A FAMOUS Gweru businessman allegedly kidnapped, drugged and sodomised two primary school boys aged 11 and 12 years.

Smile Madhaka, 34, of Mkoba 19 suburb, who runs night clubs in Mkoba 1, 9 and 11 and a Pool Club in the Midlands capital, allegedly picked the boys from school and abused them for a period of three months.

He appeared briefly before Magistrate Judith Taruvinga yesterday facing two counts of aggravated indecent assault. The court heard he gave the boys $5 to buy their silence.
Madhaka was not asked to plead.

He was remanded in custody to July 21 for trial after his bail application was denied.
The court is also awaiting medical results from the doctor who examined the boys.
For the State, Daniel Tafuma told the court that sometime in April this year, Madhaka who has a night club in Mkoba 1 which is close to Bumburwi Primary School went to the school where he met the two juveniles.

He said Madhaka offered the boys a lift. “Inside his vehicle, he offered them bread and drinks. After consuming the food which could’ve been laced with a drug, the boys fell unconscious,” said Tafuma.

He said after some time the boys gained consciousness only to realise they  were in Mkoba 3 near the Salvation Army Church.

Tafuma told the court that the boys had been dumped there by Madhaka. “When the boys recovered they realised that they were near Salvation Army Church and that their pants were soiled,” said Tapfuma.

He said before he dumped them, Madhaka told the boys that he was going to pick them up at Mkoba Police Station bus stop on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The abuse went on till June 26 this year.

Tafuma said Madhaka would intoxicate the boys with laced food and drinks before sodomising them. He said he also gave them $5 to share. Tafuma said the matter came to light after the boys’ parents reported to the police leading to his arrest.

Meanwhile, police in Midlands have called on parents and guardians to always keep an eye on their children while monitoring their behaviour. Midlands Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko said even boys were at risk of sexual abuse.

“Every child is at risk of sexual abuse and we therefore urge parents and guardians to always monitor their behaviour. There are perverts out there who prey on innocent children and we therefore urge parents to always keep an eye on their children to curb such crimes,” he said. chronicle

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