Mutsvangwa pours scorn on Jonathan Moyo

BULAWAYO - War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa yesterday turned his fury on Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, scoffing at his claims that he was a “petticoat thief” in the liberation war.

Mutsvangwa, who was a guest at a two-day workshop here on aligning the War Veterans Act to the new Constitution, said there was no way the Tsholotsho North Zanu PF MP could have known what transpired during the war ostensibly because he ran away from the Mgagao military camp in Tanzania during the 70s liberation struggle to study in the US.

Moyo had accused the former diplomat of being a “petticoat thief” during Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence and also accused Mutsvangwa of lying about him having deserted the armed struggle.

“How does he comment about the war when he was in the United States?” Mutsvangwa asked rhetorically.

“Maybe there was not even underwear in the war; where do you get underwear in a war? He thinks that you can go in Walmart or Safeways in London and buy underwear! During that time there was nothing like that.

“Now I am being told of underwears as if there was a department store like Barbours or Haddon & Sly in the war,” the sharp-tongued Mutsvangwa said.

“For him to pick on those things, it just means he is a stranger to the war. He is trying to visualise something which he never went through, which he ran away from. I wish he had remained in the war, particularly from the time he left because that’s when the war became very strong.

“If I remove my trousers I may show you shrapnel wounds from the battle field in the Inyanga area. “This is the reality of me, so he is trying to invent a new me,” fumed Mutsvangwa, adding “he should just shut up”.

The acerbic War Veterans minister further accused Moyo of being “big-headed” to an extent of having the guts to oppose what the president has said through his spokesperson George Charamba.

“You have been told by the president that he is not happy with what you are doing but you go ahead and say you don’t listen to the spokesperson; he is an idiot, so you want the president to come and address you directly because you are a prince from the Sithole’s royal family?”

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