NEWLY formed Renewal Democrats Party of Zimbabwe leader, Elton Mangoma has dismissed his own political party and the People First project led by ousted former Vice President Joice Mujuru, saying they have nothing to offer the people.

 The former Energy and Power Development Minister said he has no plans to unite with Mujuru’s planned party as the two could only make “two nothings”. Mangoma was speaking at the Bulawayo Press Club on Wednesday.

He said, he was also baffled by the other MDC factions which were entertaining plans of joining the Mujuru cabal.

“I have nothing personal against (Amai) Mujuru. What I know is that before you have your own institution, you cannot join another non-institution because People First is not a political party.

“We don’t know what they stand for, we don’t know anything about them. How do you aspire to join something that is nothing when you are also nothing? I think we need to do the principals right. We create our own party first and when there is another party we want to join as a collective party, we decide freely and join them.
“But we can’t actually clamour and say let’s not form our own party and say let’s look at somebody else with nothing and have two nothings,” said Mangoma.

He said the party’s leadership was elected at a mini congress held on June 3 where a special group which was disgruntled by the MDC Renewal leadership met.

“Both the name and the logo have been chosen by our people. A flying bird symbolises freedom.
“Some people think the MDC brand still has value, our view is, it no longer has value. If it still has value then its negative value that is why we’re making a clean break from it,” said Mangoma.

He dismissed the adulterous charges levelled against him by an MDC Renewal member who accused him of bedding his wife.

He said the accusations were a grotesque attempt by the MDC Renewal to destroy him politically.
Mangoma said his party was different from other political parties that have been in existence as it “would walk the talk”.

He said violence and lack of democracy drove him out of the MDC formations.“We condemn violence. I was a victim of violence in MDC-T and at MDC Renewal,” said Mangoma.

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