Argentine leader not seeking re-election

Cristina Fernandez

Cristina Fernandez

BUENOS AIRES. — President Cristina Fernandez of Argentina won’t seek another office when her second term ends December 10, defying recent speculation she might run for congress.

With the passage of the filing deadline at midnight on Saturday, Fernandez’s name did not appear on any list of candidates.

She is barred by Argentina’s constitution from seeking a third presidential term.

Expectations had been rising that Fernandez might not be willing to leave government completely after holding public offices for more than two decades and many speculated she could decide to lead the congressional slate in Buenos Aires province.

Her son Maximo Kirchner, however, is seeking a seat in the House of Deputies for Santa Cruz province. He is the son of Fernandez and the late Nestor Kirchner, who preceded his wife as president.

Fernandez still is expected to remain an influence in the left-of-centre Front for Victory coalition that has supported her policies of government intervention in the economy. — AP.

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