A MAN who caught his wife kissing another man ran amok burning down their bedroom hut after his son stopped him from committing suicide.

Morris Khabo (29) found his wife Caroline Ruvengo (23) having quality time with an unidentified man just outside his compound in the Mahlabathini area of Inyathi.

He charged at the two and the man took to his heels and left Caroline at the mercy of her husband who pummelled her with fists leaving her writhing and bleeding in agony.

He was not done yet as he headed home straight to his bedroom hut. When he got there, he tried to hang himself but was stopped by his son who  quickly informed a neighbour who swiftly came to stop the mission. 

But after the neighbour had left, Morris burnt the bedroom hut. The court heard that the property, worth $1 500, went up in smoke. A police report was made, leading to his arrest.

He appeared before magistrate on circuit in Inyathi, Stephen Ndlovu, and pleaded guilty to charges of physical abuse and malicious damage to property.

He regrets burning down the property.

“Your worship I regret my actions and I have come to realise that it was uncalled for. My regrettable actions were fuelled by my wife whom I caught kissing and cuddling a stranger near our homestead. She was not expecting me at that time because I usually come at round 8pm,” he said.

The state heard that Morris has a tendency of beating his wife and accusing her of being promiscuous.


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