Former Hurungwe West Member of Parliament, Themba Mliswa has urged MDC T youths to take courses in judo and karate so that they are able to defend themselves when attacked.
Mliswa said this at the recent MDC T 16th Anniversary commemoration rally held at Nharira Business Centre in Chikomba District. He said such defence skills are necessary particularly in times of political violence.

Mliswa also said that MPs must possess licensed guns that they may use in self-defence.
Mliswa said his advice was not intended to promote violence but to enable youth to defend themselves against those who are violent.

"If you do not retaliate you will be killed, so every person should learn to defend himself/herself. "My message to you the youth is be organised and go for self-defence training like judo and karate so that when violence comes, you will be able to defend yourself. I am not inciting violence, but, I am encouraging self defence," said Mliswa.

He also urged the youths to have the spirit of Josiah Tongogara who fought tirelessly for freedom. Apart from the youth, Mliswa encouraged MDC-T legislatures to visit the gym and also own licensed guns.

"You MPs must visit the gym frequently and also own licensed guns to protect yourself when attacked," he said.

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