Harare - MDC-T today sold journalist a dummy when the party sent out a press conference invitation that misrepresented facts regarding who would address it.

P arty president Morgan Tsvangirai was supposed to address today’s press conference following an urgent invitation by his spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka, but he failed to turn up and Gutu stood in for him. Read the notice: “Please be informed that there is an urgent press conference at 12 pm today (Wednesday September 16) at Harvest House to be addressed by President Tsvangirai and the senior leadership of the party”. 

There was no explanation or apology regarding Tsvangirai’s no-show. “It seems they (MDC-T) were anxious to have reporters at the presser. They were not going to lose anything by simply sharing the statement with us rather than wasting our time and, worse still, failing to apologies for their lie,” said a journalist from the independent media.

Gutu said the MDC-T has delivered a letter of protest to the speaker of Parliament over death threats reported to have been issued against seven of its MPs. 

“This is unconstitutional conduct by the executive. We call upon the speaker to issue a statement condemning the threats and have already dispatched a letter of complaint to him,” said Gutu. He insisted it was Mudenda’s obligation to instigate investigations against the person who made the death threats. “We are taking this matter seriously. If the speaker does not act, we will pursue other political and legal means,” said Gutu.

He said his party was unhappy with the speaker for seeking to gag MDC-T MPs by stopping them from booing President Robert Mugabe during yesterday’s official opening of parliament. “MDC-T would like to express reservation over the speakers’ attempt withdraw our MPs’ privileges. By attempting to stop them from communicating their discontent, he was in effect trying to muzzle them in their oversight role,” said Gutu. zimbabwean

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