Spencer Banda Assault Case: Alleged Lover Contradicts Husband, Nails Him For Assault

Sharon Mawedze, the wife of the Harare man who allegedly assaulted Star FM presenter Spencer Banda contradicted her husband Michael Mawedze’s testimony in court. Mawedze, 41, appeared before Harare Magistrate Amanda Muridzo facing a charge of assault after he allegedly assaulted Banda in May accusing him of having an illicit love affair with his wife. Michael denied the charges and claimed that he had not been part of the assault.  He claimed that he never laid a finger on Banda and instead claimed that his friends were the ones who assaulted the sports presenter. However, Sharon contradicted his testimony and insisted that he was actually the one who had assaulted Banda and stripped him naked.

Sharon also corroborated Banda’s claim that on the day of the assault he had come to pick up socks for his rugby team.

The case is still ongoing.

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Frail Robert Mugabe Rushed to Singapore As Health Suddenly Deteriorates

Zimbabwean former president Robert Mugabe was reportedly “rushed” out of the country after his health “suddenly deteriorated” two weeks ago.

The privately-owned NewsDay quoted a highly placed source as confirming that the veteran politician was flown to Singapore for medical check-ups.

“He (Mugabe) slipped out of the country two weeks ago after his blood pressure suddenly rose to dangerous levels. He also had trouble with his eye which previously has been diagnosed with a cataract,” the source was cited as saying.

Mugabe, who was ousted from power in November, has in recent years made several trips to Singapore, a popular tourism destination, for undisclosed medical reasons.

In December 2017, he was spotted leaving a lift in Gleneagles Hospital in downtown Singapore, accompanied by at least eight people, according to AFP.

Mugabe ruled the southern African country with an iron fist for 37 years.

The nonagenarian has not made any public appearance since his press conference where he claimed that he was ousted by a coup.