G40 Kingpins Fight Over Mzembi Peace Deal Proposal With Mnangagwa

Walter Mzembi

Walter Mzembi

Staff Reporter

Former Foreign affairs and long-time Tourism minister Walter Mzembi this week engaged ousted former President Robert Mugabe with aims of initiating a peace deal between him and President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mzembi accompanied by former Sport and Recreational minister Makhosini Hlongwane, held two meetings with Mugabe culminating in the peace deal initiative being given a greenlight by the aging leader.

This comes on the backdrop of report that Mugabe is furious about how he was hauled out by the military following the November 15 soft coup.




Mugabe has since registered his displeasure to the African Union and has been holding meetings with opposition parties in a move that has disturbed the ruling Zanu PF.

However, sources said Mzembi, last week initiated talks that seek to bring to an end the acrimony between Mugabe and his long time deputy who took over in November with the help of the military intervention.

Source close to the development this week said Mzembi and Hlongwane met Mugabe and convinced him to reunite with his Zanu PF leadership and assume an “elder’s role” while at the same time bringing to an end the bickering that has been going on since the events of November 15.

“The two (Mzembi and Hlongwane) met Mugabe and he agreed to the peace initiative which is for the good of all Zimbabweans,” the source said adding: “the continued Zanu PF squabbles are a cause for concern and a national security threat as the country trudges towards the general elections.”

Mzembi, according to the sources, has been trying to meet Mnangagwa so that he can present the peace deal initiative which may bring unity.

Sources also said “Grace has accepted what is on the ground and ready to embrace the new administration.”

“So far only the former higher and Tertiary education minister Jonathan Moyo and his colleague former Indigenization minister Patrick Zhuwawo, have not shown interest in Mzembi’s initiative and are on a campaign crusade for the new National Patriotic Front party which will contest in the elections.

“Former Local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere is said to have distanced himself from NPF and is backing Mzembi’s initiative.”

“This effectively means G40 is now divided and it is up to Mnangagwa to choose who to work with within the ousted faction,” said the source.

However political analysts said the ball is now in Mnangagwa’s court because he has to decide whether to work with Mugabe or not.

“It is now up to Mnangagwa to convince his Zanu PF hawks such as the youth league to work with those who want unity such as Mzembi,” said one analyst.- TheZimbabwenewslive.com




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