NewsDay is giving live updates of the People’s Democratic Party inaugural congress being held at the City Sports Centre. Biti speaks

13:40: In HOPE and ARREST we seek to give the people of Zimbabwe a chance .

13:38: Investment in infrastructure will spur public spending and take us out of this rut.

13:36: “Go back to eat what we kill. Unless the next government creates jobs it should be fired!”

13:35: We need a consulting state through an institution through which government, before making a major decision consults social partners.

13:33: 3 billion lost to illicit deals by the likes of Obert Mpofu since 2009.Public officials must declare assets annually

Biti also calls for a “truly independent commission such as ZACC, continuous lifestyle audits by the likes of Zimra.

“Kasukuwere has been building a house bigger than the HICC on a $400 salary “Biti claims

13:14 Biti takes a pot shot at MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai “Today we begin to create a 3rd force. We will leave you with your leaking Big Tent.

13:13 :The first document is the Holistic Programme for Economic Change (HOPE)

Second is the Agenda for the Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Electoral Sustainability.(ARREST)

13:09:” We are aware that heritage plus the new wave of democracy equals the future. Not on the agenda of creating a new and better Zanu Pf but on the new thinking by the young.”

13:07: “Our party will be anchored on four pillars; Equality, Working Together, “Yes we will talk to Welshman Ncube, Simba Makoni and finish the unfinished business of the coalition.”

13:04: We have lived in fear and highly intolerant society. It has delegitimized any citizen who has dared Zanu PF. Our response since 1999 got us nowhere. We became an assymetrical idiom of the same system we sought to remove. The failed aspirations, the dream that was deferred and the dream that was stolen in the democratic movement”

13:03: Biti continues” We seek to author a new narrative…Country dominated by one predatory unkind and cruel political party called Zanu Pf.”

“We feared failing you. We could not sleep afraid of embarassing ourselves. We have been disappointed by our own collective idiocy.You saw our nakedness in the GNU.For this I would like to apologise.”

12:57: Tendai Biti is about to present the blueprints

He chants a surprising slogan, Amandla Ngawethu.

12:56: Nkomo goes into a monotonous PD chant that reverbarates across the City Sports Centre.

“Long Live Zimbabwe , Long Live Democracy , Long Live Africa,”

12:41 National Chairman Samuel Sipepa Nkomo for the PDP delivers the state of the party and the country.

“We join Zanu Pf on the rugged political terrain with a commitment to form a government. We acknowledge the shared history for democratic change with the MDC-T. For them democracy was about how deep one hated Mugabe and their ability to praise Save Morgan Tsvangirai’s Save totem.”

” We refuse to be carbon copies of Zanu Pf!”

“There was a time when all hope seemed lost. The setting aside of the reunification process set a precedence for more misfortunes including the recall of MPs.”

“The recall was like a sucker punch but it was the affected MPS who rallied all of us together to take the fight to the next level. To us it was a natural adjustment and we view it not as a setback.”

“PDP will be as party bedrocked on the social democracy and african nationalism. PDP is a game changer in the Zim political dynamic. We will have a president who is part of the team and not an individual.”

“We will commit ourselves to changing the political narrative in Zimbabwe.”

Sipepa Nkomo vows to dislodge Zanu Pf “together with like colleagues we will form the next government”

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