A 32-year-old man will spend the next two decades behind bars after he was convicted of raping a granny by a regional magistrate.

Alpha Nyika of 27 Burnbank Farm in Chegutu was this week sentenced to an effective 20 years’ imprisonment for sexually violating a 65-year-old female villager when he appeared before regional magistrate Loice Mukunyadzi.

State counsel Wayne Togara proved that on August 26 this year at around midnight at Plot 9A Mafuti in Chegutu, the accused opened an unlocked door to the room in which complainant was sleeping alone.

He awoke the complainant and told her he was going to force her into having sex with him.

Nyika told the complainant not to worry since he was going to use a condom to prevent transmission of HIV since he knew his positive status.

The court heard that the complainant refused, but Nyika pounced on her before a scuffle ensued in which the complainant dug her teeth into accused’s finger in an attempt to flee.

Nyika retaliated by biting the complainant on her neck, breast and back, resulting in her sustaining injuries.

He subsequently managed to subdue the complainant after viciously striking her with an iron bar on the chest, undressed and raped her twice.

Following the rape, the accused went outside to relieve himself before coming back and telling his victim he was going to return for yet another sexual encounter.

Magistrate Mukunyadzi heard that the accused then threatened to harm the complainant if she disclosed the rape to anyone. The matter was reported to Chingondo police, leading to Nyika’s arrest.


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