The MDC yesterday said Zimbabwe was doomed for as long as President Mugabe was in power.

Party spokesman Obert Gutu said: “After he has finished running down the Local Government ministry, Chombo has been moved to the Home Affairs portfolio, to do what? Loot and protect the Zanu PF thieves from arrest? There is nothing to celebrate as long as Mugabe is there and Zanu PF still in power; it is the same old story.”

Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe leader Elton Mangoma described the reshuffle as “rearranging chairs in a sinking ship that will not change the fortunes of the people of Zimbabwe”.

MDC Renewal spokesperson Jacob Mafume also described the reshuffle as producing “worse than deadwood”. “The word deadwood does not even begin to describe the new Cabinet. Mugabe and his Cabinet have become the undertakers of the people’s livelihoods and aspirations. They have turned State House into a mortuary or graveyard and we have become the ghosts of their failed economic policies. We are doomed to suffer in the hell they have created of this country,” he said.

Mugabe yesterday moved to clip Tsholotsho North MP Jonathan Moyo’s wings and minimised his influence in Zanu PF’s factional fights by reassigning him from the powerful Information portfolio to the less glamorous position of Higher Education minister.

Moyo was sullen-faced when he arrived for the swearing-in ceremony. The former Information tsar’s rivals in Zanu PF have accused him of using the State media to attack opponents in Zanu PF and fanning divisions in the ruling party.

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