No way OUT!!!

Scenes like this is an everyday thing in Zimbabwe, it has actually become a way of life. Surprisingly this week Mr Chombo has given greenlight to police to use fire-arms on civillians resisting the system. Roadblocks like this are there to stay and the police will be able to use guns on civillians in situations like this. Experts fear that more guns on the streets will lead to more violence and more deaths.

What we know now now!! Food for Thought

Grace has been on the headlines for different reasons in recent years but experts have been following her calculated steps. Grace wants to be president and she has been working so hard day and night to achieve that especially in the past 2 years.  Grace has aquired a phd degree last year to solidify her efucation credentials. Many people are vying for the position of the president and the race is tight. Many experts  believe Grace has the edge to win the contest but it will not be easy. If she is to be president she may need the blessing of the army which will not be easy. For many Zimbabwe the biggest question now is ‘ Are you ready for a Grace Presidency?’ Are you ready for a dynasty rule?’  This question will be very hard for many Zimbabweans as they have already experienced 34 years of carnage under the incumbent. Food for thought.

Does Mugabe fear the Trump factor?

US has just shown its willingness to go it alone in any conflict when it wiped the Syrian airbase with its tomhawk missiles a few nights ago. What is Mugabe thinking right now about the next election. Is he now on notice when it comes to violence? However we all be quite sure the Zanu Pf will be thinking twice when it comes to causing or getting engaged in such cowardly acts. Trump will not give them a clue of when, how or what! What a leadership! This is a major difference between President Obama and Trump.

More Violence coming!!!!

Scenes like this are becoming common in Zimbabwe. The police are on a crackdown of anyone who is an MDC supporter or anyone who is suspected of being sellouts. More deaths will come as political violence escalates in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will experience violence that has never seen before. Tensions are running high in the political arena especially when ZANU PF is losing grip on power, violence is the last resort for the last leg. Thousands of MDC supporters have fled for safety into other neighbouring countries, those who didnt have either died or they are counting their days.

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Violence Swooping Accross the Nation

With 2018 election looming there has been over 200 people murdered already from political violence. This is very disturbing for a country that needs peace. Political violence is increasing day by day. A lot of Zimbabweans have been displaced, some fled to South Africa over fears they might be next. Zanu pf youths have been deployed across the nation to instll fear and exert violence on everyday mums and dads. Of the 200 killed , 112 are from Mashonaland where mai Mujuru comes from. The world seems to have turned a blind eye to the artrocities occuring each day.

Zimbabweans living abroad set to loose Citizenship

An amendment to the citizenship constitution of Zimbabwe is being drafted by the government of Zimbabwe that will see Zimbabweans lose Citizenship if they have been living outside the country for 5 years and not paying taxes. This will be a new shift in Government policy in 20 years. The government wants to raise taxes from Zimbabweans living abroad. Many people are skeptic if this will actually work.  Some experts expect a lot of people to loose citizenship if fully implemented,

Bond notes create another economy-overcharging

The introduction of bond notes has created another economy whereby unsuspecting customers are required to pay 10% extra when they pay in bond notes. This is largely because the bond notes are not trusted, hard to convert to USD dollars despite their value being equal to 1;1. When people go to the banks with the bond notes, they don’t get the money converted to USD cash, instead they are allowed to deposit them into the bank accounts. Some banks have completely stopped giving out USD dollars, and they allow withdrawals only in bond notes. This system has resulted in many people shying away from the traditional banking system and people keep their foreign currency at home.

latest from South Africa

A letter has been leaked in South  Africa against migrants from Zimbabwe,  Nigeria and Pakistan. A demonstration has been organised for 24 February 2017 @ 11am Paul Kruger hall. There is growing fear that something more sinister might be brewing unnoticed. A lot of speculation is going on about the impacts of such meetings and gatherings. Previously events like this have led to xenophobic attacks on migrants with a lot of people dying and some getting injured. In the last xenophobic attacks the army has been called in to quell the riots. Foreigners are being encouraged to be vigilant especially on days leading to that day.

Cross Cultural fun goes viral

A teenager white Zimbabwean and their maid who lives in Harare has been recorded in a video while dancing to a popular local singer Jah Praise and it has gone viral. The reason for this video going viral is simply because the fellow young man was white and listening and dancing to local language music. Usually black Zimbabweans don’t realize that we all grew up exposed to the same environment so we are all at equal par and no-one should be surprised. The video is very fun and a lot of people have enjoyed it so far.

Truck crashes 2 die, but noone helps

A crash which happened in Harare in the suburb of Glen-view 3 has left 2 drivers dead. However there is something sinister that was reported by one of the witnesses. When the truck lost control at a curve it plunged into an abandoned market place and rolled over upside down. 2 people in the truck died on the scene, however before the emergency services could arrive people started looting, while no one even looked to see if the drivers were okay. A lot of drinks were looted by pedestrians and people from neighboring houses. No-one was even worried about the drivers.  No-one helped them at all and they died on the scene.

Graduates in Zimbabwe doing it tough!!!

In Zimbabwe like no other country, you can be a graduate with masters degree, honors degree or phd degree but this will not full-proof you from the wrath of the poverty due to lack of jobs. The political climate has long been preventing the growth of the economy and this resulted in many companies closing and hence therefore no jobs for the graduates. Many graduates are now joining the rest when it comes to surviving means by selling firewood on the streets. this practice is called vending in Zimbabwe.

Over 100 people died overnight trying to cross into South Africa to escape political violence and poverty



Over a hundred people have drowned overnight while trying to cross the Limpopo river into South Africa. A lot of people have risked their life to cross the river due to escalating political violence in Zimbabwe. One individual who did not want to be mentioned had reported that his house was burnt completely after being accused of being a corroborator of the MDC party, he went on to say that the Zanu PF youths destroyed everything and the only reason why he survived was that he was not in the house at the time. The family went to a late-night church service when the youths came. He also stated he was disturbed by these events and he and his family successfully crossed the border, the gentlemen also stated that he is sure that he is on the wanted list and relocating would mean a life on the run. The only way he could be safe was to cross the border. However many who tried to do the same did not afford to hire a boat so they tried to cross the river by swimming and this proved too much for many. Bodies washed on the other side of the border in South Africa. This has come as the political violence has exponentially increased as we go towards the 2018 elections. The official body count has not yet been determined by it is known that over a 100 people have died overnight.

Granny claims she eats dead people’s flesh

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An unidentified grandmother has appeared on video claiming she eats dead people. This is shocking but due to the strong grassroots cultural practice it may not be surprising. In Zimbabwe , cases of witchcraft are so widely often spoken about behind closed doors, however this is the first time someone has come out publicly claiming they practice witchcraft. I believe the people who are neighbors to this lady will be terrified.

Terrible accident near Beitbridge: Uburn Connect and Commuter Ominibus

Just in there has been a terrible accident between a bus and a commuter omnibus.  It was a head-on collision and it is reported several scores of people have died. Police and ambulance have already arrived at the scene and several survivors have been taken to the beitbridge hospital. Death was toll was initially reported to be at 17. This is the second accident involving an Urbun Connect bus in a month. The accident has been caused by poor roads according to reports from passengers.  One unidentified passenger has spoken to news-crew on the ground that the driver swerved trying to avoid a big pothole and lost control of the bus and then collided with a commuter-omnibus head on. This is very bad news for the families who are still in the process of getting the news about their loved-ones.

Save River Causes Havoc

With Save river overflowing due to recent heavy raifall, it has resulted in the river cutting off roads.Many people have bern left stranded on either side of the river. Some people in the region use desperate methods to try cross the river. Many have lost their lives in this way but still many people try to gamble with their lives. This footage was taken last week at Save river crossing  near Marange and submitted to us. This maybe a reminder fot people that they should never try cross a river when its full.

Zimbabweans stranded at Limpopo river didn’t make it to Xmas


If your relative who lives in South Africa did not make it to Christmas back home, this summer, it is probably because Limpopo river had punched above its weight this summer. There has been a lot of rainfall in the Limpopo region and this has resulted  in the river overflowing making it impossible for anyone to cross unless in a boat which is still very dangerous due to fast moving current and presence of crocodiles. Many Zimbabweans go to South Africa before summer rainfall and usually cross the river when there is barely any water making it easier to border jump. However this summer its a different situation for those used to cross the border illegally as there is so much rainfall. Many Zimbabweans who hoped to spend Xmass have been utterly dissapointed by the rise of the river.


download2Land reforms in Zimbabwe where white minority rule and landownership by white farmers, were synonymous ended in 1980, with the signing of the Lancaster House Agreement, on December 21st ARQ 2016 movie now

Though there was a disproportionate distribution of land between the minority whites and majority blacks the economy was an integration of both communities prior to1980, where the white dominated commercial sector accounted for more that 30% of the total workforce whilst they also controlled 40% of all exports.

Agricultural commercial exports were mainly high yield hybrid maize, cotton, coffee, tobacco and sugarcane which were grown in large farms by landowning white farmers.

The Lancaster House Agreement involved the British government to finance half of the cost of land transfer, subject to mutual agreement between whites and blacks.

In the late 1990’s the Tony Blair government reneged on the agreement due to lack of funds and it resulted in all hell breaking loose in Zimbabwe with Robert Mugabe resorting to forcible eviction of whites and distributing their lands among the blacks, who knew nothing much about land management.

This naturally created a domino effect which Zimbabwe has still to recover from, with the total land reform now in shambles, just like the economy.


download3 1-itai-dzamara-jpg1_

Pro democracy activist Itai Dzamara was abducted by armed goons of the corrupt Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe on March 9th 2015, whilst he was at his local barbershop waiting to get his hair cut.

He was not heard from nor was there any intimation from the security authorities as to why he was being held and the charges against him, which shows that the abduction was politically motivated.

The relevant authorities drew a blank when his name was mentioned to the various spokesmen representing the different arms of the government security apparatus which are just extensions of the despotic rule of the nonagenarian Robert Mugabe.trailer film Ant-Man

There is no official statement as to what happened to Itai Dzamara and every lead that activists of his “Occupy Africa Unity Square” have received has drawn a blank, whilst the government keeps mum.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

The Itai Dzamara abduction is a thorn in Mugabe’s side and is slowly but gradually turning out to become an issue that the President who has ruled undemocratically for 36 years would not be able to hold back when elections are held next.

But elections have been marred with accusations of vote rigging and whether Itai Dzamara would bring down Mugabe from wherever he is only time will tell.


download41 download4

The question on every right thinking patriotic Zimbabwean is why NIKUV International Projects or NIP the Israeli security company with a dubious track record in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in the world was paid a staggering amount of more than US $ 10 Million by the Zimbabwe Register General’s office under the notorious Robert Mugabe stooge, Tobaiwa Mudede.

When journalists questioned Mudede at a press briefing he abruptly terminated the questioning and later delivered a short curt note to one of the persisting journalists that he was not obliged to discuss the matter further.

Probably corrupt Tobaiwa Mudede has forgotten that this colossal amount of money is not his heirloom but the lawful money of every Zimbabwean living and yet to be born.

It is widely discussed discreetly of course, that this money paid to NIP was a gratuity for their hand in rigging the 2013 vote where Robert Mugabe won a landslide victory when everyone watching it closely expected Robert Mugabe to meet his waterloo at that election.

How NIP helped Robert Mugabe is now well known and is the hot topic in the country and whether their continued presence in Zimbabwe is to again prop up Mugabe at the next election is anybody’s guess.


download51 download5Zimbabwe under the dictatorial rule of nonagenarian Robert Mugabe is considered a pariah state in the eyes of the world and is shunned by all right thinking nations.

Mugabe’s tight grip on power has been possible mainly due to his suppression of the press and violently curbing any adverse comments being written from within.

The 1992 abduction and subsequent murder of popular journalist Edward Chikomba has left journalists in a trance and their self imposed censorship within Zimbabwe, is evidence that they know, they are being watched closely by the authorities and a word out of line could bring them the same fate too.

Robert Mugabe like all other dictators who have ruled their countries with “jack boot democracy” knows very well that it is the press that can turn the tide against him, hence his systematic suppression by threats, coercion and even assault of those journalists who do not write rosy things about his government.

Having ruled Zimbabwe for 36 years he is still very much in power and has no intentions of relinquishing it and his only hope to remain at the helm is to keep dissent by journalists at bay at any cost, even when the world community has shunned him full movie A



download63 download-62 download61

Corrupt dictator nonagenarian Robert Mugabe is not getting any younger and no amount of witchcraft could possibly prolong his life’s ambition at tremendous cost to the nation to reach the magical milestone of remaining as President in his impoverished nation at the ripe age of 100 years.

Zimbabwe was a bountiful and flourishing nation prior to Robert Mugabe taking over the reins, though it reeked with a policy of apartheid under white minority rule, but today it has fallen into a bottomless abyss, from where it would find it difficult to crawl back up.

The drought forecasted in 2017, the never ending political unrest spilling over to every street in Harare and elsewhere, inflation just below the sky and the latest gimmick by the government to issue, bond notes instead of currency notes, have all boomeranged on Robert Mugabe.

There is no law and order with most officials corrupt to the core after 36 years of despotic rule and long bank queues being the order of the day for every citizen who is struggling to make ends meet whilst Mugabe is living an Emperors lifestyle cocooned in the Presidential Palace.

What the 2018 elections would bring “ONLY TIME WILL TELL”.


c148b5c5-67e8-41ac-86c5-0c849a75e92d_w987_r1_sjoice-mujuru-page-2The present relentless unrest seen in the streets of Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe, the once food basket of the continent of Africa is leaderless but nurtured by a more powerful tool, the social media.

There is no proper leadership to this opposition other than the coordination through the social media which has become a very powerful tool, and there is every possibility that it could be blocked by the authorities to sabotage the growing dissent.

If that happens, what would become of all the hue and cry to topple the despotic regime is anybody’s guess and which could peter out and give some respite to the regime because there is no leadership to this campaign.

Whether this could propel anybody to power is another matter because there is no contender at the moment, who has the backing of the majority, the charisma and leadership qualities to take over from Robert Mugabe whose tyrannical rule is slowly sinking into the abyss he himself has created.

The present fragmented opposition could be caught unawares if Mugabe decides to go for a snap election which could consolidate his power in the eyes of the world whatever the internal strife is within the country

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imageAfter 36 years of mismanaging the economy the autocratic President of Zimbabwe the 92 year old Robert Mugabe is at a financial crossroad, grasping the last straw that he thinks would keep the country afloat.
His government’s financial disciplines, if there were any, has taken the country and it’s people into a deep abyss from which crawling back would need a new star on the horizon which in the near future looks nowhere to be seen even in the Universe.
Whilst Mugabe has not indicated any signs of relinquishing power, or for that matter even grooming his successor the recent introduction of bond notes have aggravated the financial crisis further.
The official exchange rate with the US dollar is 1:1 for the bond notes, but what is prevalent in the streets is something in complete contrast.
Inflation is mind boggling and has gone through the roof of those sitting to calculate it and Mugabe’s tryst with the new bond notes would be like his experiment with the now discontinued Zimbabwe dollar that was available in one hundred Trillion (100,000,000,000,000/=) denominations.
What financial future Zimbabwe would have in the last leg of Mugabe rule and after, ONLY TIME WILL TELL, but without doubt whichever way the country goe

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The internecine warring within the ZANU-PF the ruling party in Zimbabwe, the former Republic of Rhodesia has prompted President Robert Mugabe who has ruled the country with an iron fist for the 36 years since they were released from white bondage under the former apartheid regime, to categorically state that his successor would be elected democratically and his wife would not be the automatic choice to succeed him.
Zimbabwe was born in 1980 after years of armed struggle and political instability created by it’s supporters to pressure the ouster of white minority rule and after achieving that goal it has been Robert Mugabe who has held the country together, though most of the time on the fringes of democracy.
Robert Mugabe at the ripe age of 92 years is not getting any younger and it is not him to decide how long he would live, being a ruthless guerilla leader and now a seasoned senior politician, one of the last in the world, to know what is best for his country after he passes on.
What he has up his sleeve nobody will know but what is clear is that his death without a successor in place is definitely going to take Zimbabwe on another blood bath.

Extortion by ZRP on the rise as economy tightens….

Bribery, corruption, extortion and other influences to obtain favorable conditions, patronage, policing, decisions and judgements among many other ills are a human trait today and practiced in every country around the world even in the hallowed precincts of reputed institutions which are numerous to write about here.
In this context the extortion rings run within the Zimbabwe Republic Police wouldn’t be surprising but the ills befitting this organization that just sprung out of the hated anti-apartheid revolution and baptized with fire in 1980 is today unprecedented.
The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) the successor to the British South Africa Police (BSAP) was christened on the wrong foot with a novice in the enforcement of law and order being propelled to the important and sensitive post of the Commissioner General who was just but a lowly police constable joining the now defunct BSAP in 1960.
He had to serve his political masters who placed him at the helm and what followed was a lesson in disaster which would go down in the annals of Zimbabwe police history as the bone of contention that had more or less brought the country to be called a “failed pariah state” in the modern world.
Various reports and surveys conducted within the Zimbabwe Republic Police, discreetly of course, does not bode well for the well being of the organization.
The most blatant reason is the general working conditions of the rank and file who are poorly paid, forced into unhealthy living conditions, the absence of regular and targeted training, and the lack of modern resources to carry out their tasks which in itself are monumental due to the high rise in crime.
Hence bribery and extortion is a part and parcel of their daily chores without which the police personnel would not be able to meet ends when they go home to their loved ones.
Police extortion is so obviously prevalent that the senior officers who are also “on the take” turning a blind eye or also having their “palms oiled” by those who want umpteen favors to go about their lawless and nefarious activities.
Once in a way some low constable or a senior high ranking officer are taken in for extortion and charged but a closer analysis of the incident would have politically motivated undertones to it.
Extortion and bribery mostly go undetected due to the lack of modern technology in place in important areas where the opportunities for such activities are rampant.
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is missed badly in these sensitive areas and the “powers that be” do not want to install them due to reasons that are blatantly very clear.
The top is corrupt hence going behind small mice could “upset the apple cart” hence the hesitancy to enforce and prosecute those below in rank, as they would surely “spill the beans”.
A concerted effort would need to be initiated if extortion is to be eradicated from the Zimbabwe Republic Police but who would “bell the cat” is another matter.

Zimbabwe Republic Police -Corruption a terminal Cancer for Zimbabwe

Every country in the world has their own Police force to keep a check on Law and Order with mandates to prevent, investigate and prosecute those who fall foul of the law.
The organization mandated to do so under the apartheid regime of the former Republic of Rhodesia, was the British South Africa Police (BSAP), the predecessor of the present Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).
Baptism with fire
The Zimbabwe Republic Police had a very sudden baptism with fire like none other Police force in any other country and this could be the reason that it is rife with nepotism, political interference, bribery and corruption among many other minuses, today.
The year 1980 brought the sudden baptism we talk about when the apartheid regime was dislodged in a popular vote and the majority black community was given the reins to rule the country which saw an overall change in all spheres of public life, government structure and civil administration and in the rank and file of the Police force among many other social and political upheavals.
The Zimbabwe Republic Police was born out of this uncertainty with most senior white police officers being forcibly retired and black “other ranks” being promoted to responsible and sensitive positions overnight, where there should have been a systematic and gradual phasing out, if that was what was desired by the new black government at the helm but it was not.
It would be prudent to note that the British South Africa Police restricted the promotion of black “other ranks” up to the rank of Sub Inspector only and none was granted a Commission to hold commanding positions, hence their training was also limited to what they needed to know and carry out what they were ordered to do.
The pertinent reason for sense and sensibility to be put to the winds was the years of persecution, inhuman treatment of black detainees, and color segregation among other barbaric acts committed under the apartheid regime, which was the time bomb that exploded in the year 1980.
A round peg in a square hole
The crux of this problem would be better defined when considering the appointment of the first black Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police Wiridzayi Nguruve, a lowly police constable who had joined the British South Africa Police in 1960 with no command experience, human resources management or law enforcement training and knowledge.
He became a round peg in a square hole and whilst his appointment was politically motivated he had to swear allegiance and be subservient to his political masters who placed him in that predicament.

A bite too big to chew
This sudden elevation to command was too big a bite for the new and first Commissioner General to chew and what followed is the fate of Law & Order in Zimbabwe today.
The rot that began in 1980 is still decaying the very fabric of the Zimbabwe Republic Police more so with a President who has ruled the country since the fall of the apartheid regime with an iron fist where nepotism, bribery and corruption is rife in all spheres of Zimbabwean life and in such a environment, a corrupt Police force is no surprise to any.

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Human rights collapse as military marches ON Exclusive

The number of ordinary people who are abused by military in Zimbabwe is increasing at an alarming rate. The human rights lawyers who are in the country are extremely concerned about this fact. In fact, the lawyers have actively helped hundreds of civil people who were abused by military. Among those people, they even found two children, who were one year and 10 years old respectively.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Different organizations that exist in Zimbabwe have also paid their attention towards the fact how human rights are being abused within the country. It creates a negative impact about the country in International media. VOA and ZLHR are two such organizations that have paid attention towards the above mentioned fact. As per these organizations, both army and police are not caring about the fundamental rights of humans. On the other hand, it gives an impression that the civil people in Zimbabwe don’t have an idea about their fundamental rights. If people are aware about their rights, they would never allow the army or the police to abuse them. This is something that the government should pay more attention towards. As per the lawyers in Zimbabwe, it seems like the things are not getting better any sooner. As a result, all the lawyers are worried about the situation and they are looking forward to educate people in mass.

As per the lawyers in Zimbabwe, this issue remains a cause for concern. That’s because all the people who belong to the military forces should adhere to the rule of constitutionalism and law as per the new constitution. In fact, it is the responsibility of the military forces to ensure that human rights of civil people are being met, not abused. Unfortunately, it is sad to see them performing their duties the other way round. It is the high time for military to stop harassing civil people in the country, before the tension explodes.

In the recent past, the High Court of Zimbabwe ordered Sydney Sekeramai, who is the Defense Minister of the country to pay $2,000 for one of the political activists in Harare to compensate the loss that was taken place as a result of the abuse by military. Moreover, the police was asked to pay $2,000 for one of the election support network members for a wrongful arrest. Even though the lawyers are struggling hard to ensure the civil rights of humans, it seems that all their efforts are in vain due to the ignorant measures taken by military forces.

The most prominent lawyers in Zimbabwe have realized that they cannot support this fact alone. As a result, they are looking forward to get together as a group and then raise a strong voice against these wrongful acts that are being conducted by military. We hope these efforts would bring positive results and make Zimbabwe a better country to live for all the human beings.