Human rights collapse as military marches ON Exclusive

The number of ordinary people who are abused by military in Zimbabwe is increasing at an alarming rate. The human rights lawyers who are in the country are extremely concerned about this fact. In fact, the lawyers have actively helped hundreds of civil people who were abused by military. Among those people, they even found two children, who were one year and 10 years old respectively.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Different organizations that exist in Zimbabwe have also paid their attention towards the fact how human rights are being abused within the country. It creates a negative impact about the country in International media. VOA and ZLHR are two such organizations that have paid attention towards the above mentioned fact. As per these organizations, both army and police are not caring about the fundamental rights of humans. On the other hand, it gives an impression that the civil people in Zimbabwe don’t have an idea about their fundamental rights. If people are aware about their rights, they would never allow the army or the police to abuse them. This is something that the government should pay more attention towards. As per the lawyers in Zimbabwe, it seems like the things are not getting better any sooner. As a result, all the lawyers are worried about the situation and they are looking forward to educate people in mass.

As per the lawyers in Zimbabwe, this issue remains a cause for concern. That’s because all the people who belong to the military forces should adhere to the rule of constitutionalism and law as per the new constitution. In fact, it is the responsibility of the military forces to ensure that human rights of civil people are being met, not abused. Unfortunately, it is sad to see them performing their duties the other way round. It is the high time for military to stop harassing civil people in the country, before the tension explodes.

In the recent past, the High Court of Zimbabwe ordered Sydney Sekeramai, who is the Defense Minister of the country to pay $2,000 for one of the political activists in Harare to compensate the loss that was taken place as a result of the abuse by military. Moreover, the police was asked to pay $2,000 for one of the election support network members for a wrongful arrest. Even though the lawyers are struggling hard to ensure the civil rights of humans, it seems that all their efforts are in vain due to the ignorant measures taken by military forces.

The most prominent lawyers in Zimbabwe have realized that they cannot support this fact alone. As a result, they are looking forward to get together as a group and then raise a strong voice against these wrongful acts that are being conducted by military. We hope these efforts would bring positive results and make Zimbabwe a better country to live for all the human beings.

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