I Can Sing Gospel Talent show back on track

Silent Shasha

Silent Shasha

Wellington Kudiwa Entertainment Reporter
The much anticipated “I Can Sing Gospel Talent Search Show” has finally found a new lease of life after it had been halted due to various financial setbacks. The talent search show is to be re-launched later this year around August as it seeks to identify and mould raw talent in the gospel music fraternity as it will be held in every district in the country. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, gospel musician and founder of the “I Can Sing Gospel Talent Search”, Silent Shasha, said all major obstacles have been overcome although a few minor ones still need attention before the re-launch.

“Arrangements of “The I Can Sing Gospel Talent Search Show” is in its final stages as we seek its revival after we had halted it due to various misfortunes.

“As usual, the financial issue was the main hindrance because we failed to raise the amount that we required to cover for expenses during the shoot. Last year in December we were in Mashonaland West as we managed to hold our first gospel talent search which saw over 600 contestants registering and taking part.

“Our judges managed to identify the most talented people but everything ground to a standstill as we faced stiff financial challenges,” he said.

Shasha said that after the show had been halted, he was approached by businesspeople and broadcasters who wanted to buy the project but he refused because he knew God would come in to assist.

“God is the one who gave me this idea and gospel music for me is a way of preaching the people so I managed to overcome the temptation of gaining money over God’s blessing,” he said.

The 30-year-old Shasha, who is also a gospel musician and founder of the over 100-member Mufakose Ambassadors Choir said another project, “Music In My Bones(MIMB)” is set to be launched possibly in January 2016 or later. “Music In My Bones is a television programme that aims to bring artistes closer to their fans and help creating a new fan base as well.

“Gospel artistes will have a chance to show fans their other side of life before recording and also to share ideas with other musicians through interaction as this may lead to unique collaborations between themselves.” he said.

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