age,” he said.

Chokuda yesterday could not confirm if they had already summoned Mugabe to appear before the committee.

“I am not yet sure if the letter to summon Mugabe was delivered because I have not been at work. However, he can be asked to appear before the committee if the situation warrants that,” he said without giving further details.

Several top government bigwigs have already been grilled over the matter. These include former Mines ministers Obert Mpofu, and Walter Chidakwa, ex-State security ministers Didymus Mutasa and Sydney Sekeramai, former Home Affairs minister Ignatious Chombo (Home Affairs) and Central Intelligence Organisation, police and the army bosses.-Newsday