THE Officer-in-Charge of Guyu Police Station in Gwanda allegedly raped his subordinate after proposing love to her for two years with no luck.

Inspector Smart Dickens Siziba, 46, allegedly pounced on a general hand working in his office and raped her after putting on a condom.

His trial is set to start on July 27 before senior regional magistrate, Trynos Utahwashe.
The State led by Robin Mukura alleges that sometime in 2012, Insp Siziba proposed love to the rape victim and she turned him down.

“Insp Siziba kept on calling the woman and would sometimes send her love messages on her mobile phone but the woman continuously rejected the proposal. Sometime between January and February 2013, Insp Siziba summoned the woman to his house and she complied,” said Mukura.

He said at around 8PM, Insp Siziba met the woman at the door before they both proceeded into the house.
“While in the passage, Insp Siziba got hold of her right hand and led her into his bedroom. When they entered the bedroom, Insp Siziba was quick to undress and he started to caress the woman, fondling her breasts in the process,” Mukura said.

He said Insp Siziba overpowered the woman who vainly tried pushing him away.
“Insp Siziba pushed the woman onto the bed and she fell on her back. He then forcibly lowered her trousers and tore her panties in the process. He then took a condom which was under his pillow and put it on. While he was busy putting the condom on, the woman got off the bed, dressed up and walked towards the door,” Mukura said.

“He grabbed the woman and pushed her back onto the bed and raped her once. After raping her, Insp Siziba escorted her to the gate. On the following morning he summoned her to his office and told her the rape incident was their secret but the woman divulged the information to her friend.”

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