IT’S called The Panties and Bongas Production. Every Monday night women get together at a tavern in Klipgat, Tshwane and the tavern owners love it! “The members approached me about three years ago,” said Simon Mochocho, owner of Mochocho’s Tavern.

“They told me they wanted me to host their stokvel and they warned me some shocking dancing would take place.” He agreed, and has never had any problems. “It’s well controlled. You can look but you can’t touch,” he said. “When I hear they’re coming I get excited. I know it’s a night for making money.”

Drinkers have heard about Panties and Bongas and they follow them around. Simon said he didn’t know what inspired the name, because bongas is just another word for panties, but he liked what he was seeing. When Daily Sun visited the tavern it was packed with happy, excited drinkers. The dancer in the picture didn’t even mind that she was being videod and photographed. “These women go crazy and people love it!” Simon said.

David Sono, who came to the tavern to see the stokvel ladies for the first time, said he saw things like this on social media and in newspapers. “My friends promised me something really exciting and here I am,” he said. “It’s unbelievable!” Women patrons told Daily Sun they like the stokvel dancers. “We support the stokvel party all the way,” said Anna Malatji. “My friends and I don’t miss it” daily sun

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