Burna Boy raises heat

Burna Boy

Burna Boy

Monica Cheru-Mpambawashe Lifestyle Editor
The opening weekend fiesta of Pabloz, the new club in town, lived up to expectations as Burna Boy raised the heat for the hundreds of beautiful people who braved the chilly night to congregate at Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale.

The upmarket club obviously chose the right acts to ensure that they start off business with a bang following the successful Crazy White Boy gig on Friday night.

The “Abeg Abeg Abeg” hitmaker was preceded on the stage by local chanter including Tehn Diamond who got a good reception for his repertoire including the hit “Happy”.

Burna Boy whose show was facilitated by entertainment and events company Eventworx hit the stage soon after 1 am was on fire as he got the multi-ethnic crowd eating out of his hand as they jumped and danced to song after song. Which was fortunate for the hordes of scantily dressed women whose apparel really was highly chancy for such a cool night.

An energetic performer Burna Boy opened his act in a trench coat and shades with his locks in a ponytail and a bottle of champagne is his hand. He was backed by four local female dancers whose moves were smooth enough to beautifully compliment the singer.

When he introduced the Casper Nyovest hit on which he collaborated for the remix of “Shebeleza”, the enjoyment in the air was palpable.

After a couple of songs he grabbed the champagne bottle which had been appropriated by an aide and opened for a few quaffs before offering it to a few lucky fans who were jostling to be closest to the stage.

He ditched the trench coat to remain in a black T-shirt and black jeans that were worn in the ‘jailing’ trend of letting the waistband fall to expose another layer of clothing.

He then got the revellers super excited by draping his shoulders with a Zimbabwean flag.

“If I had known that there were such beautiful people in Zimbabwe I would have come here earlier,” he quipped as he got the ladies in the house to scream and acknowledge his compliments.

The chanter knew just how to work the audience of mostly young people and send them super crazy with song asking if anyone wanted to smoke weed.

He was brilliant at keeping the crowd going with him by talking to the people and getting each person to feel that they had been addressed personally by the internationally acclaimed artist.

He made sure to include the VIPs on the first floor balcony and the rest of the revellers in the tent.

This was one show for which patrons felt that they had gotten their money’s worth.

Born in Damini Ogulu in 1991 Burna Boy hit the Nigerian music scene in 2012 with “Abeg Abeg Abeg” then the single “Like To Party” which established him as a force to reckon with, not a flash in the pan.

The video of the same song released later that year also earned him more appreciation.

In 2013 he won the Nigeria Entertainment Awards Best New Act of the Year sealing his claim to fame as one of Nigeria’s music prodigies.

He has been nominated for several other prestigious awards since and his acclaim has grown beyond Nigeria.

Pabloz is located at the site that housed Italian eatery Leornardo’s and is designed to cater for various taste with a general club, VIP and VVIP sections with the last two options a no go area for the under-25s.

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