Mugabe Throws Jonathan Moyo Under The Bus

President Mugabe today threw Jonathan Moyo under bus after being confronted by General Constantine Chiwenga. A source tells us that Gen Chiwenga arrived from China this weekend and was whisked by an entourage of soldiers. Immedicately Chiwenga called Lt General Phillip Valerio  Sibanda, the commander of the Zimbabwe National Army for a briefing. They decided to wait for the Monday JOC briefing to talk to President Mugabe.

Before the meeting Gen Chiwenga requested a private tete-a-tete with President Mugabe. It is believed that General Chiwenga told the president in no uncertain terms that there was alarm within the military ranks and he could not guarantee the continued safety of the politician if he does not stop.

General Chiwenga reminded President Mugabe of Mgagao Declaration. He told him that it was not the civilian leadership that placed him in command of ZANLA but it was the decisive actions of the guerrilla leadership at Mgagao in Tanzania who did it. He told the president that he was now throwing away the legacy of the liberation struggle at the instigation of agents of destabilization.

The General then singled out Jonathan Moyo and demanded that he be fired from ZANU PF and government. Mugabe did not object but claimed that the only ZANU PF structures could trigger the process of removing Jonathan Moyo. There was an impasse on how to move forward, it was then that Gen Chiwenga asked President Mugabe to go with him to KGIV and address military leaders that had already been summoned by Gen Chiwenga. Mugabe refused.

It is unknown whether General Chiwenga was granted permission by the Commander-In-Chief to hold the press conference but all indications are that the conference was called as a last-ditch effort to force the civilian leadership to self-censor and stop the self-inflicted degeneration.

We tried to get a comment from Professor Moyo but it was believed he was holed up in a briefing with Mugabe, probably being served with his dismissal papers.


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