Hopewell Chin’ono Is an Alleged Fugitive And Wanted Criminal In the UK : Lord Mutai

  1. Sources have confirmed to me that In early April 2018 he was hired by Reward Kangai, the disgraced NetOne CEO to write a damning article on Supa Mandiwanzira, a Govt ICT Minister for $4500. But again, man must survive.

  2. As at the time of this tweet, Chingono is an alleged fugitive and wanted criminal in the UK and authorities in Zim don’t know he’s a wanted man in London.

  3. After his last killing, now under the moniker Hopewell Chingono, has established the cover of a correspondent and writer. Just to hide in plain. But man, we know you. We will smoke you out. The bribes you take to write stories. we will expose you.

  4. Mitchell Hakata currently with Zimpapers in Zimbabwe was at one time around 2009 made to keep and receive several amounts ranging from 30,000 pounds by Hopewell as she didn’t know it was stolen

  5. During this time made a kill enough by 2008 managed to buy the house he is currently staying in along Drew in Chisipite. Once again, Rugoho ran away from the UK police and came to Zimbabwe where he once again changed the surname to Rugoho Chingono

  6. Wikileaks have indicated that Since had no known crimes in Zim, he took fresh documents under Hopewell Rugoho and went back to UK now targeting Western Union and committed multiple crimes like theft, card fraud and cloning included

  7. This bimbo was arrested briefly and skipped bail sometime in 2006 and fled back to Zimbabwe. On return to Harare, the thief took the advantage of the then strained situation between Harare and London and easily changed his name to Hopewell Rugoho

  8. Hopewell was literally asked by Sky what do you want me to do for you and he said I want to be taken to London and off he went. As an uneducated bugger he went straight into petty crimes till he graduated to card fraud, cloning as well as identify theft in 2005

  9. At least we know was an ordinary wannabe around Harare who went to UK at the mercy of a Jamaican artist Sky-high who had been impressed by the pseudo journos wheel spinning.

  10. Apparently from extensive research, this wannabe journalist called Hopewell now calling himself Chingono, @dadayhope, was involved in card cloning fraud in the UK in the early 2004 to 2010/11

  11. There’s a pitiful corrupt journalist called . Hopewell, you are a DISGRACE to this profession. AND AS SUCH YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. You have been taking money to write. I have information on your shenanigans in UK where you are a fugitive from the law.

  12. Close sources from Strive camp have indicated that Sometime in July 2016, Nyambirai got Verna Muchirahondo, a SA based Zim student in Eastern Cape pregnant and had the pregnancy terminated at the advice of Strive Masiyiwa! Hypocrite and a corporate crook

  13. I told people of Zimbabwe to be wary of , a corporate crook in bed with MDC-T and a serious womanizer. Nyambirai and Masiyiwa wants to portray a godly picture whereby the two have daily prayer sessions over the phone or video call but HYPOCRITES