Former Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Mr Nicholas Goche is being sued by his ex-wife who is demanding $9000 towards the upkeep of their child.
In her application filed at the Harare Civil Court today, Laura Melisa Ebineng claimed Mr Goche was neglecting his child.

“The respondent was my husband at the time I conceived the minor child and as such he is the father of the minor child. I am the one having custody of the minor child and as such I am authorised  to make this application,” reads part of Ebineng’s application.
Ebineng claimed Mr Goche as the father of the child, was legally liable for maintenance.
“The respondent used to give me $350 for rentals and gave me a flat where I collected rentals as his contributions towards the upkeep of the minor child.
“However, he became inconsistent and subsequently stopped to give me the money for rentals and I was forced to move in to the flat. As such I no longer have any other contribution from him towards the upkeep of the minor child,” reads the application.
In her break down of the $9 450, Ms Ebineng said $130 was for rates, with electricity and water at $100, telephone $100, maid $150, food and groceries $290, fuel $480, car maintenance $3 000 and medication $300.
School fees will account for $750, rugby training kit $130, rugby training fees $30, pocket money $40, clothes (school and sport uniforms) $500, casual wear $400, holidays $2 500, stationary $100, incidents $400 and insurance $50.
“The respondent earns a total income which is approximately above $60 000 per month, hence his ability to pay maintenance for the child cannot be doubted. Ms Ebineng claimed she was not formally employed and earned an average of $1 000 per month.
“I am capable of contributing $500 per month towards the minor child,” she said.
“I am advised that in applications of this nature, the court is obliged to have regard to the general standard of living of the respondent, including their social status.
“I, therefore, believe that an order of maintenance in terms of the draft order attached hereto will do justice to the standard of living the minor child should enjoy considering the standard of living and the social status of his father who is the respondent in this matter.”
Cde Goche, who is yet to file his response, was in May this year suspended from Zanu-PF for five years. He eventually lost his ministerial post after being suspended from the party.

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