Chamisa Deal With Dabengwa Revealed

ZAPU president Dr Dumiso Dabengwa has said his party is backing the candidature of MDC Alliance president Mr Nelson Chamisa in the forthcoming election.

Dr Dabengwa said Zapu and the MDC Alliance had signed a Memorandum of Political Co-operation Agreement that saw his party not fielding a presidential candidate and backing Mr Chamisa.

The Zapu president said the decision comes after efforts to forge a Grand National Coalition failed due to competition to land the presidential candidate post.

“A united front of opposition parties has failed mainly because of competition for the top post of presidential candidate, yet it’s essential to enhance the capacity of one of the opposition leaders to take over the country’s presidency.

“My party is therefore throwing its weight behind Chamisa as the presidential candidate in the 2018 elections, for which I’m not standing,” said Dr Dabengwa.

“This is consistent with the line we have taken that personal egos and vanity should not be allowed to prevent us from crafting a combination capable of bringing about a democratic transition essential for peace, security, economic reconstruction and development. Zimbabweans deserve this, both current and future generations.”

He said in terms of the agreement, the two parties remain autonomous and Zapu will continue to campaign for its candidates.

Dr Dabengwa said the two parties will ensure that they do not compete against each other in some parliamentary seats.

“In addition, the MDC Alliance will reserve some agreed slots for Zapu among those chosen to be on the basis of proportional representation.

“For my part I’ll actively support the candidacy of Nelson Chamisa and be at hand to support if he wins the presidential contest, as I earnestly hope. Our candidates too will include in their campaigns the party’s commitments to co-operation agreement and the presidency of Chamisa,” he said.

In April, Dr Dabengwa was endorsed by Zapu members as the opposition party’s presidential candidate after cutting ties with the Coalition of Democrats (Code) – a coalition of opposition parties.

Former MDC-T senior member and Energy Minister during the inclusive government from 2009 to 2013, Mr Elton Mangoma is the Code presidential candidate.

Mnangagwa Diverts Entire Presidential Motorcade For A $3,75 Chicken Inn Take Away In Chegutu

President Mnangagwa yesterday took Chegutu food lovers by surprise when he unexpectedly joined the queue in a fast-food outlet, bought his lunch and even tipped a cashier. The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces is now famous for his accessibility.

For instance, he has done away with the habit of hiring a marquee for official engagements, opting instead for modest tents just to shed VVIPS.

He also uses his escort vehicles to accommodate photojournalists and walks about to greet the crowd during rallies.
Yesterday afternoon he brought Chegutu to a standstill after he commandeered his full motorcade to Chicken Inn in the city centre.

Hundreds jostled to capture the rare moment on their smartphones and they recorded the scene free of any interference from Presidential security details.

President Mnangagwa, who is widely tipped to win the July 30 elections by a wide margin, has left many convinced that Zimbabwe is now witnessing a different political game to that of former president Mr Mugabe, who maintained a buffer zone between himself and the people.

Isabel Mtongerwa, the Chicken Inn cashier who served the President could not believe that she met him face-to-face.
“I could not believe that I was serving the President,” she said.

“It has never happened in my life and somehow he proved to be worthy of my vote.
“He ordered a two-piecer and a minute maid, paid $3,75 with US$20 and told me to keep the change. He is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable in his presence.”

Management at Chegutu Chicken Inn could not believe a rare visit by the number one citizen.
The food outlet’s manager Mr Peter Mutate said as an organisation, they felt honoured to serve the President.
“We can describe him as an amazing man, very friendly and free to interact with,” he said.

“In other words, he is a people’s person. Some of our staff members felt free to greet him. At the end of the visit, many people were left convinced that indeed the country is now witnessing a different political game.”

One food lover at Chicken Inn, Mr Lovejoy Ngondo, said: “We have seen for the first time that this is a real President who is human like us. He eats Chicken Inn like us. At least he lives the same way we do. We can trust him with our lives.”
Many who spoke to The Herald said after walking side by side with the President on his way to and from the food outlet it was now clear that Zimbabwe was witnessing a new political dispensation where leaders are closer to the people.-Herald

Betrayed Robert Mugabe Is Backing Nelson Chamisa to Oust Mnangagwa

Former president Robert Mugabe is ready to endorse MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa ahead of the July 30 elections as prospects of him reconciling with his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa continue to diminish, it has been revealed.

According to multiple sources, Mugabe recently sent emissaries to Chamisa seeking dialogue ahead of the polls and indicated that he was willing to back the leading opposition candidate because he was not happy with the treatment he was receiving from Mnangagwa’s government.

Mugabe revealed in March that he would back the National Patriotic Front (NPF), a party formed by former Zanu PF members who were not happy with the coup that toppled the 94-year-old ruler in November last year.

The NPF has been negotiating a coalition with the MDC Alliance, but the talks suffered a severe blow last week after the Chamisa- led group allegedly reneged on its promise to give the Mugabe-linked party a significant number of constituencies.

“Mugabe sent two prominent clerics with a message that he was willing to assist Chamisa gain an electoral advantage over Mnangagwa in the forthcoming elections. He says he is prepared to endorse Chamisa,” said a source. “He is mainly concerned about the future of his family and says he believes Chamisa has the potential to become the next president.”

Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda yesterday said he was not aware of Mugabe’s alleged overtures.

“If there are any such moves, I am sure (Chamisa) has not dealt with the matter,” he said. “He will consider the invitation to meet the former president on merit. He will not respond to the media before responding to the person who invited him.”

Mugabe’s alleged manoeuvres are said to have unsettled Zanu PF, which is said to have reached out to former South African president Jacob Zuma, who reportedly contacted Chamisa last week.

Zuma allegedly revealed that vice-president Constantino Chiwenga had indicated that Zanu PF was not happy about Mugabe and his wife Grace’s alleged support for the opposition.

Zuma’s alleged intervention is said to have led to the collapse of the coalition talks between the MDC Alliance and NPF, which happened on the eve of the sitting of the nomination court.

The call is alleged to have triggered the last-minute collapse of alliance negotiations between Mugabe’s outfit and the MDC Alliance.

One of the MDC Alliance principals, Welshman Ncube, yesterday said allegations that Zuma contacted the Alliance leaders were false. He said he was also not aware of reports that Mugabe had sent emissaries to Chamisa concerning the elections.

“It is completely false that President Zuma called,” he said. “I have no knowledge of Mugabe seeking a meeting.

“I was not involved in the talks nor was I briefed on the collapse (of the talks) between the NPF and MDC Alliance.”

Information minister Simon Khaya Moyo said he was not aware of any contact between Chiwenga and Zuma, but said the statements being attributed to the VP could not be true because he was “a man of integrity”.

Sibanda said he was not authorised to comment about any contact between Chamisa and Zuma if it happened.

“The president has not cleared anyone to discuss that. Those were high-level talks and they affect international relations and, therefore, only the president can comment on that,” he said.

Sibanda said there was never any talks between the MDC Alliance and the Mugabe-backed party.

“There were never talks with the NPF, contrary to suggestions by the NPF that there were some negotiations that collapsed. As far as the MDC Alliance is concerned, there were no negotiations at all,” he said.

“President Chamisa said such a coalition would not be in the best interest of the country. Major coalition partners never got to an agreement about an alliance with the NPF.”

However, NPF spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire insisted that there were negotiations between the two groups.

“Sibanda has been recently appointed Chamisa’s spokesperson, not the MDC’s spokesperson. He might not be aware that there have been some bilateral talks between the two parties,” he said.

“Those talks, as far as I know, centred on a pre and post-election pact and teams from both parties met in South Africa and in Zimbabwe. As we speak, there are still some ongoing consultations.”

Mnangagwa faces a stiff challenge from Chamisa in a poll that will be contested by a record 23 candidates.-Standard