NUST Technician Films Female Students’ Panties

A SUSPECTED pervert employed as a technician at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo installed cameras and mirrors facing strategic positions where he would allegedly film the undergarments of female students visiting his office.

As if that was not enough, he would then allegedly use mubobo to have sex with the students. Mubobo is a supernatural way in which a man uses muti to have sex remotely with a woman without her knowledge. The man, aged 35, has since been suspended but not before he had been engaged in his satanic behaviour since 2015.

Nust spokesperson, Mr Felix Moyo, confirmed that the technician had installed cameras to watch the students although he said he could not confirm on the allegations surrounding the use of mubobo as he was also not sure how it works. He, however, said the institution had to take an action as it did not tolerate perverted behaviours.

“He exhibited unacceptable behaviour which we didn’t expect from one of our professional staff. He was invading the privacy of female staff and we suspended him on that effect. The university keeps standards of professionalism, protects the rights of citizens and we want the environment to be conducive for everyone.

“Apparently, he had reconstructed his office desk and removed the panel which blocks vision from the user side of the office to that of the visitor. It was shocking to find out that he had inserted cameras and mirrors from which he viewed women’s thighs and their underwears,” he said.

Mr Moyo said the matter came to light after one of his 29 victims came forward and complained to the human resources department. He said some of the man’s victims complained that every time they visited his office, they would see unusual lights and movement under his desk. One of the investigating officers who requested anonymity said the technician was caught red-handed with the cameras and videos which showed the students’ undergarments.

“We went to his office and found him in the company of some women. We then asked him to step aside from his desk and also asked the women to excuse us. That’s when we confiscated gadgets which were inserted under his desk. We then took him to our office and asked him to unlock the phones and laptops, from which he showed us videos of women’s thighs and underwears.”

According to the investigators, the technician confessed that he had been doing the immoral act since 2015. He said he was deriving entertainment pleasures from watching the videos. Mr Moyo said what boggles the mind was that he was young and could propose to any woman of his choice but decided to do such an abnormal act.

“At 35 he is young, and was financially stable to get any woman he wants. I wonder why someone can use such immoral ways to access women or get sexual satisfaction. I guess it all points to one thing that some people are just perverts and there is nothing we can do about it,” he said.

The technician had been an employee at the university since 2013.-Sundaynews

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