Eminent South African musician David Mbuso Masondo died yesterday, at the age of 67.The death of Masondo, the lead singer of the Soul Brothers, was announced by his band on their Facebook group.
“It is very sad to announce that the main man, the anchor man, the lead singer of our band, has passed on today (yesterday) at the age of 67,” they wrote.

“Rest in peace Mdavu mfo ka Masondo.”
In May, Masondo had been rushed to hospital after suffering from fatigue and exhaustion during a live performance.

According to Drum, the 67-year-old Soul Brothers member was rushed to hospital after an energetic performance in Port Elizabeth.

“Age is not on his side, running around a lot during a performance is not good for him,” the band’s management had said.

“After the performances he was weak and tired so we took him to hospital,” they added.
Soul Brothers have recorded over 30 albums since their formation in 1974.

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