Jonathan Moyo ‘s Wife Giving 93 Year Old Robert Mugabe A Hard Time, He Says Doesn’t Know What to Do With Her

FORMER Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo abandoned his family, leaving them in the hands of former President Robert Mugabe, presidential spokesperson George Charamba said Thursday.


In his response to Moyo’s claims on the BBC’s HardTalk programme that the military had issued a death warrant on him, Charamba said the former cabinet minister was “running away from fears of his own making”.

“I don’t know about any death warrant. He (Moyo) ran away from his family and left them in the hands of a 93-year-old, at the Blue Roof (Mugabe’s private mansion)” said Charamba.

“Remember I was part of the negotiations (after the military coup and the period preceding Mugabe’s resignation) and the question that kept coming up was the former President saying ‘we don’t even know what to do with this large family he (Moyo) left in our hands.

“It’s not manly to desert one’s family, or is it? Moyo actually put a death warrant on his family,” Charamba said.

In the BBC interview Moyo said he had taken his family to then local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s home but the military also attacked that property indiscriminately shooting at the house for over 15 minutes.

According to Moyo the soldiers surprisingly abandoned the place allowing the former cabinet ministers to take their families to safety.-NewZim

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