Itai Dzamara’s wife, Sheffra says her family is living in constant fear as they campaign for the safe return of Itai who was snatched some six months ago.

“This is very difficult for me. Itai did nothing wrong. Everything he did is allowed in the constitution. He protested peacefully and never destroyed anything. He didn’t even retaliate when they beat him up. He does not like violence. He even wrote 10 golden rules on using non-violent strategies in protest. It is worrying and disheartening that Itai never used violence and yet there are people out there who use violence and are never arrested. How can we live freely in this country when those who peacefully protest disappear?

“We live in fear. We are afraid that they might take one of our children or maybe they might take me now, because they are unpredictable people. But as a family we still have hope, especially me.
“It was his birthday recently. He is not a birthday person but last year we celebrated as a family at our house. We bought him cake and cooked his favourite meal. It is painful and hard to comprehend that Itai just turned 36 years old and we don’t know where he is.
 “I would urge everyone out there, and other governments, to help us put pressure on the government to say something about Itai. PresidentRobert Mugabe has not said anything about him.

“Itai was the breadwinner in our family, so his abduction has affected our family’s survival. We now rely on donations to be able to afford day-to-day essentials. Our children constantly ask for him. The youngest gets excited when you show her a picture of Itai, but the eldest does not want to talk about his father, or even look at photos ... he won’t go out and play with his friends anymore. “Wherever he is, we as a family need to know what has happened.

“I look forward to a truly free Zimbabwe, where people can express themselves and are able to protest without fear of what will happen to them. That is what I hope to see.”


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