Johannesburg - The man who posted a video of his clash with a cop has apologised.

“South Africa, I apologize (sic) sincerely”

With that tweet, Clive Naidoo believed he would set the record straight surrounding his altercation with an unidentified Johannesburg Metro Police Department officer, which he captured on video and circulated on social media.

His video, captured after he allegedly ran a red traffic light, has become a social media sensation making the hashtag #CliveNaidoo a top trend on Twitter.

But the South African twittersphere can be unforgiving at times.

After becoming the subject of memes that completely took the mickey out of him, Naidoo took to Twitter on Tuesday night to “tell his side of the story”.

The Twitter handle @MrCliveNaidoo was allegedly set up by him solely for that purpose.

Despite his apology, Twitter users got stuck into him once again.

“Has the lady's salary increased yet?” asked one user.

“Don’t apologise to us, apologise to the officer,” read another.

Some even wanted to meet him in person. “How do I get to Bloubosrand from Hyde Park?” they asked.

It all became too much for Naidoo. “Hi guys, please respect me. The officer went too far. I was wrong too, but enough.”

Naidoo said he had been receiving hate messages on his cellphone and that it wasn't his intention to tell the officer that he paid her salary.

He said he was still going ahead with his complaint to the Johannesburg Metro Police Department.

“Unfortunately i am going ahead with the complaint. The woman was unfair and rude,” he tweeted.

Naidoo de-activated the Twitter account a few hours later apparently unable to cope with the trolling.

“Ok, bye guys. I'm deactivating. I wanted you guys to see my side of the story. Honestly. I'm also deleting the video on my fb page.”


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