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AN online petition started by former CAPS United defender, Mpumelelo Dzowa, asking for ZIFA president Cuthbert Dube to step down is going viral with a number of former players and fans, spread around the world, putting their signatures to the document.

Dzowa believes that Dube should quit and give the baton for the ZIFA leadership to someone else after five years at the helm of Zimbabwe football.

“I know the passion and emotion you have displayed for the national sport,” Dzowa wrote on his Facebook page.

“I know the pride and patriotism you always uphold for your country. Enough is enough, our football has gone to the dogs and I’m responding to mobilise the call for Action.

“Let’s register our feelings for the record, we can’t be on the sidelines forever. So come with me, let’s be heard. Thanks for your support. If you have signed the petition please share the link.”

Some of those who signed the petition include Frank Nyamukuta, George Mbwando, Maxwell Dube and Abdul Karim Abdul.

The petition reads:

“(Because of) Our love and concern for our national sport, football, we have concluded that your tenure at ZIFA should not continue.

“Because we believe that you share that love and concern, we hope that you will resign voluntarily and we ask that you begin the process of negotiating your resignation with your Board and Councillors.

“You can be proud of many accomplishments during your tenure as ZIFA President.

“However, your tenure has been marked by a recurrent and worsening chaos at 53 Livingstone Avenue with regard to, among other challenges, the support, preparation or management of the national team, coaching clinics and many other operations organised by your secretariat including Board Meetings.

“The embarrassing events and related chaotic situations are now public fodder and have been widely reported in the media to the detriment of the integrity of your person, office of ZIFA President and ZIFA as a sport organisation.

“This has gone on for too long, and has occurred in too many situations in too many different times.

“Your dismal failure in leadership and the absence of goodwill from the custodians of the game in Zimbabwe constitutes a severe threat to our community and your own safety and security too.

“It angers and demoralises players, coaches and all whose livelihood and future depend on the football industry, fans whose entertainment, pride and patriotism is in football. It jeopardises the finances of ZIFA, because of the direct connection between integrity of leadership and generous sponsorship.

“It threatens the vitality of ZIFA programmes, which depend on the fans attending games and the generosity of sponsors/partners of ZIFA as a credible and trustworthy organisation.

“It makes the recruitment of the next generation of football leaders more and more difficult. And, most important, it is directly contrary to the spirit and identity of your lifetime career in leadership.

“Leadership is about positively influencing people and other organisations towards a common goal.

“For the many years serving in many different Boards, it is possible that this nightmare and embarrassing situation, may not arise.

“But here at ZIFA, the problem has become too severe and intractable to be ignored any longer. The fact remains that as an elected official you are held to a higher standard and recent events and, many before, are not acceptable.

“You have inevitably become a distraction to the challenging matters of football. We know that you have a conscience and it is telling you that you have given your best effort and there is need to swallow your pride.

“Your actions, past, present and future, are the (barometer) here. You and only you have the power to change the equation by subtracting yourself and your team from the discourse.

“There is only one solution, which is the orderly end of your tenure as ZIFA President. The time has come, you should go in peace with some dignity.

“Of course, you will need to consider the situation carefully, seek ethical counsel and discuss it with your family. But, please! RESIGN for the good of the beautiful game.”

Some of those who have signed and why they have done that:


Revival of the once beautiful football game

Abdul Karim Abdul (Australia)

Because we need change and it’s been too long players giver everything with no return.

Thabani Moyo (Bedford)

I’m signing to let my voice be heard in regard to the pathetic and maladministration at ZIFA that needs to brought to a halt for the good of the game that we do love that has gone to the doldrums. Enough is enough, please we ask that the ZIFA administration be dissolved and have a new administration be elected by the people, for the people and enacted by the people who have our beloved game’s best interest at heart.

Innocent Mugabe (Reading, England)

Enough is enough

Peter Kamukosi (CHITUNGWIZA, Zimbabwe)

Poor management at your (ZIFA) offices

Phineas Muroyiwa (STEVENAGE, England)

Like many other genuine soccer loving people, I would like to add my voice to the egocentrics at (53) Livingston Ave to leave the beautiful game to people like former players t to run it.

Brian Munangwa (READING, England)


William Magwenzi (PRETORIA, SA)

I want to see a good and healthy administration for the development of soccer in Zimbabwe

Mavis Dube (HARARE, Zimbabwe)

Our national team has become a joke. Go Dube we are fed up!

Ruth Madziire (OTTAWA, Canada)

He has to go and bring in young blood

Gibson Shava (COVENTRY, England)

For the good of Zimbabwean football

Tsungai Mavambe (HARARE, Zimbabwe)

He has failed to manage his CEO and got us kicked out of World Cup.

Charles Mazhau (SHEFFIELD, England)

We need transparency in our football and professionalism.

Nathan Banana (BLACKROD, England)

We need more transparency and accountability in public institutions. Football is a game enjoyed by people and they have a right to know how it’s finances from various sources are benefiting the sport.

Phillip Chabata (MANSFIELD, Texas, US)

This guy has destroyed the game of soccer and has used FIFA and its corruptness to hurt the feelings of the people of Zimbabwe. We need no guns for him to leave this petition is enough or people will be in the streets to free themselves from this thug.

David L Chitsiko (BLOEMFONTEIN, SA)

ZIFA led by Dube and Jonathan has let the nation down. Fresh ideas are needed to get the association out of the doldrums.

Ganizani Sande (KWEKWE, Zimbabwe)

I’m signing because I want to save the world’s most beautiful game from total collapse in Zimbabwe.

Victor Mawoneke (VICTORIA FALLS, Zimbabwe)

I agree with the petition

Kelvin Tsiga (CHITUNGWIZA, Zimbabwe)

For the love of the game #RESPECT #footballthewinner

Innocent Matepo (GRAHAMSTOWN, SA)

Zim football must not die just because we want to protect some inept individuals.

James Chingore (HARARE, Zimbabwe)

We need a total shift from this shameful place we are in our football governing and become better.

Nqobile Khumalo (COVENTRY, England)

To rid of the corrupt so-called officials

Maxwell Chamisa (MPUMALANGA, SA)

Cuthbert Dube is running ZIFA like a TUCKSHOP

Aleck Mhlanga (BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe)

Because I love football and my country

Tendai Muzuva (HARARE, Zimbabwe)

Cuthbert Dube has killed our football and I want him to resign and save our football

Tatenda Chingwaro (LONDON, England)

For the good of the game he has to go

Tavengana Timire (HARARE, Zimbabwe)

Cashbert Dube leave our football alone

Beven Sanyika (DAR-ES-SALAAM, Tanzania)

Our football has deteriorated and heads must roll.

Mike Davis (DALLAS, Texas, US)

I am a Zimbabwean and I am affected

Lucias Mathew (HARARE, Zimbabwe)

We feel you have done your PART, Please give others a chance. You have outlived your usefulness

Darlington Choto (TORONTO, Canada)

Because we need non political appointees who have love and passion for this game,We need people that understand the really soccer environment.

Maxwell Dube (LEICESTER, England)

Enough is enough

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