Zimbabwe should aim for an effective and efficient education system that equips students with skills and values to guarantee economic growth and increased opportunities for employment creation.

This was said by President Robert Mugabe while officially opening the Education Conference and Expo 2015 in Harare.

President Mugabe said many times when he visits countries in the region and abroad he is proud to see Zimbabweans excelling in different trades due to their skills.

The conference and expo presents an opportunity to identify the extent to which information and communication technology in education can be leveraged to improve learning outcomes for all, says the president.

“The education system needs to equip learner and prepare them for employment opportunities in industry. Zimbabwe has been successful in attaining development goal number 2 on universal primary education,” he said.

Regarding teachers’ salaries, President Mugabe said if the government is not paying well it is not because it is not appreciating the work, but the cake to be divided is too small.

The government has taken the lead in financing education as evidenced by the budget allocation which is the highest.

School children who attended the education conference commended the visionary leadership of President Mugabe that saw him giving out computers to schools in an effort to lead and deliver quality education.

The President toured the e-learning exhibition stand where he was told that 60 model schools have e-learning in eight rural provinces and that 1 000 public schools are using e-learning.

The Education Conference and Expo brought together SADC ministers of education, ambassadors, United Nations representatives, government ministers, education experts and other stakeholders.

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