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The question on every right thinking patriotic Zimbabwean is why NIKUV International Projects or NIP the Israeli security company with a dubious track record in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in the world was paid a staggering amount of more than US $ 10 Million by the Zimbabwe Register General’s office under the notorious Robert Mugabe stooge, Tobaiwa Mudede.

When journalists questioned Mudede at a press briefing he abruptly terminated the questioning and later delivered a short curt note to one of the persisting journalists that he was not obliged to discuss the matter further.

Probably corrupt Tobaiwa Mudede has forgotten that this colossal amount of money is not his heirloom but the lawful money of every Zimbabwean living and yet to be born.

It is widely discussed discreetly of course, that this money paid to NIP was a gratuity for their hand in rigging the 2013 vote where Robert Mugabe won a landslide victory when everyone watching it closely expected Robert Mugabe to meet his waterloo at that election.

How NIP helped Robert Mugabe is now well known and is the hot topic in the country and whether their continued presence in Zimbabwe is to again prop up Mugabe at the next election is anybody’s guess.

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