Former Vice President, Joice Mujuru will not pose any terminal danger to the ruling Zanu-PF and President Mugabe, but will hurt the prospects of the opposition MDC-T, according to the ruling party.

Mujuru's People First manifesto has been dismissed by Zanu PF as a carbon copy of the MDC who have also said most of the ideas in the document were theirs.
“You will realise that most of the issues that are raised in that blueprint have already been raised by the MDC e.g. the need to respect property rights as well as to respect and uphold the rule of law,” MDC spokesman Obert Gutu has said. “We have always been talking about the need for a free press and also that all Zimbabweans, regardless of race, colour or creed should have equal access to land.
“In a way, therefore, the Mujuru policy blueprint is speaking our language; the document is singing our chorus. If anything, the Mujuru policy blueprint has got more in common with the MDC blueprint as enunciated in the JUICE and ART policy blueprints.”
ZanuPF therefore insists that the real contest for space will be between MDC-T and the Mujuru project as they fight to offer a credible alternative to Zanu-PF.

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