c148b5c5-67e8-41ac-86c5-0c849a75e92d_w987_r1_sjoice-mujuru-page-2The present relentless unrest seen in the streets of Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe, the once food basket of the continent of Africa is leaderless but nurtured by a more powerful tool, the social media.

There is no proper leadership to this opposition other than the coordination through the social media which has become a very powerful tool, and there is every possibility that it could be blocked by the authorities to sabotage the growing dissent.

If that happens, what would become of all the hue and cry to topple the despotic regime is anybody’s guess and which could peter out and give some respite to the regime because there is no leadership to this campaign.

Whether this could propel anybody to power is another matter because there is no contender at the moment, who has the backing of the majority, the charisma and leadership qualities to take over from Robert Mugabe whose tyrannical rule is slowly sinking into the abyss he himself has created.

The present fragmented opposition could be caught unawares if Mugabe decides to go for a snap election which could consolidate his power in the eyes of the world whatever the internal strife is within the country

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