Churches must impart good morals

EDITOR — Please allow me through your paper to express my sincere gratitude to the AFM Church in Zimbabwe for successfully holding their centenary celebrations.

In a world that has given in to poverty, war, hate, adultery, homosexuality, crime and violence, the church has stood as the only source of hope for many often providing solace to the troubled.

Thanks to the church, many broken souls have been healed while lost hope has been restored and the world is now a better place to live in.

Surely it would be difficult to imagine what the world will be like without the comforting arms of the church.

Zimbabwe is predominantly a Christian country. Her children are God-fearing. It is no coincidence therefore that the peace that the country has enjoyed over the years is attributable to the obedience of her children.

Zimbabwe’s Christian values can be traced back to the 19th Century, when missionaries began spreading the Word of God.

Of course, the 20th Century has witnessed the proliferation of many churches, some of them of dubious character. However, there are some which have remained resolute without diverting from Christian principles, in the process winning souls and changing lives through imparting the Word of God.

As I joined others in Masvingo to celebrate the church’s 100 years of ministry, I attested to the proclamation that the church is indeed built on a solid foundation.

On my own behalf, I would also like to thank the AFM president  Aspher Madziire for shepherding God’s flock in the right direction, imparting life-changing and saving Godly values in this dynamic but materialistic world.

I encourage other churches to emulate the good work, remain resolute to God’s work and impart good morals in Zimbabwean citizens.

May God continue to bless them so that they continue with His work.

Zivanai Muwashu,



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