Military throws the first spanner

The militia has been seen beating up the police officers in the CBD, this has led to many interpretation that this was a show of force by the military bosses after revelations that Grace Mugabe is working in the background on the succession issue. Military bosses have been reportedly to be in discontent with the actions of the first lady and close sources reveal that they are ready to put off the gloves.


War veterans spokesperson rebuked Grace Mugabe for making her statements about the President’s succession. The call was that Grace Mugabe should be arrested if the law is applied equally but this will never be the case. He went further to state that other people have been previously arrested for making such statements bout succession. He reinforced the idea that the law is not being applied equally and Grace Mugabe should not be saying anything about the succession. This gaffe is being predicted as a a big firestorm about to unravel within the ranks of Zanu-pf.

Grace Walks a Hyena Road

Words by the First Lady Grace Mugabe seems to have upset the war veterans. In this video Grace seems to be asking the President , which is her husband to name his successor. This speech has been widely condemned by the military and war veterans and sparked an all-out war about how the successor should be chosen. Grace claims no discussion about the president’s succession can be done without involving him. The words were interpreted as the first lady claimed that they own the country. War veterans fired back claiming the country belonged to the people of Zimbabwe who died during the liberation struggle.


A video has surfaced of President Robert Mugabe encouraging his die hard supporters to commit acts of violence against opponents as we head into 2018 elections. This endorsement came as a surprise to many Zimbabweans because Mugabe had promised to end violence since 2013 but its the opposite that has prevailed. Its shocking that the President of  a democratic country endorses violence against opponents. This move has been seen with the targeting of journalists, war veterans and the media at large. Actions of Mugabe are contrary to the expectations of democracy and should be condemned.

Violence not stopping-Destination Zimbabwe


ZANU PF behavior continues , violence continue o sweep the rural areas, villagers continue to be terrorized by the militia. This is the worst gross abuse of human rights abuse that the Southern Africa has witnessed in history. The military has been used to perpetrate acts of violence against Zimbabweans for a long time. This violence is likely to increase as long as ZANU PF is in power.

Cycle of Politically motivated violence continue

With scenes like this being witnessed everyday it has become apparently clear that the cycle of violence has not changed. The lessons of the past have not been learnt, it is likely that the violence will continue. Many Zimbabweans have fled their towns and cities for safety due to situations like this. The scenes are frightening and victims often die from injuries sustained when such incidents occur.

Who does that? Police Survellance goes beyond norms

Zimbabwe police plant fake patients in hospital wards of police brutality victims

Harare – Police in Zimbabwe have been caught in a web of illegal surveillance, after planting intelligence operatives under the guise of genuine patients in hospitals across the capital Harare, to monitor visitors of victims of police brutality.

Over the last few months, several civilians have been physically assaulted by local police, resulting in varying degrees of injury, from minor to severe.

In an attempt to cover up the deeds, and protect the image of the police, intelligence operatives have been assigned to follow all victims of police brutality to hospitals, and gain admission in the same wards as the victims.

Journalist Malvern Mkudu had a suspicious run in with the ‘planted policemen’ earlier yesterday. Narrating his account of events, he had this to say

Yesterday I visited a victim of police brutality in hospital. I got to him and found out how he was doing.

What happened next shocked me. His ward mates then asked me for my identity card.I told them that I don’t move around with identity cards.

They then explained that my interest in this “sensitive matter’ requires that I identify myself. I said there was nothing sensitive about visiting sick people.

I was then left with a question that were these ‘sick’ people or the state had planted spooks in this ward posing as patients to see who would visit this person.

My conclusion was that we are now in a Gestapo State were the ZRP is determined to hide its excesses and intimidate whoever is curious.It dawned on me that while we wait thinking the state will find its moral compass, it will escalate its repression

Zimbabwe’s spokesperson for the police, Charity Charamba, could not be reached for comment, as her mobile went unanswered. Whilst efforts to get a comment from Harare Central Police station were fruitless, with constables stationed there threatening to detain and beat our reporters.

Zim Roads Are Causing Fatalities

Thousands of people are dying each year due to poorly maintained roads in Zimbabwe. This has been due to poor funding by the government and corruption within the departments responsible for maintaining the roads. The roads are extremely dangerous and many people have fallen victims.

Zim Roads Are Causing Fatalities

Thousands of people are dying each year due to poorly maintained roads in Zimbabwe. This has been due to poor funding by the government and corruption within the departments responsible for maintaining the roads. The roads are extremely dangerous and many people have fallen victims.



Things you need to know if you are working as a Journalist or in the media. The introduction of this bill has led to fears that many innocent journalists will be jailed for no crime. this bill has been designed to cover a range of issues which include-critics- fake news-reporting of incidents. The bill is very ambiguous and is causing a lot of confusion. A lot of people who work in the media face a real risk with their profession.

Extortion, Roadblocks leaving many citizens scarred.

On June 24 a man was dragged out of his car after refusing to pay a  bribe to police officers. They started to beat him brutally. Onlookers could not do anything and watched helplessly as they beat him. Its alleged the victim had refused to pay the bribe and in retaliation, the police dragged him forcefully out of the car and bashed him severely. The man was severely injured and had a fracture on his leg. Its alleged the officer repeatedly kicked him in the same spot causing the injuries. Its the same complaint that citizens always raise that police are using violence to extort money out of citizens at roadblocks.

Zimbabwes Upcoming Election Secret Footage of Violence Threats and Manipulation

2018 elections will by far be the most dangerous in the history of Zimbabwe. This is because the stakes are high this time. A lot of people have suffered a lot under the regime and are now willing to vote the other way. Zanu pf knows this and the only way to stay in power will be violence and this will be the case. 2018 elections will be scarred by violence. A lot of people have already started experiencing this violence. Many people have been displaced already.-admin

Could this Lead to Mugabe’s downfall? Brutal FORCE vs War Veterans!!!

War veterans have been upset for a while now voicing their concerns with protests, however the regime will stop at nothing to stop critics. The government has sent the riot police to stop any escalation of the protests. However experts raised the alarm that any action against the war veterans will likely lead to escalation if not handled carefully.


Zanu Pf youths are the youths base for the party often recruited into the Border_Gezi _Scheme often rotated across the country. There has been reports that youths have completed their training for the 2018 elections rotations across the nation. The violence had already started with some people fleeing their homelands into hiding. Some get caught and are severely punished. Zanu pf youths are known for extensive brutality. Police often don’t investigate any politically motivated violence. Times ahead will be challenging and tough for many Zimbabweans.

This is what happens when you refuse to pay bribes to Zimbabwe Republic Police

A man has been left permanently disabled with a broken leg after the Zimbabwe Republic Police shoved a man and the man’s leg was crushed by a commuter minibus. This is the growing concern that police have been sanctioned to use unjustified  violence towards citizen.Actions of police in this video are unjustified and its one of the many incidents of what is happening in Zimbabwe away from  the world eye.


Zimbabwe Republic Police is  failing the nation by allowing Zanu Pf to use it as its arm to intimidate and harass the public. This is wrong, and should be condemned. Zimbabwe should move away from this sort of behaviour.  In the video we see a man being brutally beaten by police officers. This violence is politically motivated and its the last thing that Zimbabweans need.


Since the ousting of Ray Kaukonde from Zanu pf, the government made an audit of the farms still in the hands of Zimbabwean white farmers and it revealed that Mashonaland of all the provinces was the only province with by far the largest number of farmers in Zimbabwe.  allegations arose that Ray Kaukonde the former resident minister was protecting the white farmers from getting their land repossessed. Mugabe in the last nationwide tour, stated that getting all the last farms was his priority. Since the beginning of the second week of June, land invasions have started again. Many white farmers reported losses of stock, property some injured severely. Some humanitarian groups have raised concerns about this racist approach as white farmers are naturally born Citizens who should not be discriminated because of their skin color. Its likely the western governments will respond with further sanctions for the abuse of Human rights.

Percecution of Journalists in Zimbabwe rises 130% !!! including DEATH LIST#HITLIST by the Central Intelligence Organisation.

POLICE arbitrary arrests of journalists legally doing their work has spiked by 130% in the past 12 months as the State intensifies its suppression of freedom of expression and keeping the electronic media closed to private players, the Media Alliance of Zimbabwe (Maz) has said.

The organisation revealed the statistics of a media under siege during a Press conference in the capital ahead of next week’s Media Freedom Day celebrated worldwide on May 3.

Maz said the statistics of journalists arrested and beaten or tortured at the hands of the police in the past year were compiled by the Media Institute of Southern Africa-Zimbabwe in their State of the Media Report 2016.

“There was an upsurge in media violations with at least 23 journalists unlawfully arrested or detained in the last year,” Maz said.

“The report notes that there were 12 journalists assaulted by either the police or by unruly political activists while professionally covering news events, translating to a shocking 130% and 71% increase in the number of journalists arrested and assaulted, respectively, while on duty.”

The organisation further stated it was concerned by government threats against the media and the switching-off of online social media during political disturbances.

“Maz is also concerned by the Zimbabwe government threats against media freedom, which poses a chilling effect on citizens’ right to free expression and access to information both offline and online as evidenced by stern measures such as the blackout on social media platforms such as Whatsapp on July 6, 2016 and the plans in motion to enact laws that will hinder online activity under the guise of preventing cybercrimes,” it said.

The media grouping urged the government to protect journalists and enact pro-media policies that will keep media organisations afloat in these turbulent economic times.

“We implore the government to create a safe working environment for the media and to provide leadership within and outside government in raising awareness on the need to ensure the safety of journalists and media workers,” Maz said. “We buttress the calls for the government to address the sustainability challenges within the media industry by reviewing the multiple tax regimes and to further facilitate for the viability of the media industry.”


Police keep guard outside the Harare Magistrates Court in Harare, Wednesday, July 13, 2016. Zimbabwean pastor Evan Mawarire was charged Wednesday with attempting to overthrow a constitutionally elected government for organizing a nationwide strike which shut the country down last week. Water cannons and riot police surrounded the Harare Magistrates Court to prevent protests over Mawarire’s court appearance. (AP Photo)

Jumping from one prominent to the other, there has been a string of prophesies about who would emerge leader after Mugabe but the under-core line is that even if Mugabe leaves office the human rights issue will still be a big problem. Whoever would emerge leader would still maintain a reign of terror to stay hold of power and history tells us that. Dictatorship countries like North Korea have taught us time and time again that any government which is willing to kill its people will stay in power for a long time. Mugabe is not central to the problems of the human rights but the system of the oppression will likely stay in the institutions such as police-force, army and the central intelligence organisations. Mugabe introduced all these institutions but he is too powerless to control them now. The police are corrupt, the army is violating human rights and the CIO is abducting innocent citizens on a daily basis, mostly going unreported by the outside media due to the media blackout.


Dark clouds are hanging over embattled Zanu PF political
commissar Saviour Kasukuwere after Mashonaland Central provincial affairs
minister Martin Dinha yesterday ominously warned that his political career
was “finished” despite the party having not yet decided on allegations
raised against him by its provincial leaders.

Dinha, who has consistently claimed he is close to the First Family,
described Kasukuwere as a “lame duck” who tried unsuccessfully to usurp
power from President Robert Mugabe through the Generation 40 (G40)

Zanu PF insiders have claimed that Kasukuwere and Higher and Tertiary
Education minister Jonathan Moyo are two of the kingpins of the G40
faction which is fiercely opposed to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa
succeeding Mugabe.

No way OUT!!!

Scenes like this is an everyday thing in Zimbabwe, it has actually become a way of life. Surprisingly this week Mr Chombo has given greenlight to police to use fire-arms on civillians resisting the system. Roadblocks like this are there to stay and the police will be able to use guns on civillians in situations like this. Experts fear that more guns on the streets will lead to more violence and more deaths.

What we know now now!! Food for Thought

Grace has been on the headlines for different reasons in recent years but experts have been following her calculated steps. Grace wants to be president and she has been working so hard day and night to achieve that especially in the past 2 years.  Grace has aquired a phd degree last year to solidify her efucation credentials. Many people are vying for the position of the president and the race is tight. Many experts  believe Grace has the edge to win the contest but it will not be easy. If she is to be president she may need the blessing of the army which will not be easy. For many Zimbabwe the biggest question now is ‘ Are you ready for a Grace Presidency?’ Are you ready for a dynasty rule?’  This question will be very hard for many Zimbabweans as they have already experienced 34 years of carnage under the incumbent. Food for thought.

Does Mugabe fear the Trump factor?

US has just shown its willingness to go it alone in any conflict when it wiped the Syrian airbase with its tomhawk missiles a few nights ago. What is Mugabe thinking right now about the next election. Is he now on notice when it comes to violence? However we all be quite sure the Zanu Pf will be thinking twice when it comes to causing or getting engaged in such cowardly acts. Trump will not give them a clue of when, how or what! What a leadership! This is a major difference between President Obama and Trump.

More Violence coming!!!!

Scenes like this are becoming common in Zimbabwe. The police are on a crackdown of anyone who is an MDC supporter or anyone who is suspected of being sellouts. More deaths will come as political violence escalates in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will experience violence that has never seen before. Tensions are running high in the political arena especially when ZANU PF is losing grip on power, violence is the last resort for the last leg. Thousands of MDC supporters have fled for safety into other neighbouring countries, those who didnt have either died or they are counting their days.

watch film Swiss Army Man now

Violence Swooping Accross the Nation

With 2018 election looming there has been over 200 people murdered already from political violence. This is very disturbing for a country that needs peace. Political violence is increasing day by day. A lot of Zimbabweans have been displaced, some fled to South Africa over fears they might be next. Zanu pf youths have been deployed across the nation to instll fear and exert violence on everyday mums and dads. Of the 200 killed , 112 are from Mashonaland where mai Mujuru comes from. The world seems to have turned a blind eye to the artrocities occuring each day.

Zimbabweans living abroad set to loose Citizenship

An amendment to the citizenship constitution of Zimbabwe is being drafted by the government of Zimbabwe that will see Zimbabweans lose Citizenship if they have been living outside the country for 5 years and not paying taxes. This will be a new shift in Government policy in 20 years. The government wants to raise taxes from Zimbabweans living abroad. Many people are skeptic if this will actually work.  Some experts expect a lot of people to loose citizenship if fully implemented,

Bond notes create another economy-overcharging

The introduction of bond notes has created another economy whereby unsuspecting customers are required to pay 10% extra when they pay in bond notes. This is largely because the bond notes are not trusted, hard to convert to USD dollars despite their value being equal to 1;1. When people go to the banks with the bond notes, they don’t get the money converted to USD cash, instead they are allowed to deposit them into the bank accounts. Some banks have completely stopped giving out USD dollars, and they allow withdrawals only in bond notes. This system has resulted in many people shying away from the traditional banking system and people keep their foreign currency at home.