Comment on Age of consent: Tomana in climbdown by jabu

clip iripo wani iyo wherein he was giving his pro pedophile (personal)comments. The statistics of sex offenders going off the hook as well as the supreme court order compelling him to prosecute kereke which he has defied up to date is cold hard evidence of how this guy thinks. Hanzi heee i have 4 daughters, munhu ane four daughters anoswera achiedza to justify a non custodial sentence for ma adults anoita masexual activities with form one students???????????????? akamboona zvakaita a 13 year old here murume uyu, mwana anochema asiiwa kuboarding school ndiye anonzi can consent to sex. STATUTORY RAPE WAS PROMULGATED AS A WARNING SHOT TO EVERY ADULT KUTI EVERY CHILD IS A NO GO AREA. DEMAND FOR AN I.D FIRST OR GO TO PRISON ,FULL STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kwanzi mirirai mwana atange aitwa ravage. nonsense!!!!!!!

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