Crying Doctor Mugoni Suspended for Weeping at Mnangagwa Gweru Rally



Members of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) have called for Dr P Mugoni to be investigated and disciplined for bringing the name of the organisation into disrepute. This comes after Mugoni cried at a Zanu-PF rally where he allegedly gave his personal opinions as those of the organisation.  The former leaders of the ZHDA insisted that it the organisation was apolitical and should not be involved in politics.

In a statement, the organisation said,

The Council of former NEC members of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association has noted with great concern the recent developments pertaining to the meddling of ZHDA office bearers in activities of political parties. Specifically, we note the indecorous conduct and utterances made by Dr P Mugoni at a ZANU PFrally in Gweru where he conflated his political opinions and those of all government-employed doctors.

Whilst we acknowledge the said doctor right to freedom of assembly, speech and association we are enraged by the politicization of the ZHDA. The ZHDA is a professional body that represents the interests of all government-employed doctors regardless of political party affiliation. We join Zimbabweans across the country who have in their different forums deplored such conduct and strongly encourage the present leadership at the ZHDA to immediately take stern disciplinary measures against Dr P Mugoni.

To restore the confidence of the members of the ZHDA we advise you suspend, investigate and if found guilty discipline Dr P Mugoni for bringing the association name and its entire brand into disrepute. As pastleaders of the ZHDA, we dissociate ourselves from such conduct and advise the current ZHDA to develop a code of conduct that guides the actions of its office bearers and members to avoid a repeat of such episodes in future. ZHDA is founded on firm principles of representation and should at all times remain apolitical!

We will be following up with your esteemed office soon to hear of the latest developments.

Robert Mugabe Turns Down Equatorial Guinea Asylum Offer, Says Will Never Abandon His People

Former president Robert Mugabe has reportedly been offered political asylum in Equatorial Guinea.

A leading weekly‚ The Standard‚ quoting sources‚ reported that Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo had paid a visit to his close friend Mugabe at his private residence‚ the Blue Roof in Borrowdale‚ where the offer had been made.

However‚ Mugabe is said to have warmly declined the offer.

“This is my home‚ I will die here. I will visit you as and when I want to but I will never abandon my people‚” Mugabe is reported to have said.

The paper also reported that Mugabe had complained that his successor‚ President Emmerson Mnangagwa‚ was keeping a close watch on his movements.

Since stepping down after military intervention in November 2017‚ Mugabe has spoken only once to the media when he revealed that his family’s security was compromised. Only pictures and videos of the former head of state have surfaced on social media‚ which have been posted by close family during celebrations such as his birthday and family dinners.

Mbasongo and Mugabe – both at some point Africa’s longest serving leaders – cemented their friendship in 2004.

Zimbabwe arrested former British soldier and mercenary Simon Mann who led a band of 69 soldiers en route to Equatorial Guinea to unseat Mbasongo on 7 March 2004.

Their Boeing 727 was seized by Zimbabwe’s security forces when it landed in Harare to collect weapons.

In 2015 at the request of Mbasongo‚ Mugabe sent military experts to one of Sub-Sahara’s leading oil producers. -Times