Nelson Chamisa Promises to Bring FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games to Zimbabwe

MDC Alliance leader, Mr Nelson Chamisa says Zimbabwe will host the Olympic Games and the World Cup finals if he is elected into office during next month’s harmonised elections.

Mr Chamisa told the MDC Alliance supporters at Mahusekwa Growth Point in Marondera that he has a sports development programme in place that will see Zimbabwe hosting the Olympic Games and World Cup finals should he be elected into office.

“If you give me the mandate, Zimbabwe will be a shining example in sports. I will make sure the country hosts the Olympic Games and the World Cup,” he said.

Mr Chamisa also said that he has some Russians who have promised to give him funding, claiming that he almost missed a meeting with them due to the bad state of roads in Chivhu last week.

“I almost missed a meeting I had with some Russians who want to give us some funding due to the bad state of the roads. It took us almost one and half hours to travel 60 kilometers,” he added.

Several members of the MDC Alliance including Mr Tendai Biti, Tracey Mutinhiri, Gift Chimanikire and Evelyn Masaiti attended the rally.-zbc

Mnangagwa Making Empty Promises, Says US Senator

A United States senator has reportedly accused Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa of making “empty promises” and  “deliberately delaying the implementation of electoral reforms in order to disadvantage opposition parties in the forthcoming polls”.

According to NewsDay, Senator Chris Coons, said that Mnangagwa had failed to deliver on his promises, and as a result, was creating an unequal ground for his rivals in the upcoming July 30 elections.

Coons said that conditions for a free and fair election in Zimbabwe did not meet the Southern African Development Community (SADC) standards.

He said that Mnangagwa should act “if he wants a significant shift on US policy on his government”.

Mnangagwa who is vying to retain his post after he took over from Robert Mugabe with the help of the military last November, has promised free, fair and credible elections.

The US government has made it clear to Harare that it will only review the lifting of sanctions that were imposed against the country two decades ago after a free and fair election this July.

The European Union and the United USimposed sanctions against Zimbabwe in 2000, after they accused Mugabe of trampling on human rights, rigging elections and repression of press freedom – accusations that the nonagenarian denied.

Minister Terrence Mukupe on His Way Out

HARARE – Deputy Finance minister Terrence Mukupe is on his way out, a shadowy State media columnist who writes under the pseudonym of Bishop Lazarus has said.

Writing in yesterday’s edition, Bishop Lazarus said he cannot spend much time discussing on Mukupe because he is on his way out.

“I know many are itching to know what the Bishop thinks about …. Mukupe — well, it has never been my business to spend energy on those in the departure lounge.

“And by the way, I think the motor-mouth (former Finance minister Tendai) Biti finally got his match because he can be so uncouth, but still I won’t waste time in the departure lounge.”

In recent weeks the MP for Harare East constituency was involved in three incidents — including making reckless claims that the military would not accept youthful MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa as the country’s new leader if he were to win the country’s forthcoming national elections.

That ill-conceived statement forced President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his senior aides to publicly rebuke Mukupe.

But no sooner had this settled, Mukupe was at it again as he stigmatised people living with HIV/Aids during a radio debate with  Biti.

Later, Mukupe was accused of assaulting the wife of a local journalist — ratcheting up the already growing calls for his dismisal from government.

Last month, he briefly snatched a ballot box during the Zanu PF primary elections in Harare East constituency, amid widespread complaints that he had manipulated cell registers.

Mukupe had also in full view of journalists and police assaulted his rival’s driver before speeding away — causing pandemonium.

Prof Jonathan Moyo Is On His Way Back to Zimbabwe :Reports

Sunday Mail columnist who writes under the pseudonym Bishop Lazarus has said that exiled G40 kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo is on his way back home and is unhappy that Saviour Kasukuwere got a deal before him.  Bishop Lazarus, who is suspected to be Presidential spokesperson George Charamba added that former president Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao is the only one who does not get it and may be left isolated. Writes Bishop Lazarus,

Tyson was very helpful and useful in clearing hazy pictures about the great escape. Now he is back to face some music. Not very loud music by the way. On the other hand, Prof Moyo of the “it’s cold out there” fame is also on his way back home. Yes, dear congregants he is on his way back. Don’t be fooled by all that fake bravado. Lots of reaching out and selling out going on behind the scenes. The Prof was just furious that he was beaten to the game by Tyson. So, yeah the Prof is on his way back — not with his tail between the legs, hapasitorina mutswe wacho. I can hear big brother saying “Bishop toda munhu ane hana?” True, let me leave this story for now.

…But then dread Patrick Zhuwao is totally in the dark. Hutsi zvaho. Kana kutomboona kuti there are whispers in the dark. I think Dread Zhuwao vanovharwa too much. Soon he will realise that Prof Moyo is indeed a disciple of American politics, “no permanent friends, but permanent interests.

#ZimElection2018 : MDC-T, Zanu PF Head for Tuesday Showdown In Harare

VIOLENT clashes are likely to break out in Harare tomorrow after Zanu PF youth threatened to take to the streets on the same day to counter an MDC Alliance planned demonstration to demand electoral reforms ahead of next month’s polls.


MDC Alliance leader and presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa announced last Friday that they were going ahead of their planned demonstration after President Emmerson Mnangagwa “rushed” to proclaim election dates before the implementation of the reforms.

In a counter move, Zanu PF Harare youth leader, Godwin Gomwe yesterday said they had mobilised ruling party activists for a solidarity march for Mnangagwa at the same time the opposition would be having theirs.

“All members of the youth league from all levels are invited to attend a march in solidarity with President ED Mnangagwa’s call for peaceful election elections and no to violence. We are the vanguard of the party, so we are 100% behind our President,” a statement read.

“Ours is not a demonstration, we don’t demonstrate we are doing a solidarity march, it was in the pipeline for some time and it’s not meant to clash or cause violence,” Gomwe said.

But MDC-T youth assembly leader, Happymore Chidziva, said they were unmoved by Zanu PF’s counter move, which he said was meant to trigger violent clashes.

“This is an act of desperation by a regime that thrives on violence and inducing fear on the people of Zimbabwe, we are not going to be deterred by people, who have no respect for constitutional rights. We can only hope that these so-called Zanu PF youth won’t be State security agents dressed in civilian clothes bent on causing violence and instability. We will proceed with our march,” he said.

Chidziva said they had lined up a number of demonstrations to make the country ungovernable until the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has reformed the electoral roadmap.

“If Zec and the government fail to allow us reforms, we will make the nation ungovernable.”

Some of the opposition demands include equal access to State media and transparency in the printing and security of voting material.

Chamisa and Mnangagwa are touted, as front runners in the race, although the country has over 130 political, which have registered to contest the polls.