Some of the models from Mudziyashe pose for a photo

Some of the models from Mudziyashe pose for a photo

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Entertainment reporter—
New kid on the block Mudziyashe Modelling Agency would like to change the face of the Zimbabwe modelling industry. A brainchild of Patience Mbiriri and Delroy Benatar – who also doubles up as the agency’s creative director and choreographer – the new player is set to revolutionise the local modelling landscape and elevate it to international standards, so they claim.

According to Benatar, Mudziyashe Modelling Agency (MMA) was mooted out of the need to bring Zimbabwean modelling to its former glory when the likes of former Miss Zimbabwe Angeline Musasiwa and other reigning queens then would competitively market Zimbabwe as a brand and had tenures that were scandal-free and therefore did not taint the country’s image as a brand.

“We believe that modelling should have all the dignity it deserves both as an industry as well as a vehicle of marketing the Zimbabwean brand to the outside world. We also believe that there is abundant beauty out there in the ghetto and as a result we have started scouting for talent in the ghetto as a way of exposing this talent,” he said.

Benatar said the models they scout for will find their way into lucrative niches such as doing commercials, run-ways and catwalks, something which will further help in opening up windows of opportunity for them on the international podium.

“We groom these models and cast them where they suit in the various opportunities that are available to us, and our sights are not limited to the local scene, since we also have a wide network and links beyond the country’s borders,” Benatar said.

In November, according to the suave choreographer and creative director, they will be hosting a fashion and beauty expo that seeks to promote bridal wear.

“Before that in August, this year we are going to the ghetto suburbs for a model search where we are calling all girls to take part with the final selection to be released in September and will model at a function to be announced soon. We will be hosting the Bride Wars whereby the models will showcase bridal gowns and other related attire. We are also in the process of organising the hosting of a road trip from Bulawayo to Mutare which will see models and other interested partners and stakeholders coming on board for a worthy cause,” he said.

Benatar said pageant holders should scout for models at modelling agencies.

“I think, why we are failing in pageants is because we sometimes don’t take the modelling industry serious, whereby we don’t pay models for their services yet alone when we host pageants we don’t take girls from agencies but rather you do it on your own. This will go a long way in avoiding some of the challenges we are currently facing since the agencies will have the background of the models before they release them for bigger pageants,” he said.

Mudziyashe Modelling Agency – which gives portfolios to the models upon completion of their grooming – is currently managing artiste Sheraine apart from taking over the running of affairs of the all-female dance ensemble Kitty Kats.

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