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Mnangagwa Plants Zanupf Billboard Inside Harare Police Station

Zanupf campaign poster right inside Malbereign Police Station

Zanupf campaign poster right inside Malbereign Police Station


Curious and puzzled Zimbabweans have been baffled by the presence of a Zanupf campaign billboard located within a police station.

They have questioned the rationale behind locating a campaign graphic within a police station which is supposed to serve citizens from across the political divide.

One, a veteran Harare lawyer quizzed whether members of opposition political parties would feel comfortable coming to make a report against Zanupf members at the station.

Others with a quirky sense of humour quipped that the billboard may have been located there to prevent vandalism.

Be that as it may the presence of the billboard at Malbereign Police station may be construed as a sign of partisanship by a force which is supposed to be neutral from politics.

However as things have proved in the past, the ZRP has been known to be nothing other than a Zanupf militia.-Online

President ED Mnangagwa Has 18 Children

HARARE – A publication based in the United Kingdom has added to the mystery around President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s offspring by claiming the 76-year-old former Zanla combatant has a total of 18 children.

The crafty politician, who loyally served under former president Robert Mugabe for nearly six decades before a wedge was drawn between them at the height of Zanu PF party squabbles over his succession, is known for keeping to himself details about his family.

The only time he shared information about his family was in March when his publicists published a biography on his official website, claiming Mnangagwa had nine children, sired with two wives — Jayne and Auxillia.

Curiously, the list of children was later deleted from the website amid indications that it was not conclusive.

In an interview with Mnangagwa’s most prominent son, Emmerson Junior, the UK’s Sunday Times boldly stated in its latest edition that the Zanu PF leader has 18 children.

The paper quotes Emmerson Jnr as saying: “So my brothers and I told him (Mnangagwa) it’s not safe for you to be here. Usually he didn’t take us seriously, but to our surpr
ise he said, ‘OK, let’s get in the car and go.’”

Without directly quoting Mnangagwa’s son, the Sunday Times goes on to state: “They took temporary shelter in an unfinished house one of their other brothers — Mnangagwa has 18 children — was building in a Harare suburb. Plans to escape in a private jet fell through. Plan B was medical evacuation”.

The report is certain to add to the mystery given that Mnangagwa’s official website only listed nine children; six form his late wife Jayne and Auxillia’s three boys.
With Jayne, the couple was blessed with six children, Farai, Tasiwa, Vimbayi, Tapiwa, Tariro and Emmerson (junior) Tanaka, while Mnangagwa and Auxillia have been blessed with three children – Emmerson (junior), Sean and Collins.

The president’s portal describes Mnangagwa as “a father and family man, ED Mnangagwa is dedicated to the education of his family, and has educated all of his children without exception”.

“Most are now employed or run their own businesses and are independent of their father, with degrees ranging from diplomacy, business studies, marketing, law, sound engineering, nursing, creative advertising design, psychology and actuarial science. He has more than a dozen grandchildren and he is very close to all of them.

“He is known as a unifier in the immediate and extended family, a humble man with a keen sense of humour, he always has time for the children. He is dedicated to his family and to the wider family that is his country, Zimbabwe,” the website notes.

Whenever there is talk around Mnangagwa’s children, friends and foes alike do not seem to know with certainty how many offspring he has.

This is not really uncommon among Zimbabwean men, especially those in polygamous relationships.

At a rally in Rushinga before her downfall, former first lady Grace Mugabe sensationally claimed that Mnangagwa, who had become her subject of ridicule, had more than 70 children.

Jonathan Moyo, an ally of the former vice president who later turned into his fiercest critic, also claimed at some point that Mnangagwa had at least 41 children.

“Well in the spirit of the so-called new dispensation allegedly based on truths and transparency, the public awaits confirmation of whispers that Emmerson has at least 41 children,” Moyo wrote on his Twitter account while in exile.

Revelations by the Sunday Times put Mnangagwa in the same league with both serving and former heads of state known to have large families.

Closer home, former South African president Jacob Zuma has over 22 children. Zuma became the first polygamist leader South Africa has ever had, having married six times. Hate him or like him, Zuma does not make any apologies for it.

In one of his television interviews, Zuma said: “There are plenty of politicians who have mistresses and children that they hide so as to pretend they are monogamous. I prefer to be open. I love my wives and I am proud of my children.”

Beyond the African continent, John Tyler, who served the United States from 1841 to 1845, is listed as having the largest family.

He had 15 children between the years 1815 and 1860.

He had them with two different wives.

Eight were with his first wife, Lettia Tyler, and the other seven were with his second wife, Julia Gardiner.

Some of the children became doctors, veterans of the civil war, and powerful politicians.

Others died at a young age, and some of them vanished into history virtually unknown. However, all of them were able to point to their father as one of the presidents of the US.

Masvingo City Proposes Street Name After Morgan Tsvangirai

Masvingo City Council is proposing that Hofmeyer Street, the third busiest road in the CBD be renamed after democracy and human rights defender and icon, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

The motion was moved by youthful MDC-T councillor for ward 4, Godfrey Kurauone during a full council meeting held at the council chambers on Tuesday.
 The matter was referred to the Health and Housing Committee for further deliberations and Kurauone was asked to bring a written draft motion.
Tsvangirai who is undoubtedly the most outstanding opposition leader to confront Zanu PF died in February this year after a protracted battle with colon cancer. His death did for the first time unite all politicians across the board who paid tribute to his immense contribution in the fight for democracy in Zimbabwe.
However, some Zanu PF councillors opposed the motion during the full council.
Presenting the motion, Kurauone said Tsvangirai fought for the enduring values of democracy, human rights, justice, transparency and accountability.
“There can never be a better way way to immortalise them than to name one of the streets after their lifelong advocate in the person of Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai. His death brought the whole nation together across political divide as both friends and the political foes came together to mourn the loss of a national leader,” said Kurauone.

Mukupe Says Biti On HIV Treatement

DEPUTY finance minister Terrence Mukupe drew widespread condemnation again Thursday after he claimed that opposition politician and former cabinet minister Tendai Biti is on HIV treatment.

Tendai Biti – MDC Alliance

It was the second time Mukupe has caused outrage this week after he was strongly reprimanded by the government for claiming that the military would not allow MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to take over power if the latter wins elections expected this July.

On Thursday tempers flared during a live radio debate which featured the now controversial junior minister and former treasury chief Tendai Biti who is also opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader.

Mukupe is the seating MP for Harare East with Biti one of his main challengers in the constituency.

Earlier this week, the Zanu PF official had described Biti as the country’s worst ever finance minister, prompting the radio station to invite the PDP leader to defend himself.

Programme presenters had a torrid time to restrain Mukupe from repeatedly interjecting while the PDP was speaking.

A frustrated Biti then said he found it demeaning for the radio station to invite him to debate a clown.

Ndozvanda mbotaura zviye zviye kuti nyaya dzenyika hadzisi nyaya dzemubawa, hadzisi nyaya dzembanje (that’s why I said matters are State are not pub talk),” said Biti.

“If you hold a public office you must be serious; you can’t be a clown. So, kundidaidza kuno(inviting me) to come and debate with such clown, I find it very demeaning.”

Mukupe shot back saying; “If you are going to start trading insults … can you take that back! Biti has a problem of always resorting to insults.

“Every time you do an interview you want to insult people; present facts, don’t insult. Just deal with facts don’t insult people Mr Biti.

Wambonwa mapiritsi ako here nhasi (did you take your tablets today)?”
Stunned programme presenters reminded Mukupe that the show was being broadcast live.

But Mukupe persisted, adding; “Iye anondiudza zvekudakwa, iye anonwa maARV ake here nhasi (he (Biti) talks about me being a drunkard, but did he take his ARV tablets today).”

The minister’s remarks drew outrage on social media with many demanding his sacking.

Said Harare lawyer and independent parliamentary aspirant Fadzayi Mahere;

Fadzayi Mahere@advocatemahere

I hope the Govt issues a press statement condemning Mukupe’s utterances as “reckless & most unfortunate.” There’s no honor in mocking/stigmatizing HIV. It’s a matter of regret that he weaponized an issue the nation has made so much progress on.

Politics aside, this is sad.

UK-based political analyst Alex Magaisa described the minister as an “utter disgrace”

Alex T Magaisa 🇿🇼@Wamagaisa

Mr President @edmnangagwa how did this chap become a minister in your government? What kind of behaviour is this – reversing all the gains that have been made to de-stigmatise HIV/AIDS by making such stupid and cheap comments? This chap is a liability. https://twitter.com/ajnhara/status/999683642342494208 

A journalist also claimed that Mukupe had assaulted his wife who was part of the production team during a separate radio interview on the same day.

The minister was however, defiant, quipping;

Alex T Magaisa 🇿🇼@Wamagaisa

Can’t someone take that pick from his hands? Mukupe just keeps on digging the hole. First he says the military will not respect the will of the people. When challenged he draws the race card & accuses his critic of racism. Now he deals the HIV card. Rey cheap. Utter disgrace. https://twitter.com/drvchimhutu/status/999703420297777152 


Morgan Tsvangirai’s Child Kicked Out Of School Over Unpaid Fees

The late MDC founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s child has been chucked out of school for failing to pay school fees, the Daily News can report.

As a result, the mother of the child — born out of wedlock — has through her lawyers, written to the executors of the late former trade unionist’s estate, asking for assistance, amid claims that Tsvangirai left nothing meaningful to his name.

The executors and some of the beneficiaries met in Harare last Friday to discuss the estate, with indications that the only property in Tsvangirai’s name is the Strathaven home in Harare, which he co-owned with his late wife, Susan.

Tsvangirai died on February 14, this year after succumbing to colon cancer.

He left behind several children, sired with different women, some of whom are now claiming a share of his estate.

Of note is the child he sired with a Bulawayo woman, Lorreta Leonie Nobesuthu Nyathi, who is now a student nurse.

Nyathi, through her lawyer Wellington Magaya from Coghlan and Welsh Legal practitioners, has written to the executors of Tsvangirai’s estate, Innocent Chagonda and Charles Maunga, demanding assistance.

In the letter, she reveals that Tsvangirai’s minor child has been out of school for four weeks due to non-payment of fees, amounting to 28 800 rands.

“We act for Ethan Tsvangirai, a minor child and beneficiary of the estate of the late … Tsvangirai. As you may be aware, the minor child is still in primary school and he depended solely on his father before his demise. The mother of the minor child is currently unemployed and has not been able to pay for the minor child’s school fees. She is even struggling to feed the minor child,” reads part of the letter dated May 15, 2018.

“We write to advise that the minor child has been barred from attending school as a result of non-payment of school fees. The outstanding fees are in the sum of ZAR28 800. He has been out of school for four weeks. We kindly request that the finalisation be expedited so that the minor child is not affected. The school has requested a written undertaking from the executor that fees will be paid as soon as the estate is finalised. We kindly request that you provide the undertaking. This is a matter which involves the welfare of a minor child and we kindly request that this matter be given priority”.

Efforts to have the executors write a letter confirming that they would pay for the school fees once the estate has been finalised hit a brick wall last Friday, after they challenged the suggestion.

The Friday meeting was attended by Magaya, who was representing Ethan, Cephas Mavhondo, representing Elizabeth Tsvangirai, who is Tsvangirai’s surviving spouse, Brighton Pabwe, who represented Tsvangirai’s brothers Manase and Collins, his children Garikai and Vincent as well as Tsvangirai’s other wife Nobuhle Marylin Ndiweni.

According to a source who attended the meeting, Ndiweni, who claims to have been customarily married to the late former Prime Minister, is said to have a 10-month old baby, whom she claims to be Tsvangirai’s child.

During the meeting, it was also discovered that the herd of cattle left by Tsvangirai, was actually jointly owned with his brother under a company called Pakuru Farming and Chemicals.

The brother claimed they initially had about 200 cows and by the time of Tsvangirai’s death only 45 had been left, after the rest had been disposed off by Tsvangirai.

It was also realised that the Highlands home, where Tsvangirai was staying, was registered in government’s name, even though the former prime minister had been given a two-year period within which to buy the house.

Tsvangirai had reportedly raised about $800 000 for the house, which was banked in CFX Bank before the financial institution closed down.

While Elizabeth is in charge of three other houses, she claims they were not part of the estate, stating that she bought the other two before she got married to Tsvangirai, adding that the other one is registered under one of her companies.

With nothing now at hand to take care of Ethan’s school fees, the meeting suggested that Vincent and Garikai, who are currently staying at Tsvangirai’s Strathaven house, must pay rent to meet some of these demands, a point which is still under consideration.

“As it stands, there is nothing that any of the beneficiaries can clutch on to pay for school fees, because it is proving that the former prime minister left nothing meaningful to his name,” a source close to the issue told the Daily News.

On the other hand, lawyers representing Ethan are also contemplating claiming maintenance from Tsvangirai’s estate to foot the child’s school fees.

Sources also told the Daily News that Elizabeth revealed during the meeting that the MDC had promised to periodically release money to the family but the money was coming in dribs and drabs.

Despite assurances from President Emmerson Mnangagwa in January this year that he was going to pay Tsvangirai a lump sum for the period that he was in government as prime minister, nothing has been paid so far.-newsday