Tongogara Was Murdered For Speaking Against Mugabe : Dabengwa

Zapu president and former cabinet minister Dumiso Dabengwa has that he believes that Zanu wartime commander Josiah Tongogara was killed by his own colleagues because he spoke out against former President Robert Mugabe. Said Dabengwa,

He had almost openly said it. That he believed (late Vice President Joshua) Nkomo was a natural leader and had the focus while Mugabe would only be good as an administrator maybe secretary general of the Patriotic Front. Unfortunately, he said it out in informal discussions with other people. He said it would be a total disaster and told me he was not saying it to please anyone but that is what he believed.

He was angry when it was decided that the issue would be settled when we arrive home from London (during Lancaster House negotiations). He wanted the issue settled there because all stakeholders including the military were represented.

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Prophet Magaya Appeal Against Rape Case Fails

Harare High Court judge Justice Emy Tsanga dismissed an application for leave to appeal at the Supreme Court by Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya who is challenging the decision to continue prosecuting him for allegedly raping a congregant.

 Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya


Through his lawyer Advocate Thabani Mpofu, Magaya filed an application at the Harare High Court challenging the State’s decision to continue with his prosecution after the complainant Petronellah Donhodzo Mandaza’s confession that she had filed a false rape report against him. Mandaza has since sued Prosecutor-General Ray Goba at the High Court challenging the State’s decision to summon her, arguing she is no longer a complainant. In her ruling Justice Tsanga said Magaya’s application lacks merit. She said conducting the trial, which started on April 3 this year is within the dictates of the constitution. Said Justice Tsanga:

The application for leave to appeal lacks merit. The legal provisions and procedures laid out in the Criminal Evidence and Procedure Act on the conduct of a criminal trial do not in any way interfere with the accused’s right to a fair trial,” she said. The judge said there was nothing unconstitutional about the State proceeding with the trial on the basis of a reasonable suspicion that a crime had been committed.

In his application, Magaya wanted the court to acquit him on the grounds of the confession made by Mandaza under oath. He argued that the State had no basis to continue with the trial, saying it was unconstitutional under the circumstances.

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Mnangagwa 100 percent sure of victory otherwise he would not have called elections says Grace Mugabe’s ex-husband

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is 100 percent sure of victory in next month’s election otherwise he would have not have the elections, Stanley Goreraza, the former husband of Zimbabwe’s former First Lady Grace Mugabe, said.

“I’ll repeat what I have said many times; Emmerson Mnangagwa will never go for an election without strong assurances from the Intelligence Services that he is without doubt going to definitively win that election,” he said on his facebook page.

“They don’t give him a ‘maybe, maybe not’! They give him an affirmative ‘yes’,” he said.

Goreraza is the father of Russell, Grace Mugabe’s eldest son, and was an Air Force of Zimbabwe officer before he went to China to study after which he was appointed Zimbabwe’s Defence attaché to China.

Goreraza has supported Movement for Democratic Change Alliance Nelson Chamisa before, so it is not clear why he is behind Mnangagwa now.

He did support Mnangagwa in his early days as President, however.

“As with previous elections, the opposition measures (its) chances through crowds, attendance at rallies and social media chatter. 2013 proved that the whole country can attend an opposition rally, shout slogans, and the opposition will still lose the election,” Goreraza wrote.

“How this actually happens no one knows. The opposition loves a big crowd. But big crowds don’t win elections and how do we know this, #2013!!”

The opposition claims that the 2013 elections were stolen and is currently battling it out with Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chief Priscillah Chigumba for failing to provide them the voters’ roll.

Chamisa’s presidential election agent Jameson Timba today said the opposition might boycott the elections if Chigumba continues with her arrogance.

With more than 23 parties contesting the elections, it is not clear whether the boycott would succeed or not, though the MDC Alliance is the main contender.-Insider