The People’s Democratic Party joins the Rest of the world in commemorating the International Day of Peace. This year’s theme "Partnerships for Peace: Dignity for All", however reminds the people of Zimbabwe about the unfortunate circumstances on the ground.

The people of Zimbabwe continue to endure negative peace, fear related silence. The number of people leaving the country, the number of people incarcerated in state facilities and the percentage of our defence expenditure as a ratio to our National Budget is still very high. The above factors leave our country ranked below average on the World Peace Index.

It is the PDP’s view that the social and economic situation prevailing in the country also threatens the already delicate peace in the country.

We therefore outline in both HOPE and ARREST the urgent need for a National Transitional Authority (NTA) to address the economic crisis and restore the dignity of the Zimbabwean people.
The NTA must also oversee establishment of peace and reconciliation structures in the country, this is key considering the political history of our country. For our communities to establish partnerships for peace addressing the past conflicts will be key.

On the Long term the NTA must ensure a conducive environment for a peaceful election.
The PDP reinstates that another Zimbabwe is possible.

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